September 11th, 2016 | 56 Entries

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56 Entries for “crystals”

  1. Crystals is a gold rock.

    By MHSrotties URL on 09.12.2016

  2. So, as if the world thinks your beautiful. Well I guess that’s a matter of perspective. From my point of view I find beauty in the strangest of things.

    By monkeydan URL on 09.12.2016

  3. intense glare, unbearable shine.

    penetration. shock.


    beauty isn’t always worth it.

    By grys on 09.12.2016

  4. intense glare, unbearable shine.

    penetration. blindness.

    beauty isn’t always worth it.

    By grys URL on 09.12.2016

  5. I remember one time, I went to a store that sold crystals to help you with various ailments. I really go out of my way to do anything to “cure” my anxiety, my doubt, my worry. I wonder if taking action could help? I have all these fears that I can’t breathe or move. Those crystals – I don’t think they helped.

    By ashley4ashley URL on 09.12.2016

  6. sometimes the sight of crystals make me think of cheap mystics. People striving to gain peace and understand from the earth that they were created to live in. Crystals look magical from the outside but really they’re just rocks. I struggle with people who look majestic but at the end of the day we’re all skin and bones.

    By Caitlin Pugh on 09.12.2016

  7. they were scattered across the worlds. shards of the crystals needed to sustain life on all the planets. each universe revolved around them without even knowing. it was because of this that her world was literally falling apart. no one knew what was coming.

    By vanikey URL on 09.12.2016

  8. There are shattered crystals within your eyes that tell the world you’ve known pain, you’ve seen the depths of loneliness and your heart has been abused a couple times.

    But there’s a light around your heart that’s still so bright you refuse to be brought down by the darkness – and everyone can see that clearly too.

    By M. Rene' URL on 09.12.2016

  9. They came in all shapes and sizes, but every Gem was the same in one way: they all had a heart of gold. They all believed in equality for their people, for the freedom to do what they wanted, be what they wanted, achieve whatever they dreamed. It was that shining sentiment that drew us to them, and an echo of their desires mingled with our own.

    By Courka URL on 09.12.2016

  10. Eyes like crystals
    she had
    yet those eyes
    were a maze
    I could not conquer.

    By Steve O URL on 09.12.2016

  11. Crystals are hard. An element can become crystalline once in a solid state. Certain crystals, like quartz or topaz, can be jeweled and made into shiny trinkets. They are just hard elements though.

    By geedora URL on 09.12.2016

  12. they sing
    but mineral
    a latticework
    of notes that i cannot hear when i press my face to the granite countertop
    there is a pain in my lower back
    if i can’t hear it at least
    she is cool on my face

    By Kairn URL on 09.12.2016

  13. She picks up a beautiful, glittering purple stone from the mass of crystals she’s gathered on the rainbow rug between us.

    “And this one,” she says, “is my favourite of all.”

    I smile, patiently, as she goes on to tell me all of the healing properties of amethyst. It cleanses the heart chakra, it strengthens relationships, it gives off love, it emits positive energy.

    Later, walking home, I sigh. Amethyst is just quartz with some iron in. Quartz is one of the most abundant minerals in the Earth’s crust. Such a common rock. I kick at the dirt at my feet and look up at the sky, realising how hard it will be for me to accept these people as my kin.

    By Archanza URL on 09.12.2016

  14. Crystals were always admired in my family. Each had a meaning to the spiritual bunch. I however disagreed. They are simply useless lumps. No mystical meanings about it.

    By Amo on 09.12.2016

  15. Tom stepped over a crystal. All around him, crystals rose higher and higher, giving the cavern a majestic look. Some were white, some were dark, but they were all beautiful.

    By LeRoyce Pearson on 09.12.2016

  16. Down in the miry depth lay an array of jades with sunlight attacking it’s sheer nakedness. How that sunlight penetrated through that deep I cannot fathom, but remember that dust shifts in the wake of day.

    By Helianthus URL on 09.12.2016