March 27th, 2013 | 176 Entries

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176 Entries for “tornado”

  1. A tornado tore through the town with a force unseen in one century.

    By Adebisi Arije on 03.28.2013

  2. a tornado.
    That’s what she was.
    She hit me like a storm I couldn’t dream of controlling
    She was a force of nature
    And I loved her
    I was doomed to love her

    By Stephanie A. URL on 03.28.2013

  3. Netting can’t catch you
    so you spatter like an egg,
    disturbed from your final resting place
    but you’re not even dead.
    Contentment is weeded,
    pulled up with roots hanging and dripping.
    Your heart is unsettled in its imperfect cage,
    it rocks and coos to itself.
    So you’re always spinning,
    eyes hurt from seeing blurs,
    no rest for the wicked…
    You didn’t even realize you were wicked.

    By Octowhat URL on 03.28.2013

  4. She was a natural strength. She kept moving. Kept looking forward. Never being tied down. Impossible to get a grip on. Ripped and threw those in her way. Unapologetic and never ending until the end may come.

    By Grace URL on 03.28.2013

  5. Destruction and death follow its path. Yet somehow, with our Hollywood obsessed culture, we have come to see a tornado as a sort of rebirth. A tool that will whisk us away from our boring greyscale life to a wonderful technicolor world.

    By ~ URL on 03.28.2013

  6. Her mind had been ravaged by the tornado of consciousness and creativity, and now lay a desolate wasteland of debris and dreams destroyed by sleeplessness. Somewhere, amongst the wreckage, a small shelter lay hidden beneath a fallen powerline, and within it huddled the productivity of days to come.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 03.28.2013

  7. Spin, spin, sugar. Lose control. Just let go. We’ll fly away to the land of Oz, and find ourselves some brand new friends in a brand new life full of colour and songs.

    By darseyrsm URL on 03.28.2013

  8. the tornado came through and destroyed everything i purposely put in its path. there, take it!, i thought. when i felt it was missing something i redirected the tornado so that it’d get the something to. after all was said and done, i looked at the damage with a successful smile. well done, tornado. well done.

    By Safon URL on 03.28.2013

  9. Clumps of stuff in a tornado like that. Just clumps, flying round and gettin flung about. RIght, see there goes a cow dodging a potato patch mid-air, and over there is bein flung a reticulated model of a gigantic locust. Clumps and clumps.

    By Richardton T. Slump URL on 03.28.2013

  10. a tornado can tear apart villages and leave the world in complete despair. They cause tragedies and cause numerous deaths a year. they can be small or large.

    By Breanna on 03.28.2013

  11. The destruction was horrible. She stands there just looking at the chaos that was once her home. She thinks of Dorthy and how she longs to be in her position. How Dorthy got so lucky to be transported into another realm she will never understand. All she does now is sit and cry, facing the reality that is before her. She is alone now, sitting alone, crying alone.

    By Russell on 03.28.2013

  12. Big ol’ Brown was like a tornado come this way through Kansas. Swirling eddies for his beards and a cackle to sheer off the hair that makes you feel like a man. He’ll take your woman and show you a joke about what’s black and blue. Better to stay clear, big wigs don’t mean nothing to this bat outta hell!

    By Eric Harrell URL on 03.28.2013

  13. It felt like a tornado was going outside. Was a tornado going on outside? I could scarcely bring myself to look out the window, scared of what I might see. But what might I see? Rain, potted plants fallen over, and what? Soil stained tiles? That was all. No creatures, no faces outside watching me. Or so I whispered to myself.

    By greekyoghurt URL on 03.28.2013

  14. the tornado hit hard. we were in the basement, watching with fear at her mother becoming a different person before our eyes. she had D.I.D. syndrome and was assuming her child alter. the child was five years old, but the woman whose body she inhabited was 40. witnessing that scared me more than the natural disaster happening above us.

    By l on 03.28.2013

  15. It was a absolute horrible storm outside- dangerous, and uncontrolable. I didn’t really know anything and only the unimportant stuff as that the eye is silent went around my head.

    By Femmi on 03.28.2013

  16. you spun me around.

    you took me
    for granted.

    at least the wind just lifted
    my skirts
    once in a while

    and never slid its hand up up up
    between my thighs

    unlike you.

    (i wanted a marilyn moment,
    not an everyday tragedy
    on page four,
    bottom right,
    small print.)

    By h. b. URL on 03.28.2013