November 8th, 2009 | 331 Entries

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331 Entries for “incense”

  1. fragrant smells throughout the room. hippies. candles… soft lighting. relaxation. home. breathing out.

    By em on 11.09.2009

  2. smelly, gets rid of unwanted smells, makes girls drop trow, smells good, creates smoke, requires a lighter or match, generally brown with crazy names, bought at head shops,

    By jimmy on 11.09.2009

  3. brought before the king of kings
    thought to be the thing of things
    it’s scent was like the ocean breeze
    or maybe honey of the bees
    its not as subtle as it sounds
    its scent can tend to be renowned

    By Hannah on 11.09.2009

  4. She inhaled deeply. The back of her brain swam with deep, thick smoke.
    She wasn’t sure if she was being drugged or not.
    Actually, as it turned out, small cyborg components were contained within that dark smoke. When she left the Incense Room, she wasn’t the same human as when she walked out.
    She was a little bit stronger.
    A little bit wiser.
    A little bit more dangerous.

    By Corkie on 11.09.2009

  5. she bowed down in a silent prayer, incense filling her senses. in front of her was the sight of a face she grew up with. a face she loved, a face she sometimes fought with. a face she never thought she’d lose. a face she’d never thought she’d miss like this. and it was a face she’d never see again.

    but she said, “papa, i will see you one day, okay?” she said silently, fighting back tears. “i will see you again one day.”

    and she smiled, as if knowingly her father was nodding, as if agreeing with her.

    By Sara de Souza on 11.09.2009

  6. Permeating aroma setting off allergic reactions to religious rites. Also, hiding other odors one wouldn’t want their parents to detect …

    By KRH on 11.09.2009

  7. Slowly, it burns
    I wonder when im going to
    smell it.
    The scent, the wonderful
    scent that makes me calm
    the scent that sends me to
    worlds unknown. I smell it,
    I sit, I sleep, and wonder
    why my body is affected,
    by such a simple thing.

    By Kiki on 11.09.2009

  8. the smell of incense was warming the place’s cold atmosphere, everybody seemed more friendly now. I flt a bit more comfortable. Now I see the people around me and am ready to get to know them better.

    By Anita on 11.09.2009

  9. The smell of you,
    the smell of me too,
    the smell of your incense, the smell of you:
    for this,
    for this only,
    my insides are breaking
    the dawn.
    I watch you
    and I yawn;
    I yawn.
    I need
    squirrel toys.

    By Rosie on 11.09.2009

  10. she likes the incense swirling up in the sky, likes the smell of it the curls of smoke like lazy snakes in the air,

    By Anonymous on 11.09.2009

  11. Almezing smell, swirling beauty romantic pain of those who never got to see it. Wait It’s breath deep, in and out.

    By Chelsea on 11.09.2009