June 20th, 2014 | 44 Entries

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44 Entries for “bellboy”

  1. Nobody noticed him,
    As the doors opened seemingly by themselves.
    This pale excuse of a ghost remained loyal to the hotel that made him pay for his uniform,
    And his stupid hat,
    That made him a monkey,
    Which he would never use again.

    Still he waited for a smile,
    Which never came.

    People are too busy.

    By Siege URL on 06.21.2014

  2. The bell rang. Who could be at this hour? Maybe the bellboy bringing news?
    I opened the door. A young guy took off his hat.
    -Good morning sir.
    I didn´t say a word.
    He entered the apartment.
    -You were right. You couldn´t trust me.

    By Victoria URL on 06.21.2014

    -I killed the bellyboy?
    -Bellyboy? Thats the bellboy!

    By Victoria URL on 06.21.2014

  4. what is a bellyboy

    here is my story

    By Victoria URL on 06.21.2014