May 23rd, 2016 | 74 Entries

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74 Entries for “towers”

  1. There were three towers on the hillside, all black obsidian and topped with pinnacles that looked sharp enough to impale a man. Atop all three towers were three women, dressed in armor as ebony as the very fortifications that held them so high above the ground. They all had short, red hair, and none of their eyes strayed from me as I stopped in front of their base, dismounted my horse, and patted the golden hilt of the sword that hung loyally from my hip.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 05.23.2016

  2. I have my tower now. I sit atop this mountain and look east, to where my love is. Why will he not call to me? I’ve sequestered myself here but only with his blessing. Why does he leave me here without nourishment? I can only assume he’s walled himself into his own tower and cannot reach me. If he had any ability, he would, because he loves me. Right?

    By Willow URL on 05.23.2016

  3. I just want a dairy to record everyday events in my life. Mainly record my emotions which I cannot discuss with anybody. And which no one can understand. I hope one word will do it for me…

    By Ramya Murthy on 05.23.2016

  4. my anxiety towers over me like a ghost haunting over the inner workings of my own feelings oh how i wish could tower over that anxiety itself

    By viiisionary on 05.23.2016

  5. There are two towers.One has evil men on it and the other has good men.Evil against good, is something everyone knows about.The evil looses and the good wins.They even show it in the movies. How, good gets back up again and destroys evil.Or else the world will be destroyed as we know. Normally, evil thinks it can win but it never does. If evil wins, its because evil turns to the good side. But why is does good have to be good. Why does evil have to be evil.

    By Tallissa on 05.24.2016

  6. They’re so tall, she said as she looked up. The six year old girl was talking to her Dad. Her Dad smiled. The towers didn’t seem tall to him. But that’s because adults were used to decreasing the size of everything in their head. They pretended that they were in control.

    They never were.

    Of course, sometimes this realization hit him out of the blue. Sometimes he woke up in the middle of the night realizing how powerless he actually was.

    By A on 05.24.2016

  7. Towers of ivory
    Towers of marble
    Towers of glass to see through and mock and jeer at the people outside
    But people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stone

    Towers of privilege
    That obscure all reason and logic
    And contradiction

    Because you shut yourself away a long time ago

    By Juliet Winters URL on 05.24.2016

  8. I saw an old music videos with the towers still standing. A friend pointed them out to me… his words echoing a phrase I heard on the radio the morning they fell. Memories rushed at me. Not knowing where my husband was, my brother. Were they there? Couldn’t get a line out to either via cell. My dad called me at work and told me my brother was okay. He had taken the day off after working all weekend. Wasn’t there when it happened.

    I was hours after I got home I finally heard from my husband that he was okay. And hours more before he came home. Odd how the emotions from then are still inside me running like a movie, and although I remember my anguish from then, but I feel nothing for him now. Divorce over and done with 6 months ago today. So much feeling and care dissolved into nothingness. Time changes everything… not even a tear now. Not sure I should rejoice in the numbness or fear it.

    By JDwrites URL on 05.24.2016

  9. The tree towers over the rest of the forest. The other trees seem to look up to it. How I know this, I don’t know, but there seems to be a kind of reverence among these organisms of nature. There is something strange about this tree though, something no one else notices because they go to the park during the day, walk around blindly and drop their candy wrappers and soda cans on the ground near its roots.

    I’ve been there at night. And the tree glows in the dark. And somehow, the roots reach out and dissolve the cans and candy wrappers. It seems to be waiting, storing up energy for something.

    By chanpheng URL on 05.24.2016

  10. If i could climb a tower just to see the setting sun upon the horizon, I would be content. To be so high above the land and witness the beauty of a setting moment, a setting day. Whether it is was a good or bad day, the promise of a new time. Tomorrow will be a new day, I can promise that with a settling confidence.

    By Tori on 05.24.2016

  11. The towers were so high that some people at the top were thinking everybody at the bottom are the size of an ant. The people at the bottom couldn’t even see the top as it was so high.

    By cad on 05.24.2016

  12. The tower was a giant siege tower! The defenders were starting to get catapults out so they could shoot it down.

    By cad on 05.24.2016

  13. The towers had at least 3 people on it at all times so they could defend anytime in case somebody attacked the castle.

    By cad on 05.24.2016

  14. I showed her my cock. My big, thick cock. Hers wasn’t attached to her body but it was bigger, much bigger. She’d fucked more men AND women than I had. I wanted to suck it; i wanted to gain all the essence from it, so that my cock, my shitty bio cock could be bigger and more powerful. I felt so impotent. I love her. I want a cock like hers… I want to know if anyone else wants to ride me like they do her.

    By lapis URL on 05.24.2016

  15. pointy buildings usually concrete some round some squared in shape. Some have windows, patterned glass. Also means high over as in ‘towers above’

    By Alan on 05.24.2016

  16. The towers loomed ahead of me like a forest of giant limbless trees made of steel. I took a deep breath, and then a step. It was a small step, but it was a step. And when heading towards your destiny, sometimes a small step is the best way to start.

    By Kathy Jeffords URL on 05.24.2016

  17. Rising above the mist, grey spikes speckled the landscape. He had returned home, and an accompanying sense of dread filled him. He couldn’t face them with pride; he had to accept their pity.

    By ml on 05.24.2016

  18. i thought i’d submitte dthis already what is going on the towers fall under the shadows and i await this present only as a dictator could because i have no peace with my mind i don’t know where to turn to i need animals i need art i need love i need travel i need money to give some padding where to go when the towers look like this

    By La Brit URL on 05.24.2016

  19. Hazel is a little person under a Sky scraper tower of cancer. Cancer is a huge tower that over powers evetyone and also there are towers in amsterdam and dddfjfgujhgjgjgjgjjfgjjgggj augustus.

    By Caroline Parker on 05.24.2016

  20. It’s there that I havethe amazing point of view about the world I’m contemplating from above. Seeing little creatures walking downthere is always a pleasure !

    By Franck on 05.24.2016

  21. They built towers out of Legos for a replica of a city. There were red towers, green towers, and blue ones.

    By Katy URL on 05.24.2016

  22. Piled high into competing towers, my life engulfs me. And it seems that the piles I value least are somehow the tallest and those I most cherish are dwarfed in comparison. Ignoring those precious stacks would be the easiest thing in the world, but to treasure them as they deserve requires much caution and care.

    By Emily on 05.24.2016

  23. doug’s shadow towers over me. i can’t seem to shake him

    By Pete on 05.24.2016

  24. adam jackson gives me such a hard on, it towers over me.

    By Dan on 05.24.2016

  25. cool pointed top at golf be slow but quick at it now go!

    By Luke on 05.24.2016

  26. I love looking at towers. They look so cool. Some can be so tall. I also love going into towers. I most loved going to the Eiffel Tower.

    By Morgan on 05.24.2016

  27. I looooove apples. There so good. I eat them every day. I especially love the bright red ones. There so delicious. They also keep you healthy.

    By Morgan on 05.24.2016

  28. Sharp top to stand on top of it and try to kill your self by sitting on it til it goes into your but.

    By Luke URL on 05.24.2016

  29. That’s all I saw. All I could see. Knocked back, flat on the sand, the towers stood tall in front, in fact, all around me. Six in all, gleaming in the dim sunshine. Not white, not Greek towers, no. These towers were onyx spires, forming a crude ring around me. Not perfect, not Greek towers.

    By Elizabeth URL on 05.24.2016

  30. Simultaneously the two towers stood proud–a reminder of man’s magnificence, and just as they had been admired, they were reduced to a reminder of man’s evil.

    By pastor dan on 05.24.2016

  31. high maybe wobbly twin towers burn terrorists falling bodies
    building work
    office boredom
    desktop computer i don’t want to work in an office

    By t on 05.24.2016

  32. Twin towers time towers over us our. Responsibilities seem to tower us

    By Cathy on 05.24.2016

  33. She peered out the small window, looking down on the expansive lawn with the small dots of tourists milling about. It was insane that this was a real place where real people lived real lives. Castles were something of books, not of substance.
    And yet here she was. The cool breeze off the Cardiff sea wasn’t the only thing giving her goosebumps.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 05.24.2016

  34. Bastions, really tall buildings. In the midst of them i feel safe. but i also feel watched, scrutinized. safety versus privacy is the debate that comes to my mind when i hear or see towers

    By confused doc URL on 05.24.2016

  35. fungal grows in dozens,
    arching over this city of chrome and steel;
    the glass-plated spires
    that merge into the ever-reflecting sky.

    By eve URL on 05.24.2016

  36. in 2001 i was in ny and the twin towers had been demolished. it was a heart wrenching experience and i will forever remember the lost souls on that day. that towers stood tall and proud and are now replaced by a beautiful FREEDOM TOWER… MERICA!

    By Elizabeth URL on 05.24.2016

  37. Towers. Tall towers. High towers. Towering towers. So large, beautiful and graceful. God made towers. Actually, man made towers. God made the men the made the towers. The tall, beautiful, graceful towers. Towers.

    By Tahir on 05.24.2016

  38. I built my tower,
    Higher, higher.
    I reached for the sun.
    But then, you pulled out
    One brick from under me.
    I was angry, I fought you, I hated you.
    And I fell,
    but my anger faded away,
    As I realized my wings had been melting.
    So I flew to you,
    Using wings I’d forgotten,
    And together we kept each other
    From flying too close to the sun.

    By Minna URL on 05.24.2016

  39. towers of pizza.. towers of blocks.. twin towers.. tower power.. harry potter. pot .. harry.. harry chest.. chest.. boobies.. powers… flowers.. towers of flowers.. flowers on towers

    By Elizabeth URL on 05.24.2016

  40. cascading light envelopes the city
    too crushed to crash in imaginary rigidity
    the embers still illuminate the sky
    for what, to remember why
    deriving pious proclivities
    ashen towers sanctimony spires
    dust astounding surrounding
    never again the affected prayers
    always remember passed September

    By matt m. on 05.24.2016