March 28th, 2013 | 183 Entries

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183 Entries for “bronze”

  1. Bronze and beautiful you stand in the sun
    Bronze and beautiful still still still
    glimmering yet not all all over shine
    beauty in the shades of your curves

    By Vixy Stewart on 03.29.2013

  2. The glistening sun reflected on his armor. He stood tall and handsome, sword in hand, strong stance and piercing stare.

    By Angie URL on 03.29.2013

  3. Enrobed in bronze, the shoe sat on the shelf. It was old, that was clear, but it seemed to have some life in it yet. After all, babies don’t wear shoes in. They can’t walk yet. They don’t need to move to explore the world around them yet.

    By Haskins URL on 03.29.2013

  4. the skin was as bronze at the color itself. almost breathtaking in its exactness. we marveled for a while before reaching, slowly, to touch it. to feel something so real, and divine on our fingertips. we reached—drew our hands back and the skin did something we hadn’t suspected—-it melted.

    By Safon URL on 03.29.2013

  5. I have always wanted to bronze my shoes,

    I never got my little bronze shoes as a kid.

    Now, as an adult, I would bronze a pair of old sneakers or slippers, hang them on my wall and remember how nice it is, to walk in bare feet.

    By Bobber URL on 03.29.2013

  6. time when the plowshares followed the ox. the king call the man for a war. off to the battlefield they go. man after man drudgingly walking to the frey. man falls down, another follows. just like the plow.

    By Weston on 03.29.2013

  7. Once I compared my heart to the sky, soldered bronze painted blue, because I wanted to believe I’d stopped loving you, but I haven’t really. I don’t know if I ever will.

    By Elizabeth URL on 03.29.2013

  8. The medal shined in the light in the middle of the Olympic stadium. It was a beautiful sight. Yet a deep hunger burned in my body, in my heart, in my soul. It was not enough. I had to go higher, be stronger, be faster. The gold medal was my next goal. And I knew exactly where to go next.

    By Samuel Fishman on 03.29.2013

  9. I compared my heart to the sky once, soldered bronze painted blue to hide the joints, because I wanted to believe that I’d stopped loving you. Now I know that that poem wasn’t true. I don’t know when it will ever be.

    By Elizabeth URL on 03.29.2013

  10. bronze is a material, people like it because they think it is valuable…. people who are in 3rd place in competitions get a bronze medal. I don’t know why everyone like bronze so much, it is not that a beautiful thing .

    By Trausti Breiðfjörð Magnússon on 03.29.2013

  11. bronze. third place. kinda precious metal? who wants a bronze? everyone wants gold.
    I want gold. let’s go make ourselves some gold

    By Brandon URL on 03.29.2013

  12. “I present to you the second highest honor in the competition: the silver medal!”
    “No thanks, but can I have that bronze-y one? It goes better with my complexion. Mom always said; ‘Silver makes you look like a local mall model.’ I’ll stick with the – hey where are you going? “

    By Delanzo on 03.29.2013

  13. My skin was officially a golden bronze color. I had spent the entire day at the beach sort of surfing without a surfboard, ok lets be honest, getting tackled by huge waves. It was awesome. It was my first time at the beach and I did not understand how anyone could live without seeing one or experiencing it. Now, my cheeks hurt because my skin was burned, but inside I was blazing because of adrenaline. I could not wait to go back.

    By Isabel Pinaud on 03.29.2013

  14. It was a dark and bleak day. Every since he set up that stupid bronze statue my life has just been turmoil. “bow to the statue” he says. But no, I cannot. I cannot forsake my faith. But the consequences are severe. Death.

    By Beloved Child on 03.29.2013

  15. Atalya stared at the immense building. The walls glittered! She blinked several times, debating about what the walls were made of. She walked quietly up to a Levite man standing next to a pillar.

    “Sir?” she began quietly.

    “What do you want, child?” the man asked gently.

    “Are these walls made of bronze?”

    “Oh no. This is Jehovah’s temple my child. The walls are made of gold, but gold pales in comparison to…” and here his voice lowered, “Jehovah’s Son. Jesus Christ. Do you know him?”

    Atalya shook her head. “But I want to.”

    By Emma Travis on 03.29.2013

  16. I played in egypt’s wrestling team in the Olympics and we were third and got a bronze medal. The rest of my team was glad while I was devistated because I wanted to be first.

    By Ahmed on 03.29.2013

  17. The Day Of Days Has Come At Last.
    To Sum Up At Once ,All Your Past.


    By Akyuna on 03.29.2013

  18. The metal glinted in the early sunrise, hearkening to the warrior’s presence. Her shield was made of bronze, her sword of fine, silver steel. The armor on her body was a mix of both. it was easy to see that she was well versed in battle. Each piece of equipment showed quite a bit of wear.

    By Serryphae URL on 03.29.2013

  19. The color shone brightly as they put the ring onto my finger. “This ring was your father’s, Jarrod. When he was king, nothing could hurt anyone. He’d wear that ring everyday as he lived to be the protector of the city.”

    By Kami URL on 03.29.2013

  20. A tall bronze statue, taller than a man stood guarding the doorway. It was an imposing figure and he thought to himself that he would hate to find the man who had posed for the sculpture standing beyond the heavy doors.

    By Big Jim URL on 03.29.2013

  21. god has murdered
    more people

    than every greek deity combined.
    and in the language of holy wars,

    we should give him
    all our praise.

    By h. b. URL on 03.29.2013

  22. Everybody loved Number 1. Everybody praised Number 1. Everybody showered Number 1 with fame and fortune. Everyone loved Number 2. Not as much as they loved Number 1, but they loved that number, none the less. There was no love for Number 3. There was no praise and certainly no fame or fortune. Why did I have to get the bronze medal? I just wanted to be loved. I just wanted to be praised. I just wanted to get the gold…but I wasn’t fast enough…

    By Rachel URL on 03.29.2013

  23. Its a color and a medal
    It is not very shiny
    It is in many titles of many books.
    It is a brownish color

    By Juliana Bibawy on 03.29.2013