November 24th, 2016 | 20 Entries

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20 Entries for “lawyer”

  1. Der Rechtsgelehrte. Er weiß alles. Er argumentiert. Er näselt. Alle Rechtsanwälte, die ich kenne näseln. Als würde es zum Beruf dazugehörten, sich genau so zu artikulieren. In diesem speziellen Ton. Früher dachte ich immer, nein ich dachte nicht, ich fühlte es, wer so redet hat Recht.

    By Lisa URL on 11.24.2016

  2. Dreary Sue should have been a lawyer. She wanted to sue everyone. Well, no. She wanted to kill everyone, at least, everyone she knew. But killing would require a lawyer too, so she should have been a lawyer. I should have been a lawyer. I certainly can’t write all that well, if this little riff is an example of my writing. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Be glad I’m not a lawyer. Oh, and be glad I can’t shoot a gun. Poison, however … in the turkey stuffing. Which I just finished making. Except for the last ingredient.

    By Joanna Bressler on 11.24.2016

  3. I don’t want someone to tell me how I have interpreted reality incorrectly, and behaved improperly. I have been put in my place before. I do not need the clinical, legalese version of why I am garbage.

    By Danielle1 on 11.24.2016

  4. “He’s a lawyer!”

    “So?”, I said.

    When we were young, our parents wanted us to work in either of these 3 professions: Lawyer, Doctor or…can’t remember.

    Guess I never understood why. Maybe they made big bucks. Or they simply lie for a living.

    Never my cup of tea.

    By DF on 11.24.2016

  5. someone who knows a lot about cases that have been litigated and is able to use that information to litigate or fight litigation in cases about which he/she has speciality.

    By Dionne Blue on 11.24.2016

  6. Lawyers are everywhere. They populate the government, and as a result, more and more legislation is enacted which need more lawyers to decipher. They in effect ensure the success of their own profession. But not the transparency necessary for people to understand the law – plain english is what’s required.

    By Alia on 11.24.2016

  7. I have always wanted to be as smart as my sister, but now that I’m a lawyer, I feel less. This is not what I envisioned my life to be. I never wanted any part of this. I hate who I;vve become. Another rich woman with nothing but money and items. There’s got to be more to life than that.

    By Sarah Goldstein on 11.24.2016

  8. There once was a lawyer long ago, that loved to read his law books. He would read them twice a month, but only twice.

    By Alexandra URL on 11.24.2016

  9. He looked down at the stack of papers on his desk, sighed slightly, and looked out the window across from him. A chair could break through that, easy. One jump and the papers wouldn’t be his problem. One little jump and– a knock, a sigh. “Come on in”.

    By Emily on 11.24.2016

  10. This Thanksgiving, I invited my lawyer over for dinner. No family. No relatives. No friends. Just my lawyer, still in a disheveled suit after a long stint at the office the night before, carrying in a pot of homemade macaroni and cheese and a bottle of red wine.

    “No turkey?” she asked. I smiled and escorted her to the table.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 11.24.2016

  11. I never expected it to come to this. Really, I didn’t. But it seems like I have no choice now. If this is ever going to end, this horrible conflict, then I need to push. My lawyer says the same. Hopefully this battle will end over the next few weeks….

    By John Barth on 11.24.2016

  12. I alway dream of a day that I become a real Lawyer. This dream is the only motivation that takes me straight ahead and reminds me that hard work always pays off. It just a symbol of effort, fail and of course including success

    By Jenny on 11.24.2016

  13. Val and Sam got a lawyer for this wreck…I dont think they will get a whole lot. We had a lawyer for Surrys wreck and he was good he wanted alot of money but who doesnt? Ha! Katie could be one because she has a defense for everyone and everything!

    By Wendy Williams on 11.24.2016

  14. He was clinical and cold-cut, and the room he led me to was too big for the two of us. The desk was huge between us, and he took a long time setting up the paperwork, the recording device, his folders. I sat as still as I could, tying fretful knots with my fingers in my lap.

    When he finally began with the questions, I knew there was nothing I could do. Innocent until proven guilty meant nothing, and he directed my words with carefully placed questions in the same way that carefully placed stones can change the course of a river. When we finished, I was in tears. Nothing I could say would change his decision. They’d chosen guilty before we witnesses could even speak.

    By Archanza on 11.24.2016

  15. rip off but justice, sophistry with skill, keeping things going winding things up. the best and the worst. the prosaic and the exciting – the grim and the great like all things mixed

    By teedubz on 11.25.2016

  16. In the time it took for me to call my lawyer and file for divorce, he had made the split decision to end whatever time he had left – the next I saw of him was face down, on the pavement, the brains splattered.

    By PeeVee on 11.25.2016

  17. No matter the time
    or place in world history
    LAWYER is despised

    Even the wealthy
    would rather not deal with them
    though they profit much

    By ! Haiku-Man ! on 11.25.2016

  18. When I am older, I may consider studying to become a lawyer. Before I did this, though, I may have to read into possible different paths. I still do not know if this is the right thing for me.

    By EmmaChristobel on 11.25.2016

  19. I don’t know what I’m wanting, now. He’s talking, and every word just makes sense, and seems perfect, and he’s not talking from notes, but they’re long words. They make sense to everyone else in the room, but the journey doesn’t. He tells the court what has to happen, and I’m confused. I hoped I could keep my child. He doesn’t think it’s best.

    By Robert Kibble URL on 11.25.2016

  20. She closed her briefcase and walked briskly out of the courtroom. It was the attitude that mattered, not the actual argument. She couldn’t win this trial, but if she acted like she could then the entire room would at least consider it for a moment.

    By Bridget Grace on 11.25.2016