September 12th, 2016 | 93 Entries

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93 Entries for “timing”

  1. I timing out if I will pass the the big test. I timing myself to read a book.

    By Jamesrotties on 09.13.2016

  2. Timing is everything. A single moment can change the entire direction of your life. Good. Bad. Who knows unless you take that step. Time isn’t always on our side like The Stones say, but if we work on our timing I would hope we can make things better. Timing is everything.

    By Luna Pinole on 09.13.2016

  3. I regret that I did not learn to time my lessons when I commenced junior high. If learned to do it then I would have known how to discipline myself and if I spread the assignment which gives me a greater amount of time to complete it I would have focused not upon distracting myself but upon

    By Euginia Liapich on 09.13.2016

  4. shush.
    you must wait until
    the time
    is right.
    take a deep breath —
    alright, you got this. see? the sun is shining.
    the air is cool and waiting.
    there she is.
    whoop, don’t fumble.
    tell her those three words. you know which ones.
    i’ll be here when you get back.

    By Cally D URL on 09.13.2016

  5. organizes us, sets a pace, is important for others as well as for me, it allows for structure,

    By Shan on 09.13.2016

  6. I walked into the meeting room, balancing coffee cups on top of eachother, dangerously close to falling over.

    I could hear shouting from outside of the room, but i ignored it and opened the door.
    “Coffee’s here-”
    “They’re the most useless employee!” My boss shouted, motioning towards where I am before realizing I was there and becoming silent.

    By C on 09.13.2016

  7. It’s really tricky. Trying to get more than 140 people to all play different notes at the exact right time while a few yards away from the closest person. Marching band is hard. And there are more than 150 people on the field at a time.

    By Micah on 09.13.2016

  8. The timing was perfect.

    The figure leapt from the darkness to attack the huge monsters attacking his tribe. The stone things – he thought the ones that used them called them machines – were led in a wild frenzy trying to catch him.

    By Shadow Writer on 09.13.2016

  9. What’s the secret to good comedy? Timing! That’s a joke my dad used to tell (and as you can imagine, timing was EVERYTHING). He died three years ago and while he was a sucky parent, I miss him a lot.

    By JP on 09.13.2016

  10. “Oh, shit.” Andy froze in the doorway with her favorite old, chipped teapot in hand, eyes wide and body tense. “This is awful.”

    “What do you mean?” Oscar seemed entirely unconcerned by the expression of abject horror currently contorting his wife’s features as he continued settling fertilizer into the pot of a small fern. Behind him, Godot was making her way across the shelf of succulents and cacti, carefully avoiding the sharp spines as she stalked a butterfly that had found its way into the room. “I don’t think I’ve quite got your green thumb, but I think I’ve been doing a relatively decent job at this.”

    Somehow, his words seemed to snap Andy out of her reverie, and she blinked owlishly at him before scowling. “Not that,” she said tersely. “You’ll forgive me if I’m as appreciative of your handiwork as I might usually be, but right now it’s the middle of rush hour traffic and I think my water just broke.” She was strangely out of breath when she finished, and Andy, unsure of what else she might do, simply looked at Oscar expectantly, waiting for his reaction.

    Oscar didn’t react immediately; he finished filling the pot with fertilizer, pulled off his gloves, set them on the floor before rising to look her in the eye. He wiped his hands on his thighs, and left behind a large, dark smudge of dirt and fertilizer on his jeans.

    “Oh,” he finally said after a very long moment. “That is awful.”

    By Manasa Hamsikha on 09.13.2016

  11. timing is everything
    true story, bro

    By too stable on 09.13.2016

  12. Our timing was always off.
    Every time I reached for you,
    My fingers brushed against the fabric of your shirt
    As you walked away.

    We were always entangled in this sad, partner-less dance,
    Until the day you married her.
    Then I knew that time would make no difference

    By Kate on 09.13.2016

  13. When the sixty seconds were over I knew I had bad

    By Arielle on 09.13.2016

  14. It’s everything, or so they say. Time to us is a prison. Inescapable. To God, however, it is a tool. He uses it to drive us and guide us. Till one day when it no longer matters.

    By Noah D Everett-Curwick on 09.13.2016

  15. I never have very good timing. I can read faces, empathize with people’s feelings, and yet, if I want to say something funny my timing is often off. Or maybe it’s my phrasing? Who knows.

    By Jeran on 09.13.2016

  16. sometimes i wanna get what i want in a short time. no matter what the situation is, i am forcing God to do everything faster and instant. but, i realized that what would happen is not my time nor His time. what can i do in my own timing?

    By Fani Fransisca on 09.13.2016

  17. timing
    sixty nining

    By omqwat on 09.13.2016

  18. Right timing is crucial to one’s success in life.
    A word said at the right time, a small gesture or act of kindness offered at the just the moment when it is most needed is priceless.

    By Prairie on 09.14.2016

  19. Right timing is crucial to one’s success in life. A word said at the right time, a small gesture or act of kindness offered at the right moment when it is most needed is priceless. It’s even a matter of life and death. So hone your skills to know when to say or do what for others.

    By Prairie on 09.14.2016

  20. the timing of the leaf falling was perfect. As the girl looked up, the leaf slowly floated in the breeze down to graze her hand. She sighed, and remembered how much she hated being outside. Looking back down, she picked up her pen

    By JAYE on 09.14.2016

  21. Timing – why is this the same word as yesterday. 14/9/16. timing is obviously off on the site…and here I thought I’d be able to offload some reflectionist drivel like yesterday afternoon…

    By Sarah on 09.14.2016

  22. clock backwards tick-tocking around the globe till we run, not out, but slow, so much slower
    suddenly we have time to finish the tiny pieces of looks begun

    By Leighanne Metter-Jensen on 09.14.2016

  23. “Now you have to be exact. Precise. We can’t afford any mistakes.”
    “I…I’m not sure if I can do this.”
    “Well, the nice thing is, you don’t have a choice. People are depending on you. Steady, now.”
    “Well, I just…what happens if I mess up?”
    “Then the souffle is ruined.”

    By Brandon Steward on 09.14.2016

  24. “Time! Pencils down Ms. Tuttleduck said to her students. Today they were taking a very important test for the state, to decide if they were all ready to move up to the fifth grade in next years school year.

    By TessaAnn Shier on 09.14.2016

  25. Bad timing, I guess you should say. What just came out was something I wasn’t prepared for, now I just have to wait and see the outcome… Help me!

    By Andrew on 09.14.2016

  26. Timing, you could be timing how long it takes you to microwave popcorn or bake a cake. maybe you could be timing how long you can hold your breath under water before your lungs start to burn and scream that they need oxygen. you could be timing how long it takes to commit a murder and how long it the detectives working the case to figure out your the murderer. Timing can be as simple as to baking a cake or killing man.

    By jackiea14 on 09.14.2016

  27. This is perfect timing. As long as I’m present. Right now is perfect timing. I got fired this week. I’m sad. I’m living. I’m eating oatmeal. And finally writing. And listening to a TED talk in the background. I am writing.

    By Tricia on 09.14.2016

  28. It’s everything. Can’t say enough how important it is. For example, my cat just took a shit and now she’s standing on my laps.

    By Tim on 09.14.2016

  29. Oh gosh I’m gonna be late for the train no no no no nooooOOOOO

    Then the doors close. A small child wearing a dumb red hat mocks you from the train window.

    By Grace on 09.14.2016

  30. Uncanny the way that things can change with only language and space in between them. Language is a superpower. It makes people act, it makes people feel, it makes people believe.

    By H URL on 09.14.2016

  31. Timing. Timing is important. It effects a lot of things, such as a conversation.

    By Deandra on 09.14.2016

  32. I sigh
    Finally letting go
    There is no point in clinging to what has been lost
    The property its is gone
    The timing is wrong

    By Ami on 09.14.2016

  33. I sigh
    Finally letting go
    There is no point in clinging to what has been lost
    The opportunity is gone
    The timing is wrong

    By Ami on 09.14.2016

  34. My sorrowful face said sorry itself for my bad timing. I had been going through a rough time. I even said sorry over and over and over, but even this didn’t buy me sympathy.

    By Ellery Potts on 09.14.2016

  35. My sorrowful face said sorry itself for my bad timing. I had been going through a rough time. I even said sorry over and over and over, but even this didn’t buy me sympathy. I had been a second late because I was distracted. I had also been given confusing directions that got all mixed up in my head.

    By EllieBellie1012 on 09.14.2016

  36. Timing is everything. Is it not. The irony of timing, is that we have all this time and seemingly none at all. It is fluid and perhaps the only constant in life and yet it manipulates us and causes us the utmost anxiety. When we think it’s run out we do the most terrible things and when we think it last forever we languish. It is our creator and captor.

    By Julia on 09.14.2016

  37. The timing was wrong. I knew it. I could see the horror on my family’s face when they heard the giggle fall from my lips and the smirk on my face that switched to a guilty, squeamish grin.
    “Sorry,” I mumbled. Hearing about the death of my mother shouldn’t result in laughter. But the shock that punched me in the gut seem to push laughter from my lips instead of crushing sadness that would overwhelm me when my mind stopped spinning.

    By Sharna on 09.14.2016

  38. I was late for work better hurry up, im running out of time. Don’t know if im going to make it. Can i catch the bus in time? The bus is late im going to get fired. My boss i will hate me.

    By Abigail Smith on 09.14.2016

  39. I’m getting this in under the wire. My next class is in four minutes and I haven’t even finished deleting the extra slides on my presentation. I just created the lesson in the past 20 minutes. I AM THE TEACHER. I have BAD timing. I have procrastination inspiriation

    By SkySmith16 on 09.14.2016

  40. Timing can be very tricky. You’re either lucky or you’re not. In one split second, you can meet the love of your life or lose your most treasured person. Timing is ridiculous and outrageous but that’s what life is all about: being in the right place at the right time. However, is there such a thing as good timing?

    By Kyo on 09.14.2016