November 22nd, 2016 | 23 Entries

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23 Entries for “lunatic”

  1. Lunatic – they have indeed taken over the asylum. And speaking of asylum, we aren’t prepared to give it to anyone, not anyone in need of it anyway. I expect there is no limit on migrants from rich white countries.

    By Alia on 11.22.2016

  2. I guess the definition of a lunatic is a man surrounded by them.

    By Chewie on 11.22.2016

  3. I stared at the video playing on my computer screen and swore that I felt a headache coming on. Nazi salutes in 2016. Lukewarm to tepid to nonexistent responses from those in power. White supremacy, racism, sexism, homophobia, all oozing out like pus kept beneath the skin for too long. Was I a lunatic? Had I finally gone completely mad?

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 11.22.2016

  4. i’m one and so are you aren’t we all?

    you know it

    i don’t know what else to say, everyone’s crazy, aren’t they? well?? aren’t they???

    you know it’s true just as much as I do and you know that I would never lie to you, don’t you? you know you would never lie to yourself

    By Annie Painter on 11.22.2016

  5. The man’s eyes loomed in the night, glowing yellow in the wavering beam of my flashlight. I can’t do this. My flashlight clatters to the ground and I turn to flee. The man’s breath tickles the back of my neck, hot and sticky, and I will my feet to move faster.

    By Grace on 11.22.2016

  6. He came at me swinging his sword madly like a lunatic. I couldn’t make it out at first, but in the flurry, his cloak came off and underneath just stood his bone. The Skeleton King put his bony hands on his hips and cackled before slicing my frail human body to pieces.

    By Rover on 11.22.2016

  7. There was a man he was a lunatic.He was rude and always angry.This lunatic man was named George.I hated George.

    By Random_Person on 11.22.2016

  8. We don’t need gun control laws.
    Max cocks his .22 at 9:37 am.
    We’re all safe. I’ll make sure we’re safe.
    Max opens the door to Henry Sibley High School.
    I’ll get all of the lunatics in this joint. I’ll make sure of it.
    The cops arrived at 11:24 am.

    By Paige B on 11.22.2016

  9. Ian stared at Molly like she was a lunatic. “I’m terrified of heights.” He chocked out with a gasp as he followed her to the edge of the forty story building. “There’s no way I’m jumping!” He stammered as he looked down. “I mean, even if I trusted you I don’t think I can jump.”

    By Rusty on 11.22.2016

  10. Lunatic. Wow. I wasn’t expecting. Lunatic is someone who is crazy. Lunatic is perhaps something we don’t want to be, however, some times situations can make the best of us and turn us into lunatics despite our efforts against it. We must be careful and work on ourselves, work on self-development so we can avoid bad episodes in life and face challenges with more rigour.

    By Ali on 11.22.2016


    By Bhupesh Utreja on 11.22.2016

  12. singing to the moon
    standing in the sand and the water
    thinking if this were a sink-hole I’d be long gone
    but instead I’ll be a pipe dream
    for a blind elater
    they say the cycles make me a lunatic
    well I’ll stick to it
    I’ll bring you the moon
    to be, still

    By mimosa eyes on 11.22.2016

  13. a mad man . in other words insane . One wise man once told me “show me a sane persona nd I will cure him”. every man has a little bit of insane ingra

    By ratna dhal on 11.22.2016

  14. I felt like a lunatic when she noticed I was following her, but I had to do something to distract her from seeing me so I decided to hug the person next to me, she bought it thought it was a family member and kept going her way, I feel relieved. I am in peace now, I shouldn’t have gone.

    By Fred URL on 11.23.2016

  15. The bitch was a lunatic. Not only did she trash my house, steal my dog, she also took our child. How many times had she done this and I still go back to her. Why do I keep doing this to myself. Maybe Jeff was right, I need to leave her.

    By A.W on 11.23.2016

  16. I tried to back up some more, but my back hit the wall. I held my hands up and said in a shaking voice, “Please, I’m not who you think I am.”

    By Emma on 11.23.2016

  17. he was in the institution, and would be for the rest of his life. his crimes were many, all placed by insanity. life as he knew it was over, a life he never knew he had. his memories were vague, if they were memories at all. maybe he really was a lunatic, and all he had to call his own were his delusions.

    By firelight on 11.23.2016

  18. Scene: Luna sits there staring absentmindedly through the window. Her pen ticks across a single sheet of lined paper. This half written letter rattles with every stoke, it’s got an ok beat, wouldn’t say sick tho.

    And some time later after the sun has set a hot tear falls, dots one of the “i”s.

    “Missing you,” she sighs, dries her eyes, and signs off with a pet name.

    By Satan Gave Me a Taco on 11.23.2016

  19. He was a lunatic, always running around, never staying in one place. He was crazy. His parents thought about putting him into a mental hospital, but it wouldn’t solve his issues. He wasn’t mentally unstable. He did drugs, he drank alcohol and at the age of 15, he was found on the floor with a knife in one hand, gun in the other, dead. Blood was everywhere as his parents tried to find what or who did it, coming to realize that their son took his own life.

    By Alice on 11.23.2016

  20. Do you recognize my pieces,
    as they scatter through the rug?
    I was colors when I met you,
    now I’m lucky if I get grey-scaled.

    I saw you in shutter frames;
    for which, you moved too fast.
    I now see life through my facets,
    and everyone has left me alone.

    I wasn’t a lunatic when I knew you,
    but I was whimsical and eccentric, for sure.
    I wasn’t more than a sagely wisp,
    and you weren’t more than a shadow.

    By Marissa on 11.23.2016

  21. I don’t know if lunatic is a gendered word about mental illness, but like, maybe? “luna” is in it, which is about the moon, and periods are on cycles, sometimes thought to be related to lunar cycles. So maybe?

    By angely URL on 11.23.2016

  22. I never really thought of my aunt as a lunatic. Sure, we had to go through a series of probably half a dozen electric fences with barbed wire topping them for good measure… just to reach her and visit her every Thanksgiving but… I never thought of her as a lunatic. Mama and Papa always told me that Aunt Shirley killed Grandpa and Grandma but she was always nice to me so who am I to judge?

    By Lee on 11.23.2016

  23. I feel like a lunatic sometimes. I know thats harsh.

    By Tricia on 11.23.2016