February 9th, 2010 | 301 Entries

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301 Entries for “tomato”

  1. tomatoes taste good and they are red and some people think they are vegetables but they are really fruits. they are kind of misunderstood, like tigers or cheetahs. they don’t wanna eat anyone, but people are all ‘ahh run its a scary tiger or cheetah ahhh’ but they are nice animals deep down. tomatoes are the same cause kids are like ‘ooh i like banana’s but not tomatoes cause vegetables are gross’ but tomatoes are just as good as banana’s but they get all the attention.

    By alana on 02.10.2010

  2. Tomatoes are a wonderful red round fruit, although they are often thought of as a vegetable. They are one of my favorite foods because they give a fresh flavor to my taco salads.

    By Jessie on 02.10.2010

  3. it is red and grown in the garden. often it is a difficult plant to grow, my parents have a lot of complaints about them! i myself have never tried, but i was told just the other day that i need to grow my own plant and eat it, tomato came to my mind. which is strange, as i do not like to tomatoes. you would expect something you like to come to mind when thinking about eating and growing something wouldnt you?

    By Anonymous on 02.10.2010

  4. the tomato squashed under my foot as i wrestled to get out of the crowd. crazy spanish people , i thought angrily as another tomato hit me in the ear and was quite painful. i saw the edge of the crowd and i ran for the gap, but the next thing i new i was flattened to the ground.

    By hadia on 02.10.2010

  5. The tomato was squished in between the lettuce and meat, which in turn was between two slices of white bread slathered in condiments. Honestly, it was so sloppily put together that it looked disgusting, but his daughter was staring at him with such a proud and hopeful smile at her accomplishment that he steeled his nerves and bit into it.

    By KCO on 02.10.2010

  6. tomato? red. round. green. bumpy. grows in my back yard. this is a dumb word. i need something significantly deeper than tomato. what the heehaw?!

    By Kelli Ann on 02.10.2010

  7. The tomato pulp was on the counter. As was the knife. I had managed to cut most of the tomatoes up and throw them in the salad before he came home. But once he did it was worthless. We didn’t eat that night. Everything stayed on the counter until morning; we had the tomato salad for breakfast.

    By Abby on 02.10.2010

  8. Red and puffy are these salmonella-infested, bulbous things. Are they the reason for Rome’s fall. Probably not. Tomate. TOH MAH TAY!!!! Is it ketchup or catsup?

    By Andy on 02.10.2010

  9. Tomatos are red and juicy and have this strange sort of goosh to them which totally squicks me. I hate tomatos. My mother loves them though. My mother and I have completely different tastes. She likes spicy food, I don’t. She likes men who are… well.. she likes that sort of man. And I don’t. But we get along I guess.

    By joan on 02.10.2010

  10. I squeeze like I’m squeezing his heart. It bursts and the feeling is pure gratification. It will never suffice though.

    By cody on 02.10.2010

  11. I love tomatoes. They seem sad when they are growing. But they look very happy in my salad. With ranch dressing. Mmm.

    By Katherine Young on 02.10.2010

  12. Tomatoes are the main source of fibre and fun in a variety of south american countries. They are named after their patron deity, Don Taomaotao. Don Taomaotao was said to have descended from the sun on Sunday and brought tomatoes to the people of Peru.

    By Anonymous on 02.10.2010

  13. Red nasty vegetable that I hate with a passion. It’s round and it reminds me of a softball.

    By Anonymous on 02.10.2010

  14. basil sauce.
    I used to hate tomatoes as a kid, but now I’ve learned to love them. And they’re (apparently) really important in protecting against prostate cancer, so that’s a definite plus. I kind of want to go make some guacamole with tomatoes… MMM food. HA. fail.

    By Rich on 02.10.2010

  15. I once hated you. I once thought nothing but the worst. Then one day my eyes were opened. I saw you and your true beauty. It was me being stupid that led to my mistake. Im sorry. Please forgive me.

    By Michelle on 02.10.2010

  16. uqhh..Tomato is nasty. I don’t understand how people can eat that thing. Just the smell of it makes me sick. NO TOMATO. But for some reason I like ketchup. aha. pretty funny huh.? either than that I don’t

    By Anonymous on 02.10.2010

  17. i can’t have tomatoes because i’m allergic. i like ketchup though. i don’t really care if i get a rash from it because it is good. you know? i like it on fries. scrambled eggs and other shit. a tomato is a lame fruit though. i would never sit around and eat a tomato like i would an apple or a peach or a pear. oh well. whatever. =] my 60 seconds is almost up.

    By Anonymous on 02.10.2010

  18. red soup poruing down my viens. I choke. but my only way to freedom is to keep on swallowing. Please help my drink this hot soup. Please. Don’t let me drown.

    By cassie on 02.10.2010

  19. A tomato came flying through the air and hit me in the face. It didn’t smush; it just bounced off like an under-filled water balloon. I knew all too well that soon avocados would begin flying, then cabbages and artichokes.

    By j on 02.10.2010

  20. it is red with tons of seeds. It can be roasted and tastes very sweet. There has always been contraversy about wether the tomato is a fruit or a vegetable. I have always considered it a vegetable even though I will sometimes eat it like an apple. It can go into several dishes and be a main component of several tasty things. I like it with mozzarella and basil. The sweetness is really brought out in that application.

    By Audrey on 02.10.2010

  21. A large red thing that monkeys like to throw at bad comedians. The alternative throwing items are poop, and multicoloured slushies.

    By Phoebe on 02.10.2010