February 9th, 2010 | 301 Entries

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301 Entries for “tomato”

  1. sexy, ripe, angry, hungry for heat, fragile, tasty, worm-bearing. A lot for one fruit.

    By Elisa Abelleira on 02.10.2010

  2. Aw man. I really despise when I blush. I turn extremely tomato red. It’s is so utterly embarrassing. Even at the mere mention of his name or when I speak about him for five seconds, I just blush like mad. I don’t know why. I guess it just demonstrates how much I really have a crush on him.

    By yonochan on 02.10.2010

  3. i love tomatoes because they’re red and juicy and good for throwing at people. I wish all tomatoes were always ripe, because they’re only good if they’re ripe. Especially in fresh salsa with a bit of vinegar and lime and honey.

    By Brandon on 02.10.2010

  4. Sie schnott die Zweibeln und r

    By Minze on 02.10.2010

  5. I remember my stop motion video. Its not very good. Tomatoes are so red. I wish I really liked to eat them. They are soft and supple. I hate the slimy seed part. Yuck.

    By Leah on 02.10.2010

  6. tomato tomato potato potato let’s call the whole thing off. But ohhhhhh if we call the whole thing off we must part, and oh if we ever part then that might break my heart. So if you go for oysters and I go for ersters….

    By Maggie on 02.10.2010

  7. “Do you want a tomato? Sir, how about you?” I tried to sell the tomatos as hard as I could. My boss had told me so- you sell or you leave. And if I left, my family; me and my three children would starve.
    “Johnson, enough! You’re just no good. Leave. Now. I don’t ever want to see you again!”
    That was it.
    The End.

    By Myself on 02.10.2010

  8. red ketchup garden vegtable summer time salad grow merical grow soil juice v8 heinz 57 tomATO SOUP grill cheeze pizza sauce pot french fries

    By Anonymous on 02.10.2010

  9. red, juicy, hamburger, tomatoe, tomato tomahtoe or whatever i am so hungry for a hamburger but guess what no cause it’s snowing outside wtf is this it really is the snowpocalypse i can’t do shit this is great NO i mean it’s like a second um winter break yeah okay i should stop or something

    By elizabeth on 02.10.2010

  10. I don’t like tomatoes all that much. My mom eats them like apples. But on time, when I was about six, I was eating a slice of pizza on my back porch and it had chunky sauce and as soon as I ate a lump of tomato, I promptly threw up. I haven’t eaten a tomato since. I always pick them out of my salad.

    By Eve on 02.10.2010

  11. I hate tomatoes. They are gross and red. They are good in ketchup but not plain. I do not like them in my salads or on my burgers.

    By Anonymous on 02.10.2010

  12. yuck

    By mary on 02.10.2010

  13. Tomatos are red like the blood that pumps through my weary veins, veins filled with dust and reeking of the must that deteriorates through the facets of gold in my head. Red.

    By Millicent on 02.10.2010

  14. yuck

    By mary on 02.10.2010

  15. The tomato I buit into was bitter, stale andfelt like it was filled with led. My body burned, and began to roast. I screamed, yet not a sound came out. “You are finsihed,” He smiled at me, looking at me, and then he took out a knofe. I cou;dn’t move, for my body burned to much. He lunged toawrds me, smiling and hissing, “Prepare to die,”

    By Madi on 02.10.2010

  16. are they fruits or veggies? who knows? i don’t, do you. some ague VEGGIE some argue FRUIT but i think its a VEGGUIT! Yup a cross between a vegetable and a fruit! i’m such a genius…

    By Mike Simonelli on 02.10.2010

  17. Tomato red sliced. It is summer and it smells like fresh cut grass. Sunbeams are being broken and rearranged through the window. The willow carelessly breathing in the backyard. Breath in and out there is no silence, just oneness with the earth in this summer place.

    By Josh on 02.10.2010

  18. tomatoes, i can’t even begin to explain how much i loathe you. I love pizza, and I love things with little chunks of tomatoes in them, yet I will never ask for tomatoes on my sub or in my shampoo. Tomato, i always wanted to squish you and throw you at someone, like they do in barcelona.

    By Anonymous on 02.10.2010

  19. Tomatoes are red.
    They are juicy.
    Like water…juice?
    tomato sandwiches.

    By Mara B on 02.10.2010

  20. red delicious. heinz somehow got 6 whatever flavors out of a tomato. weird. my moms tomatos make the best blt’s. somehow bacon microwaved at restaurants just don’t cut it.

    By miggie on 02.10.2010

  21. Tomatoes fill the garden, fill the dirt, fill the places behind the garage. My father gives me a pair of boots, his boots, boots much to large for me, and takes me outside. We two stomp the tomatoes, throw them at the back of the garage until my mother, his wife, yells for us to come back inside.

    By Guy on 02.10.2010

  22. Round and red. It’s beautiful. It shines. It glows in the dark. No one saw it before but in this place it was highly appreciated. A gift sent from the Gods. She was in awe. She had everything and nothing at the same time… She needed perspectives

    By Anonymous on 02.10.2010

  23. Tomatoes are delicious, full of vitamin C, and pair well with so many other foods. Tomatoes are fun to grow as well. I love making home-made marinara with home-grown tomatoes, and I love heirloom tomatoes. Who knew they could be yellow, purple, and all sorts of crazy awesome colors!

    By Robyn on 02.10.2010

  24. Tomatoes were the kind of thing that used to have me waking in a cold terror when I was pregnant with my first child. I’d roll over, shake my partner awake and whisper urgently, ‘What the hell are we going to do? We can’t even bloody look after a miniature Russian Red!’

    By sarah on 02.10.2010

  25. the red red orb of delicious. sliced, she makes a squelching noise, opens herself unto the world. she is a fruit, bearing seeds and flowers. sweet juicy. not unlike your mother. also great on sandwiches.

    By Jess on 02.10.2010

  26. oh so red, my ripe tomato. how you stand tall in your bushel so small. i would like to eat said tomato bushel, alas i have no teeth…why oh why do you taunt me so, why oh why do you turn me on…

    By jonas on 02.10.2010

  27. red
    green stem

    By Anonymous on 02.10.2010

  28. red
    green stem

    By Anonymous on 02.10.2010

  29. tomato tomato I love you. you are red and juicy. I have always been able to eat you like an apple, nobody else seems to like that. The vibrant colours of a good tomato are the best.

    By ted on 02.10.2010

  30. I had a tomato once. Green and not red as the usual. It talked to me when I fell asleep and it greeted me every time I woke uo. I remember those times when a green tomato was my only companion.

    By linnea on 02.10.2010

  31. i love tomatos
    theyre the baest fruit ever
    theyre so red a and juicy
    i like red too
    and marijuana

    By Anonymous on 02.10.2010

  32. I grow tomatoes in my garden. I am particularly fond of heritage varieties. Less well known than common supermarket varieties they taste great and really well adapted to my northern climate.

    By Anonymous on 02.10.2010

  33. I don’t really like tomatos nor do i know how to spell the plural of it, but i do like tomato soup, though i prefer red pepper soup, but i don’t like the texture. they are number one on my list of things i wish i liked, along with mushrooms and shrimp…again, its a texture thing. I do like tomato sauce, as long as its not chunky.

    By Samantha on 02.10.2010

  34. red, juicy.
    cools the mouth.
    sweetens the soul.

    By Karin on 02.10.2010

  35. theyre red. they dont taste very good. i like the idea of them more than i like the actual thing. i wish i liked them more. but everytime i eat them, im wishing i could chew faster to swallow it and get it out of my damn mouth. everything about them is gross. yet i eat them anyway. i wish i knew why. maybe cause theyre low in calories

    By lainie on 02.10.2010

  36. red and sometimes green i dont like them especially the smell and texture they freak me out i dont know what to do i always get pickles instead of tomoatoes on blts i think it tases better but i really like ketchup its one of my faouvite things but caeser are gross even th

    By Anonymous on 02.10.2010

  37. They are red and juicy but I don’t like them. They make me think about the show I used to watch as a kid called veggie tales. I haven’t seen it in a really long time, but it was about God’s love.

    By Shiela Laufer on 02.10.2010

  38. people call me kellie tomato. my last name is pinedo and i guess it sounds like tomato. i have had people in my like who like to refer to me as a tomato, even though i hate to eat them.

    By kellie Pinedo on 02.10.2010

  39. tomatoes taste good and they are red and some people think they are vegetables but they are really fruits. they are kind of misunderstood, like tigers or cheetahs. they don’t wanna eat anyone, but people are all ‘ahh run its a scary tiger or cheetah ahhh’ but they are nice animals deep down.

    By alana on 02.10.2010

  40. cote

    By Anonymous on 02.10.2010