November 7th, 2009 | 210 Entries

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210 Entries for “towel”

  1. I wrapped myself up tight and left the bathroom. “What to wear today… ” I picked a blue shirt…
    Well, all my shirts were blue…


    By Lizzie Brooks on 11.08.2009

  2. The towel is grimy. It’s been used for centuries to wipe people of their dirt and grime. It’s alone now, waiting for someone to use it again, but they never come. They never come, and the towel waits, bored, not doing anything.
    Then someone opened the door. They came srowly, as if trying not to make a sound.

    By amino on 11.08.2009

  3. She dropped her towel, revealing supple breasts dotted by the blush red heat of the shower. Soaking wet she was even more beautiful. Where did this creature come from? And why did she come into my life?

    By on 11.08.2009

  4. i wash my hair with my towel and use it to soak up all the water from my skins clean rinse, I couldnt beleive that they even made a towel for hair! It shocked me when I walked into the store to see it hanging there. My towel keeps my broken door closed. What to doo without my towel.

    By Shernet on 11.08.2009

  5. wet, smelly dirty, wipe up mess, fluffy, soft, colorful, head band, cotton, dry

    By faye on 11.08.2009

  6. A towel is such a wonderful thing to lay on, especially if you are a chocolate lab who just finished swimming in a pool. Lounging on the floor, occasionally sniffing the towel, slowly closing your eyes to take a nap. Ah, this is the life.

    By TeacherHobnob on 11.08.2009

  7. to dry after a wash, to dry my children after their bath,cotton,flufffy,to throw it in when defeated,different sizes towelette, flannel, beach, bath, hand, kitchen, paper,

    By swiftfish on 11.08.2009

  8. These old towels press heavy set problems on predetermined shakers with a buffalo squeezer. They had conferred.

    By Nicholas Panagakos on 11.08.2009

  9. towels are red and blue and they fly. they are usually held in bathrooms and hotels. theyre usually made of terry and other fabrics and people dry themselves with it. theyre also used on animals. towels do need to be washed too, and you can always hang then to dry.

    By bibi on 11.08.2009

  10. Trowel towels keep trowels nice and dry when gardening on a wet days.
    The trowel towel is a handy little accesory to buy for your loved one for christmas

    By purpleella on 11.08.2009