September 10th, 2013 | 93 Entries

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93 Entries for “timid”

  1. I stared out into the water. The sun, hiding timidly behind the clouds, let out a few wisps of sunlight. I turned back around and faced the other side, the breeze brushed the hair off my face.

    By umbazachika on 09.10.2013

  2. There was nothing she could do. Though she had asked for this, begged for it even; she felt suddenly very timid and shy.

    “Are you sure?” she asked hesitantly.

    “Oh; I’m sure I want you…” he replied with lust in his voice.

    By bunny on 09.10.2013

  3. There is lightning sparkling across her skin, thunder crackling in her bones, a storm roaring through her veins.

    She hides behind a meek smile and refuses to meet anyone’s eyes.

    By s on 09.10.2013

  4. I’m always so timid when I’m around you. I’m afraid to talk to or even look at you.

    By Jason on 09.10.2013

  5. Stop being so timid, people told her. You’re too shy. Embarrassing. Weak. Afraid. And all of that was true, she thought. She was all of those things, but she was also strong, courageous, daring, and beautiful. I mean, aren’t we all?

    By musicrazi on 09.10.2013

  6. I am not timid. I do not cower; I do not wimper. I do not stand meekly in doorways, seeking entrance. I do not sulk in the background with an empty hand.

    I am strong. I am in the front, the machete in my grip. I am through the hallway before the rest have even looked up.

    By Kristin URL on 09.10.2013

  7. Timid
    With hope
    Stretching forward
    Yet daring
    To try

    By Eileen Maki URL on 09.10.2013

  8. That’s my problem with guys. I want to talk to them, I really do. I’ll see a guy from across the room and just watch him, watch him till I believe I’m deeply in love with him. But I can never get up the courage to talk to them, so I go through my life just watching.

    By Bon on 09.10.2013

  9. I used to be timid. Hiding behind the brighter girls with brighter smiles, praying that no one would notice me, but at the same time sighing when they didn’t. Then I learned, I was never meant to be anybody’s second choice. So instead of begging for whatever scraps of affection people had left over, I taught myself to hold my head high. This is me, and if you’re not going to make the time or effort that’s okay. Just make sure to step out of the way, because you’re holding up the line.

    By aura.rayne on 09.10.2013

  10. how timid is this world. full of disaster and cruelty. I am intimidated and don’t know what to think. and this exercise is a disaster is freaking scary. how am i suppose to write under such time pressure.

    By Christine on 09.10.2013

  11. she knew he was timid. she could tell that by the way he spoke, how he would glance away awkwardly at the moment their eyes met, how he sighed sadly at times when he thought she wasn’t listening.

    By Gabi URL on 09.10.2013

  12. she was not timid.
    standing in front of the courtroom, she spoke her mind with a voice that demanded attention, one that captivated him.
    he watches from the jury, his eyes narrowing.
    she wasn’t the one he was looking for.
    a shame.

    By Gabriella Marie on 09.10.2013

  13. the bus was timid as it drove into its sop. he looked allaround wonering were everyone was, concerned.

    By blu ione on 09.10.2013

  14. I’ve never heard your voice tremble nervously,
    and I’ve never seen you shiver in the cold.
    But I’ve felt your timid fingers on my skin,
    and you don’t think I’m real, or so they told.

    By marcie on 09.10.2013

  15. His timid eyes always gave away his darkest secret. He smiled, acted confident, some would even say debonair, but for those who ever looked longingly into his eyes they would see beyond the shell of a man that had become so competent at deceiving the world. They would only see a frightened soul clinging to the unlikelihood that one day he would finally convince himself he was the man everyone believed him to be.

    By Matt Burke on 09.10.2013

  16. Wanting to scream. To pull a few hairs out. To punch something. Tipping furniture over on it’s back. That was the way it was inside.
    Not quite on the exterior though. Appearing timid. So quiet and placid and serene.

    By esky1118 on 09.10.2013

  17. He was timid, cowering in the corner. It was only to be expected, really since this was his first day in my apartment. But I was sure he would get used to it, being well fed with a nice, warm place to sleep. He would miss his mother though; I wonder if he understood that my parents had already eaten her on their farm.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 09.10.2013

  18. she was small and mousey. she was a mouse. he was even tinier, a dustmite, something that she could squash under her tiny little feet, and there would be nothing for it. he’d die, and he’d have no say. she’d kill, and she’d never be able to confess.

    By holly on 09.10.2013

  19. Everyone walked past her, never noticing the clenched fists and set jaw. To them, she would always be that timid girl in the corner who never spoke too much.

    By sitara URL on 09.10.2013

  20. Timid? What is timid? Is it a fruit, vegetable, a form or food? Is it a name of an animal, a description of a living creature or a song?
    Timid.. Is it a name of a human?

    By Tina on 09.11.2013

  21. She woke up like every other day. Pink cheeks, timid.
    Not looking forward to another day. Brown hair, frighten.
    Searching her mind for some life. She doesn’t find it.

    By Elisa on 09.11.2013

  22. She shakes her head and her bangs shake with it. She’s twitchy, he thinks, body moving every few seconds it seems like, she’s- she’s like a bird actually. Big eyed and scared looking and constantly, constantly moving, looking around and never sitting still, yet never saying a word. Twitchy, he revises. She’s twitchy.

    By perfectlydiseased URL on 09.11.2013

  23. I was really timid when I came into the pet store to buy my very first kitten! She was soft and cute and I loved her. Her name is meows.

    By hollan on 09.11.2013

  24. Sometimes you would see him in the streets, alone, back to a wall, hands shoved in pockets as he watched the world whirl by. To a stranger he would seem arrogant, perhaps even rude. Never once would he return a hello, and rarely did he meet any one’s eyes -but if he did, for even the briefest moment, the well meaning smile would disappear from the person’s face immediately as they rushed to flee the boy with the tortured gaze.

    By Asaryn on 09.11.2013

  25. That’s the reason why I never get what I want deep inside!!

    By nada on 09.11.2013

  26. She blushed. He blushed. They sat and said nothing for an hour and a half. But neither considered the time misspent.

    By diuumbra on 09.11.2013

  27. and as the red fluid streams out of the wrists of the timid pale girl, all the people just stare, not doing anything to help her

    By Shannen on 09.11.2013

  28. “I MADE THIS FOR YOU!” I want to scream it, I want to thrust the box of potted plants into your arms, I want you to see what I have done, but the plants are rotting, they are withering away and they have not moved and I am afraid.

    I am a voice that will not be raised. I am something else from the shorter times, from the waiting, and from all that other stuff that I can’t talk about. But still, I am here for you. And even if I have to look both ways before I cross my heart, I think that I will still stay here, for you, at least.

    And not for plants, and not for doubt, but for we.

    By haywirehay URL on 09.11.2013

  29. She was a timid player of the game. Yet that was only as she had appeared to her peers. Inside her iron-coated shell, she was a woman of explosive, vivid imagination. And unfortunately, no one could ever appreciate this about her.

    By Melodie on 09.11.2013

  30. The dog that attack me the other day was anything but timid. We were accoustom to our nieghbour David dog coming around the yard on evenings, however while walking to the door, he suddenly lurked at me, causing me to fall backward.

    By victor URL on 09.11.2013

  31. She was timid about everything, but especially about hurting other people. That was because she was hypersensitive, and so she felt hurt by everything herself. So she went through life, hurting and yet not hurting in return. That is why she had built this shell around herself.

    By Linda S. on 09.11.2013

  32. I’ve got something on my mind but it doesn’t feel right to say it,
    these blunt words
    lack meaning now maybe because
    i’ve used them so much,
    that sucks.
    “I feel an affinity with this person.” this is the first time
    i have said something this dumb
    and also known it to be this true.
    hahahahaha doramachikku

    By taiga tsubasa URL on 09.11.2013

  33. why am i even bothering. i have no idea what this word means

    By Yuna on 09.11.2013

  34. Timmy was timid at the terrible twosomes troubling appearance
    One had a soccer ball the other a spike in his hand. Timmy the timid became timid when they approached, .

    By B.Crazy on 09.11.2013

  35. Too timid to speak out. Too timid to tell him he’s an oaf, a boor, a sneering fault-finding lummox who’ll never create anything of any lasting worth because he’s too frightened to go out on a limb himself. But what would be the point?

    By mrsmig on 09.11.2013

  36. The groundhog was timid as he moved across the yard. Careful, making sure no one was there. As soon as he heard the first sound, he bound for the nearest bush.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 09.11.2013

  37. The timid boy stood in the middle of the party, surrounded by unfamiliar faces. His head turned, frantically searching for a familiar face. He could feel his muscles tightening as his breaths got shorter, more panicked.

    By charlie card on 09.11.2013

  38. The third pint began to win a round with how timid he felt.

    “Go on,” said his friend, sitting across the table and nodding at her. “You’ve been talking about her for days. When will you introduce yourself?”

    “Probably about the same time I can fly.”

    “For feck’s sake,” his friend replied, standing up. “Come on then, by the time I’m done you’ll be two for two.”

    By Anthony StClair on 09.11.2013

  39. If anything had served me well, it had been timidity. For how long had he survived, when others perished? He listened to their scuffling steps, their frightened breaths–their last, each time. And as dawn grew closer, he huddled in his father’s coat, its arms nearly falling apart, and counted the dwindling cans on the shelf. Bravery would come at the last can, he decided. Not sooner.

    By RS Bohn URL on 09.11.2013

  40. Hiding behind his mother’s thigh, Ariel peeked at the tall stranger. His mother was unusually chatty with the man, and normally that would bring him comfort. But the man’s wide grin was unsettling, and Ariel felt safer out of its reach.

    By Soft URL on 09.11.2013