June 21st, 2014 | 54 Entries

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54 Entries for “towering”

  1. we lived on tower court and the only thing towering about that place were the trees. The tree at the end of our street was full of turkey vultures — seemed a bad omen to me. Always circling overhead waiting. I don’t know if they ever caught anything or if they were waiting for something bigger, like us to eat later.

    By Martha on 06.22.2014

  2. There’s a huge tree, towering over my fence. The neighbor’s tree. Blocking warm rays of sunshine from my skin, casting a shadow on the beautiful roses in my garden. When the sun turns, my garden bathes in gold and dances in the warmth. That enormous tree…How dull life becomes in the shades, in the absence of the sun.

    By Loulou on 06.22.2014

  3. The towering album, the memories of me and my friends. The friendship that last long. The friendship that I wish to continue. The friendship of memories that we have fun together. It’s gone.

    By Koh Swee Hong on 06.22.2014

  4. like infernos I simply see my ego rising from the ashes. like a nemesis vying for my validation, i grapple with feeding its cavernous belly.

    By Katy on 06.22.2014

  5. “I’d steer clear this morning,” Anna told me. “The latest report came in and she’s in a towering rage – throwing things and swearing like a sailor. I don’t know what happened, but it can’t be good.”

    By mrsmig on 06.22.2014

  6. Schau hinaus!
    Was siehst du?
    Bäume, Wiese, Häuser?
    Siehst du die Wunder?
    Siehst du die Kraft?
    Siehst wie gewaltig –
    diese Kleinigkeiten sein können?

    By Anuri URL on 06.22.2014

  7. it was the most beautiful summer day i had ever seen. the sun was shining brightly and the sky was of a gorgeous blue colour. i didn’t have to do anything, nor did i have any worries. it was perfect.. until my perfect moment of relaxation was interrupted by the shadow of a lean figure towering over me.
    “what do you want?”
    “i have come to get you”
    “go to hell” i replied while turning to lay on my stomach.

    By AnaidSkylight on 06.22.2014

  8. Towering above us. Your deep voice… broad shoulders… powerful position. But yet, your strength is so transparent. I’ve seen through you to the other side. Go there, find peace.

    By Eli on 06.22.2014

  9. Overhead. The graveyard of industry loams over me as a pick my way through evening shadows. I have to be quiet, I have to be quick.
    There’s a noise!

    By Peter Wester on 06.22.2014

  10. Toewring high above me was this huge redwood tree. In the top a bird had built a nest and i wanted to rent it for the view. I had never negotiated a rental contract with a bird before.

    By Jim on 06.22.2014

  11. He towered over me like a giant, but I liked it. He was just so tall, but charming and it made me get butterflies in my stomach like I was a little girl with a crush all over again.

    By Annita on 06.22.2014

  12. He was a large man, towering over the woman he had his arm around. When they walked into the bar they looked more like a father and child, and something in his demeanor held a protective stance.

    By Heidi on 06.22.2014

  13. This is what I am to nearly everyone in the world. It’s amazing to realize that not everyone sees the world from the height in which I do. Sometimes I pretend to be short (bend down or go on my knees for a bit) and I’m struck by how idfferent the world looks. How everything is the perfect level. I tell people to stand on the toilet to get a better perspective of their own lives.

    By Kathleen URL on 06.22.2014

  14. He’s looming over me, as I sprawl on my back, his thighs pressing mine against the mattress, and his knees pinning my legs down. I would laugh, but I can’t quite read his facial expression, so I don’t know it it’s the right thing to do, to switch the mood from serious to silly, or if it would make him angry or disappointed. It’s an odd state, so I wait, and then lift my hand to stroke his cheek, and wait to see how he reacts. He blinks.

    He takes my wrist, and kisses the inside of it, not making eye contact. I sigh, and wait. We can do this, whatever it is, however it is, from here, together.

    Where do we want to go? How do we want to go? I do not know, but I know that we’ll go together, and see where we wind up. This is a moment in between moments, and the next one will take us somewhere else.

    By Roadnotes on 06.22.2014