February 10th, 2010 | 247 Entries

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247 Entries for “blizzard”

  1. I was walking along the road when a flick of snow came falling down slowly. I looked up to realize the dark clouds hovering above my head. As a car passed me, I heard the the radio streaming out of the window. Something was coming, and this something was not going to be good.

    By Deann on 02.11.2010

  2. its white. paper, snow, a ghost.

    By man on 02.11.2010

  3. There was a blizzard today, at 1:00 AM. It was absolutely HORRIBLE. I mean, people couldn’t even open their car doors when it was over. People worked for hours shoveling their driveways, and I almost got frostbite in my toes. Ugh, I hate being cold.

    By RAWR on 02.11.2010

  4. annoyance. my toes are wet, my knees ache under the strain of scrambling up this fucking hill after just having come down, on an air mattress with six other inebriated individuals no less. pain.

    By tess on 02.11.2010

  5. it was the winter of 1978 in Kansas City. I was on my way back from skiing with friends in Colorado when the blizzard hit. I waited a while for the roads to clear and headed out of Kansas City that evening

    By carol almarez on 02.11.2010

  6. Freezing cold in north dakota. I like when the power goes out. The snow is pretty but I dont like when the bitter cold wind hits my face. I’m sick of living here because of the cold but all my fmily is here and I love them so much I couldnt leave them. But I feel like some day I need to detatch myself from them. But I dont know if I can.

    By Kate on 02.11.2010

  7. snickers and peanut butter cups. there used to be a little shop on the corner down the road from my best friend Molly’s house. There was a boy that worked there named Aaron and I had a big crush on him. Everyday in the summer time we would go there and order nothing just so he would have to serve us and we would dance on the black pavement of the parking lot simply because we had nothing better to do.

    By Joan on 02.11.2010