November 23rd, 2016 | 23 Entries

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23 Entries for “towed”

  1. I was towed behind you like a moth in a slipstream. I couldn’t get away from your high ideals, or your impossible standards.

    By Alia on 11.23.2016

  2. “Where f*** is my truck?!” roared Chris, her cheeks red and her jaw cinched up tighter than a door hinge. She stood with her hands outstretched, staring at the space where her trusty automobile steed used to be.

    “I…I think they towed it, dude.”

    Chris swore again, loudly. “I have a PERMIT! I have a PERMIT, for Christ’s sake! Why does this always f***ing HAPPEN?!”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 11.23.2016

  3. Sometimes we can find ourselves at a loss for control. Our life as we know it becomes one direction to another from those who don’t know us best. And so we try and find variation, even in the smallest measure, so that we can feel what we need most. Freedom. Sometimes the only choice we get is how we take our coffee. But it remains a private sanctum against others will.

    By Jeremiah Jaster on 11.23.2016

  4. done.
    that’s what i think of.
    being towed means that you’ve been busted, that something is broken, no longer capable of running by itself. it means that no matter how well you did in the first place, you’re not doing it anymore.
    being towed means that it’s over.

    By Hannah URL on 11.23.2016

  5. Damn. It was a day of bad luck. My car that was parked along the drive way got towed away. Can you believe that!

    It was raining. Heavily. I was at the shop trying to get a pack of 6 cans for myself. The rain stopped me. By the time I came back, the car was towed away.

    Can you believe that?

    It has been 66 days since the last time I smiled. It is tough. Life goes on despite all the hard knocks. It aint easy

    But I am going to get that car back.

    By Dayvid on 11.23.2016

  6. perplexed lunatics
    politicians that don’t say
    what they meant… ever

    They have garbage brains
    to go with garbage tirades
    so to them I say

    As the garbage heap
    is tossed, forgotten, on barge
    may they be TOWED

    out to a sea storm
    and from the tugboat then torn
    and be… nevermore

    (if you prefer alliteration instead, the last line
    could end with: “forever forlorn”) Gotta[sic] love that Dr. Seus(s)peare stuff.

    Have a Fantastic First Nations Day!

    By ! haiku-man ! on 11.23.2016

  7. they dragged me behind them.
    empathy is not allowed, they’re better than that

    i am an empty truck that someone forgot to put
    in the right spot

    i am the forgotten one

    By Pandyfish on 11.23.2016

  8. towed? well…my car was towed. I’m lying I don’t have a car yet :(

    By aleanaya on 11.23.2016

  9. The shadow, the bag (and the line) are towed
    In the bag: a flask, two rocks, a disc, one towel
    Over the hill, his destination – the tower

    He bellows a sigh, the bridge is raised – what a lowed
    A trol appears, missing an L; the loser, Lowel
    “You best stand down, troll, and make that bridge go lower”

    A low grumble from the beast, it will not be cowed
    His threat denied, the hero thinks quick, grabs from his bag a cowel
    He wraps his neck and stands in high fashion, the bridge sinks as the troll cowers

    A time lapse – the tower claimed, heads all bowed
    In praise of the hero, who before his reign must loosen bowels
    He emerges lighter, claims his prize, and basks in that perfect bower

    By omqwat on 11.23.2016

  10. I have got two things to say about the word “Towed”. First is , “I don’t know what the fuck it means”. Second is “Resource negotiation”

    By vinod on 11.23.2016

  11. im in constant fear of my car being towed even if I park in paid posts!!

    By Madhumitha Harishankar on 11.23.2016

  12. The car was busy getting towed and you were watching from the backseat of a police car. Great. This is gonna be the best Thanksgiving ever. The excitement of the turkey being seasoned with Mom’s tears makes your heart almost as warm as the stuffing you aren’t going to get. Because you’re a dumbass. And your car is getting towed.

    By Paige B on 11.23.2016

  13. I couldn’t believe it. What had been a well planned getaway had turned into a nightmare. First i had not been able to sleep the night before my trip then I stopped for coffee and scalded my mouth and it blistered right away. Then I jumped on the free way only to fid an accident and then I got a flat tire. No way! I had just had them checked a few days before but sur eenough, it was flad. I had to wait for auto club to come rescue me and by then it had started to rain and the traffic was all backed up.

    By Corina Carrasco URL on 11.23.2016

  14. Wir haben so hard gearbeitet.
    Wir haben uns abgeschleppt,
    mit all den Problemen und Sorgen.
    Wir haben unser bestes gegeben.
    Wo ist unsere Belohnung?
    Wo ist unser Sieg?
    Wenn wir nichts davon erreichen,
    warum sollten wir dann kämpfen?

    By Anuri URL on 11.23.2016

  15. I saw a barge being towed along the canal by a beautiful shire horse. It plodded slowly along as if it didn’t have a care in the world. It probably didn’t. What a life, I thought. In the open air all day and food and drink supplied when it was needed. Just perfect.

    By Sally Clarke on 11.24.2016

  16. The weight on your shoulder of someone else. Their worries, their troubles, their fears. But what weighs the most is their self-denial, the rejection of the reality which is the cause of the problems they perceive. The denial that they can change, they are the root of their own issues, they are the cause of the concerns they feel, that they put on you.

    By Michelle O'Connor on 11.24.2016

  17. what the fluff is up with that. you cant curse because they take it away like they towed my car away and i didn’t even park where I wasn’t supposed to park i cant believe they did me ]alike that they are the worst kind of people i cant cant cant cant cant chanct chance give me a chance in the rain when it alls from my shoulders and the rest of my soul lights up form the embers igniting within my face and my liups part the ways for the channels to be surfing through my life ankd my life is so beautiful

    By Colton Adrian on 11.24.2016

  18. Towed. I have no idea what that means. My language’s rusty, my time is running. But, here I am, trying to unrust? myself. I need to write my way out, improve my rhyming, and grab a dictionary.

    By Edna Paulet on 11.24.2016

  19. Officers exist for a reason. I’ve lived with them for so long that making my own decisions feels strange. Forced. Terrifying. Why can’t she understand that?

    Cat refuses to give me orders. Tells me I should command my own destiny as befits an Adventurer. I don’t know how.

    By trill on 11.24.2016

  20. Having my car towed. Being at the mercy of someone else. Watching your favorite possession being towed away — seeing it disappear over the horizon.. When being towed does nothing in this world to help you. Has ramifications for relationships and for the vicissitudes of life. The word can also embrace personal goals disappearing into the past.

    By Cal Calvin URL on 11.24.2016

  21. I rowed up to the vacant seas
    towed up by reluctant bags to teas
    my mainstay was my gainstay-ed latent lover
    a female pirate
    the worse verses
    alleviated by my atrophe.

    By Milad URL on 11.24.2016

  22. I like the thought of being towed. It gives you a chance to take your hand off the steering wheel for a while and to go with the flow.

    By Diana on 11.24.2016

  23. She came back to an empty parking space. She cursed and threw her keys to the ground. Of course. Of COURSE this would happen to her today.

    By Bridget Grace on 11.24.2016