June 22nd, 2014 | 115 Entries

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115 Entries for “mispelled”

  1. I misspelled my name. Dropped the N. I thought of a sultry clarinet solo as it slipped of the tip of my pen. Tell me how the story goes again. When they’re playing our song and the narrative dictates the flow. It’s like a show and we’re actors living up to our parts.

    By Intuition on 06.23.2014


    By FLAN on 06.23.2014

  3. the words are like not words
    sounds that expound expand
    not so easy to the mouth
    misspelled and smiled
    something you can always forget
    how to speak spoke unspoken
    and never again
    so it goes

    By matty m on 06.23.2014

  4. Coughing and waving her hand to clear the smoke, the sorceress stumbled in the wreckage of the desk she’d been thrown into. Or, more aptly put, thrown through.

    “That… could’ve gone… better.” Still hacking, she adjusted her robes. Reviewing the destruction of her office space (previously so well-organized), she couldn’t help but give a frustrated “tch”. Spells were finicky and touchy as a new lover; even someone as well-versed as she sometimes caressed them the wrong way, and then THIS happened. An acrid smell belched from the black scorch mark in the center of the pentacle painted on the floor.

    By Amy on 06.23.2014

  5. mistakes were made. A broken pencil shared and the shavings from an eraser. Black shades. Glaring incorrectness. All is dead. All is wrong. Perfection and meaning are expressed and understandable, but all is corrupt at the same time. Dead.

    By Jimmy on 06.23.2014

  6. alot of the words i write are often mispelled. It seems that as I am writing this now I am making more spelling errors than I would normally make. I have always hated spelling tests and those careless little mistakes that I made when I was in school.

    By FAith on 06.23.2014

  7. It’s not misspelling that gets me caught so often — it’s mispronunciation. I am a reader, and was a reader before I could speak clearly (speech therapy in elementary school, for replacing “s” with “r” — “You were Scooby-Doo!” one lover exclaimed when I told him that). I see words, but if I don’t hear them, I don’t know how to say them. But I came to adulthood in fandom, where correcting pronunciation is not considered a big thing, but a casual courtesy. So I learn, but I try to remember when someone is likely to find it more irritating if I correct them.
    Have I run out of time? Probably, because I am not doing well today. Still, words and language, and neutrality…

    Sleep again, I think.

    By Roadnotes on 06.23.2014

  8. It was raining today, my favorite weather. It’s not sad, I don’t know why people think that. I am in English class and my teacher acts like she is on dope. She wrote a word on the board and she misspelled it. The smart ass in the class corrects her with a smirk. I turn my attention back to the window. This fucking class makes me sick.

    By kathpine98 on 06.23.2014

  9. Mary and Bob were sitting on the stoop of the building and Mary asked Bob how do you spell your name. Bob answered with letters, how do you spell your name. Mary laughed and said so if I had a barb I could spell it that way as long as I used the letters. Bob laughed and said you could spell it that way but it would be misspelled since I am a boy it is BOB. Gee Mary said I thought mispelled was with one s and Bob said no it is mis and spelled so misspelled.

    By Bethany Herrington on 06.23.2014

  10. she was the queen of mispelling. and although it could be something that people would hate about her, it was her special thing. like a superpower or something like that. and it was, in fact, something adorable. the way she would mispell easy words and get the most dificult right.

    By pigows on 06.23.2014

  11. misspelled, misunderstood, misdirection…my life has changed so much that it feels like I misspelled it. maybe there’s an autocorrect button somewhere and I can see clearly through all the misspelled letters. misspelled letter soup.

    By Kim on 06.23.2014

  12. misspelled, misunderstood, misdirected. I peed my pants in a spelling bee when I was 6 and misspelled my last word on purpose to sit down and hope to the powers that be that no one would notice the puddle on the floor.

    By kim on 06.23.2014

  13. He couldn’t believe how much of a difference one letter in a word could make. The English language seemed to be built on messing people up with its weird rules and spellings. Sure the mistake may have been overlooked if it was noticed by someone kind like Jennifer or forgiving like Marcus.

    Dean wrote out to John, the school hot-shot, if they he wanted to cock in with him. He meant clock in, he swears! Just one missing letter to ruin his reputation by a guy who holds as much power as the president. Thompson High was going to be a blast tomorrow.

    Cock in didn’t even mean anything, god dammit. John should know this, but he’s a jackass so he won’t be surprised if the other boys refuse to look at him in the shower rooms.

    By Pat Patterson on 06.23.2014

  14. When you frown at happiness, words come misspelled
    shunning the goodwill shedding from loved ones,
    again, perceptions had been misspelled,
    how can thou decide on correct spelling.
    with words being the nurturer of desire
    ripping through a novel aloud is of fire,
    bridging the two gates of deception, reception, and conception,
    are words spelled, said, done, all properly and ingeniously !

    By Milad URL on 06.23.2014

  15. I misspelled “live” again today.
    It wasn’t in purpose.
    I just can’t seem to spell the word “Lpve”

    By SimoneForbo on 06.23.2014

  16. “Aaliyah?” The teacher called. Only he pronounced it like ay-lie-uh. A liar. I raised my hand anyways.

    People always fucking mispronounce my name like it’s misspelled or something. That is the correct spelling. Ugh. Fucking cunts.

    By Metal Aaliyah on 06.23.2014

  17. That’s how I often type the word misspelled… I remember a logic puzzle, or was it a lateral thinking puzzle? Either way, there was one part of it that had something like, “If the White house has wings then spell misspell, if not, then misspell misspell” and I misspelled it. I didn’t realize that it meant wings like building wings, I was imagining the capital with bird wings.

    By Chris on 06.23.2014

  18. I think sometimes I do.

    By Jack Myller on 06.23.2014

  19. The book of mistakes with many mispelled words in it. Will be revised back to myself. Every time I write there will be mistakes but each time will be better and better till the further I do. I will succeed.

    By Koh Swee Hong on 06.24.2014

  20. Julia knew that the world could slap you in the face with a wet fish when you weren’t looking. She’d seen it happen before. And now this. No one would tell her the truth of what was going on – what was behind the the policeman at the door and all the letters on her Daddy’s desk, but she knew that all those words, spoken and moaned and spitted and hushed, spelled T R O U B E L.

    By bb333 on 06.24.2014

  21. Mispelled or is it misspelled? I misspelled your beautiful name. Of all names I could remember and write down, I misspelled your name. I misspelled or mispelled it. Or did I? Or did I just spell it the way my memory wanted it to be? Like I often misspell you?

    By Loulou on 06.24.2014

  22. my life is out of line and there’s nothing i can do
    my thoughts are being misplaced and thrown around and there’s nothing i can do
    my joy has been entirely destroyed and there’s nothing i can do

    By Hannah URL on 06.24.2014

  23. “Rob! What is this?” Delilah yelled at her most incompetent employee.
    “What? Is something wrong?” Rob replied
    “Yes! You mispelled your own name on this!”

    By olive swag on 06.24.2014

  24. “Okay bro, how is ‘misspelled’ spelled? i’ve been spelling it like ‘M-I-S-P-E-L-L-E-D’ my whole life!” Kevin said.
    “Dude, you’re an idiot, it’s obviously spelled like I told you! ‘M-I-S-S-P-E-L-L-E-D’! God, you’re an idiot.” Jeff replied.

    By olive swaggier on 06.24.2014

  25. Jan’s day was going really well, she had just graduated from Brown University, and got her master’s degree in English. She was just admiring her diploma, unti she saw it, her name was spelled as Gan.

    By olivia on 06.24.2014

  26. i mispelled my name and that spoke volumes. im not sure who i am anymore. what i mean. where i go. what i do. why. my name is incorrect as it is a direct reflection of my life

    By Safon on 06.24.2014

  27. it feels as though my anxiety for proper spelling is nowhere near as debilitating as the stress I feel about getting my content correct. Until I start typing the word ‘debilitating’ and until I realize that I know more appropriate words than ‘correct.’

    By Katy K. on 06.24.2014

  28. this again.what is up with oneword. this is the third day in a row for mispelled. the word should be mis-posted. i hope there will be a new word tomorrow. then i can enjoy myself again.

    By Lee on 06.24.2014

  29. the errors
    painstakingly avoided

    tell the talke
    of a childhood

    practicing and practicing
    alone, in her bedroom

    repeatedly written
    driven into memory

    just so that
    not so many words would be


    By Sarah on 06.24.2014

  30. Leva stood in front of the class as she recited her poem:
    “the ragged blaze struggled to shine
    i am moving uselessly
    silver notes
    that were once
    pure and clear
    are darkening
    and I drowned with understanding
    that life was changing”
    The class clapped but the teacher said that she had misspelled the meaning of life. Leva looked at her with hard eyes, for she had worked hard on it, and walked away.

    By Aramie on 06.24.2014

  31. When I was in school, I mispelled every single word I wrote. I was never good at English and I’m honestly surprised that I passed it at all. Don’t get me wrong, I loved it, but I just never quite got the hang of it, I guess?
    I’ve always been a bit of a writer, but more of an artist if I’m honest. I love painting and getting messy more than I do typing up words at a laptop or a computer, just staring at a screen.

    By Stacey Wellington on 06.24.2014

  32. mispelled words are annoying. They make the reader confused. A writer should use a dictionary to spell the words correctly. Sometimes if makes me mad if I mispell words when I am writing. I like it better when the words are nor mispelled.I try to do my best spelling when I am writing. On a computer I can use spell check so that I do not mispell the words. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    By Barb1 on 06.24.2014

  33. a word that is wrongly written. I sometimes feel like I’m an idiot because i mispell everything but even the great genius’s of the world mispell shit. it just means i’m too concentrated on my work to focus on something so miniscule. even here theyre mispelled.

    By Annie Laukaitis on 06.24.2014

  34. Dead languages do not languish if you misspell their words; they kiss your hands, your love was still received. They pray you put your name in them.

    By Sappho on 06.24.2014

  35. I mispelled mispelled. Seeing this word written out on paper really makes me wonder who makes up these words. Who decided this was how it was going to be written and why does everyone agree?

    By Allison on 06.24.2014