March 18th, 2012 | 225 Entries

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225 Entries for “torch”

  1. The heavy winds continued as the boys headed home from the insurance corporate office, making a mad dash from the taxi to the front door, greeted by Mrs. Hudson. She held the door open, hustling them safely indoors as she fussed about the weather and deadbolted the door for a sense of security. “It’s just awful,” she simpered, handing John and Sherlock each a small AA-powered torch and a large flat-bottomed candle, “There’s been a tree branch down by the inn, took out a window and all the power lines with it.” She eyed her favorite tennants, Sherlock’s hair all a-frizzed and John leaning subtly towards him. “I don’t know how much of a shelter this old house is, but it makes me feel better all the same just to know you’re here.”
    Sherlock smiled and wrapped his long arms around her before hanging up his coat, “I’m sure we’ll be fine. Nothing would dare mess with Baker street, not even mother nature herself.”
    The kindly landlady waved them up the stairs, promising to check in on them in the morning.
    John was pleased to find that the other utilities were still functional, and went about preparing tea as usual. Sherlock set the candles in the sitting room and kitchen, lighting them for John’s benefit as the already-cloud-obscured sun sank behind the skyline. He settled in on the couch to face a blank screen, wondering if John would still join him with no pretense of a distraction.
    He was not disappointed.

    By floppybelly URL on 03.19.2012

  2. Fire
    Camp fire

    By Sam on 03.19.2012

  3. I carry a torch for you. A flame that has become more. A light in the dark. A warmth. A talisman. And somehow, in the carrying of it, I have become lighter.

    By siobhan347 URL on 03.19.2012

  4. Todos necesitamos de una antorcha que ilumine a nuestro camino.

    By Wilfredo on 03.19.2012

  5. There’s a picture in my office of Ryan holding the Olympic Torch. That’s pretty incredible. Not so much that it’s not credible, but that it’s amazing to think stuff like that happens here. Weirder things have happened.

    By bryan on 03.19.2012

  6. Torch. Red, yellow, bright, burning with hope. Torches light up the dark,like beauty in the face of darkness.

    By Kimberly on 03.19.2012

  7. He held the torch in front of him.
    “Josh… Josh!” He yelled out into the darkness.
    “Help me!”
    There was rustling in the trees and bushes and strange noises he couldn’t quite put a name to, but everytime he ran to the voice, he still couldn’t find him.
    “I’m sorry Josh..”

    By Brandon Adams URL on 03.19.2012

  8. flame, hot,

    By josh patton on 03.19.2012

  9. Flames, To set a fire. Torchuring someone. Pain

    By kenyalee jeknins on 03.19.2012

  10. flame, light, Olympics, Greece, heat

    By Nathan Engelhardt on 03.19.2012

  11. The word torch doesn’t really pop anything into my mind. I think of the Olympics when I hear torch. O yeah, and coach Oliphant.

    By Kane URL on 03.19.2012

  12. Light it up, Olympics, Fire, Heat, One a stick,

    By Justine URL on 03.19.2012

  13. I am very tired, and I have a very busy day today. I have a bunch of home work, and it’s a Monday. I had a good weekend, and the weather was good.

    By Robbie on 03.19.2012

  14. The Olympics, fire and burning stuff down.

    By Matt Ferguson on 03.19.2012

  15. Fire
    Indiana Jones

    By Samantha Heath on 03.19.2012

  16. My heart burns like a flame. It comes to life with the sight of your face, burning hot and fierce for you, only you. My love is like a torch.

    By Paige on 03.19.2012

  17. torch is a obj that lights up a room or a dark area.
    Cuts mettle objects

    By Brandon on 03.19.2012

  18. When I first saw the word torch I thought about fire.

    By william URL on 03.19.2012

  19. Fantastic 4 the guy that goes on fire and his name is the human torch and that is his super power.

    By Jusitn Gonzalez on 03.19.2012

  20. torches give light when people are in dark areas. they also give heat for cooking and warmth.

    By Joey Zisa on 03.19.2012

  21. When is see the word torch I think of flames, giant mobs of people chasing after Frankenstein, Light in a dark hall way back in old times, and the Olympics.

    By Robert Rynard on 03.19.2012

  22. When I think of the word torch I think of setting something on fire or holding something to see a dark cave. Another word for torch for me would be like flames, like setting something on fire. Like something fiery or burning. When I think of torch I think of to get rid of something. Or like illusion in flames or something like that.

    By Casey Freeze on 03.19.2012

  23. Fire, in a dark castle or cave. brightens the things around you, light on fire. burning. flames, blue orange red yellow. handle then oils or gases equals pretty. Starts the olympics. old time flashlight. can be in the street lighting.

    By Zachary on 03.19.2012

  24. flame, hot, lights up the dark, the olympics

    By josh patton on 03.19.2012

  25. Torch- fire blasting

    By Nick URL on 03.19.2012

  26. Torches are used in the olympics. Torches are cool. They are filled with fire and therefore filled with spirit, they are what gives life to events such as the olympics. I hope to one day achieve something as great as holding the magical torch of the olympics. Torches are used for light too.

    By Michepufis on 03.19.2012

  27. Once on a walk I found a torch and when I lit it there was a sparkling beam of light coming from it and I could see unicorns dancing at the end of the beam. They led their own way and took me to a land I had never before seen. There was a mini people kingdom and it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. Everything had sparkles on them and everyone had a smile on their face. Friends skipping along holding hands and their parents waving them goodbye.

    By Rexie on 03.19.2012

  28. torches are big sticks with a fiery top to it. in movies they are used to catch the bad guy or to set something on fire. my friend put the olympics in my head. …..

    By Michepufis on 03.19.2012

  29. Saudade

    Taut strings
    Near breaking
    Sing only
    For dark eyed

    The key
    Of ache
    a Ballad
    For the bereft

    My gypsy throat
    A fountain
    your name
    From deep within

    My dark veins
    Deathly still
    Hear, in silence
    They sing
    My gypsy love

    By david URL on 03.19.2012

  30. I held the torch aloft straining to see into the dark crevices of the cave. The arc of light did not penetrate the darkness well enough as I shivered with cold taking slow careful steps any second I could walk off the edge into the abyss I called out again ‘hello! Mark?’

    By Elisabeth Sanford on 03.19.2012

  31. An eternal flame that lives in me. The best survival tool. Indiana Jones’ fave thing. Hot. Flame. Lovely. Good murder weapon.

    By Brittany on 03.19.2012

  32. I was in the dark.
    An abyss.
    My breathing was shallow, like there wasn’t enough air left.
    Where was I?
    The air is thin..
    I can’t breathe..
    I’m falling, falling..

    Yet in the distance, a light.
    It got closer, closer, and I couldn’t speak.
    He was here..
    My love.. with the light.

    By Karsen Meredith URL on 03.19.2012

  33. the light of the torch was all i could see, i was alone in the field, it was a moonless night, the sky was carpeted with stars yet the darkness ruled the earth. the earth seemed to breathe with confusion.

    By sofia on 03.19.2012

  34. i torched the bitch on fire because she stole my money
    after that i had to cut her hair off cause it stank
    i then continued burning her with the TORCH
    this nigga bitch still stank like burnt ass poop
    i guess that it was time to bury her ass
    but i was too lazy
    so i guess i just decided to throw her in a lake

    By angela on 03.19.2012

  35. the olympic torch was carried by some girl at my school in 2010? was it? i think? anyway it was a girl and her sister and they were so annoying about it and its cool and all but wow like they wore those outfits for halloween and everyone stopped class to watch it on tv even though we can all watch it at home if we are interested, which i am not!

    By jasmine on 03.19.2012

  36. I have lived my life with passion and love for all people, but I pray one day to find a man who with have a torch of love in his heart for me.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 03.19.2012

  37. Orange flames struck the air, swirling and roaring in the dark cave.
    The rough wall was visible in a sphere, but the man could not see far further.
    He held the torch half a metre in front of him, ready to defend himself if need arose.
    It did not.
    There was nothing there.

    By Anon on 03.19.2012

  38. The blaze sounds the triumphant return of the gladiator. The touch shows us the true way, the progression of unity and the defeat of terror, hate, and Ultimate Darkness. Let us raise it to lofty heights so that the world will know of its grandeur!

    By Shawn on 03.19.2012

  39. the torch led the dark way across the field

    By sofia on 03.19.2012

  40. The flame on the torch kept getting bigger simulating the love between Hendrik and Ana, almost touching the ceiling and just about to burn everything that stood between them.

    By Ki2 on 03.19.2012