May 23rd, 2016 | 74 Entries

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74 Entries for “towers”

  1. I built my tower,
    Higher, higher.
    I reached for the sun.
    But then, you pulled out
    One brick from under me.
    I was angry, I fought you, I hated you.
    And I fell,
    but my anger faded away,
    As I realized my wings had been melting.
    So I flew to you,
    Using wings I’d forgotten,
    And together we kept each other
    From flying too close to the sun.

    By Minna URL on 05.24.2016

  2. I wish I could be as high as a tower. Not by drugs but literally that high up. To just stand on one and for once feel like I matter. Standing higher than everyone else and looking down on the little people and arbitrary things that don’t really matter in life. To appreciate the aesthetics. Feel the way the wind moves and maybe understand a few things about life and why I am here. Maybe just figure myself out.

    By VEH on 05.24.2016

  3. Experience does not show me that the glory of life towers above my struggles. Pain always come back to me, always tainting the blood in my veins. I seek peace and joy, but humanity is not trustworthy. Or is my distrust tainting the world around me? @oznolem

    By Oz Nolem URL on 05.24.2016

  4. Leading, over the top of my head. It is ridgity is cold and fierce. I look at the glass doors and see me breath glazing over my reflection. Ready for this?

    By Ashley on 05.24.2016

  5. Bright and historical as tales say. Glowing in the canal, the wind is light and breezy.

    By Ashley on 05.24.2016

  6. She is back to square one, with towers upon towers to climb. Years ago, she would have never thought that ambition would get the best of her, slowly turning her into someone she can’t even recognize anymore. She used to be contented, having learned to settle peacefully early on in her life. But now that she’s overworking in order to maximize her potentials, she seemed empty. Where do you draw the fine line between enough and excessive?

    By Zoe Jen on 05.24.2016

  7. towers towers everywhere
    Falling falling
    despair despair,
    Its them who did it they point fingers and blame
    but dont they know its all a game
    fame riches and a great big flame

    By anika s on 05.24.2016

  8. don’t forget that giants fall just as easily as men. from high above your castle tops, your highest floor, your pillar of comfort, you’re just as capable of hitting the cold, hard earth.

    By sunnysuraj on 05.24.2016

  9. i dont know much about towers but they gave me 60 seconds to write about towers so im writing something and its not much because i dont know much thanks for the test though its not much help giving me a word i know nothing about.

    By quin on 05.24.2016

  10. My mind was once one of creativity, allowing me to soar above into the clouds, allowing me to feel tall, like the towers and skyscrapers below. Now I have nothing left. I feel dry and parched, like weeds, having nothing to offer the garden of my mind.

    By Anna on 05.24.2016

  11. Towers have different meanings in different context. Towers are meant to be high, rather too high.

    By Jyoti on 05.25.2016

  12. You build towers. Where either people work or live.

    By Tallissa on 05.25.2016

  13. there are long towers with lonely people living inside it. they stand in these towers looking outside of the window. Their childhood flashes in front of them. within the tower are ebclosed memories,desires and wished of millo

    By zoya on 05.25.2016

  14. He towers over me, at once threatening and awesome. I know he could swat me down like a bear swatting a rabbit, but I also know that a rabbit is beneath this bear’s notice.

    By mrsmig on 05.25.2016

  15. the towers are where the secret are held, no more views from here only secrets. many have come to seek them but have found that is better left alone

    By Pedro on 05.25.2016

  16. I have vertigo, so whenever I look down I feel like I need to throw up. It’s embarrassing. Last time we were in New York at a party, there I was clutching a cocktail when I got a glimpse of how high we were on the roof. Barf city. All over the poor waiter’s hors d’oeuvre tray.

    By ml on 05.25.2016

  17. The twin towers of New York City. They were majestic. They were tourist attractions. They were where thousands of people worked every day. And after Sept. 11, 2001, they came crumbling down: a symbol of what was and what will now forever be. While rebuilding efforts to recreate the to

    By CGess on 05.25.2016

  18. He ran up the narrow path, leading to the top of one of the towers. In the background, he heard the alarm bells ringing and people on the streets, screaming and running for shelter. “They’re coming for us!”he heard one of them shouting, which only spurred him on. Sprinting even faster than before, he jumped over the last stairs and sprinted to the observation deck to see for himself.
    He saw them, closer than he thought, riding on their horses with their red flags high in the air, and their swords ready to attack. The streets were empty now, people hiding in their homes and cellars, in fear of a force that couldn’t care less about them. They didn’t need anything from the ordinary people, and yet they’d still kill them. All of them, inlcuding the young boy on the tower, who was frozen in fear as he watched them enter and leave one house after the next, not bothering about the blood that was dripping off their swords.

    By orangefish2 on 05.25.2016

  19. Once we were built like towers. We had everything. But our foundation was rocky, and one day we just collapsed.

    By Nikkie F. on 05.25.2016

  20. Towers are things that we go in and they are really tall, like the twin towers and then, well you know what happend. That was a sad moment in time.

    By Ava URL on 05.25.2016

  21. I have climbed a tower before, and I cried because i was scared of heights

    By sophia on 05.25.2016

  22. The grey skies, with a lone stop sign as she looked up. It towers as the red pushes higher.

    By daniel URL on 05.25.2016

  23. First thing that came to mind was the Twin Towers, but now, I won’t go there. Let’s think about something else, shall we? Well, in the tarot deck being tossed out of the Tower means destruction of what has been. An entire new phase of life is in store for you. There will be no place to hide–exposure. So if you add another tower, as in towers? What does that mean? It means double trouble for you, Cookie.

    By Mistress Quickly on 05.25.2016

  24. I’ve watched how both delegate and I’ve come to the conclusion that evolution is in the variation and selection to bring forth the next in succession.

    By Intuition on 05.25.2016

  25. The towers were very very tall. They were said to be interconnected near the top by a glass bridge. They took over 2 years.

    By cad on 05.25.2016

  26. The towers that were being built were said to be the tallest in the world when it was done. It was being built in New York City.

    By cad on 05.25.2016

  27. Towers are very tall buildings that are usually very nice and sometimes are used as office buildings.

    By cad on 05.25.2016

  28. I felt small beneath her, her looming shadow hanging over me. Her arms were strong like tree branches. I gulped pathetically. But her touch was gentle. Calloused fingertips against my cheek, tenderly caressing the fear off my visage. I loved her.

    By lapis on 05.25.2016

  29. Welcome back to the towers of anxiety. Slowed function. Unproductivity. Somewhere else in the world, it’s tomorrow, and here, it’s yesterday. To fly from there to here is to travel back in time, but at least normalcy will be restored.

    By one off the girls on 05.25.2016

  30. I was so bored i made a whole city of towers out of legos. i made some 20 blocks high and some 10-15 blocks high. I made them out of silver blocks and flat clear pieces for the windows.

    By risa on 05.25.2016

  31. And they came upon the towers. Standing high upon the hill– two ancient sentinels berated by the ages. For once, neither had words. All their arguments, all their joy filled evenings faded away, replaced with that image of the hilltop.

    By Ashley on 05.25.2016

  32. Hmmm.. Tower’s I remember there being a lot of tall buildings in Japan. I can’t think of anything tbh…

    By ReyCor on 05.25.2016

  33. Blue and cold, reaching far above us. They are designed to look welcoming, with their bright, industrial metal and glass. But all I see is sharp smiles reflecting off of windows, hiding behind blinding light.

    By marble skies on 05.25.2016

  34. You toppled towers by confessing to me. A whole circle of them, some memories, some fantasies, some metaphors. The foundations ripped straight out.

    By Ella Emma Em on 05.25.2016