September 10th, 2013 | 93 Entries

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93 Entries for “timid”

  1. I was watching this little bird in the garden. I thought he seemed rather timid when I went near in home.

    By Alexandra on 09.11.2013

  2. Timid, unfortunatly she couldnt do it. She just didnt have the ability. The seemingly easy thing to do, was in fact, the hardest thing any person has faced since humans went to the moon.

    By Vernon on 09.11.2013

  3. She sat in the corner and stared at the wall, never once letting her eyes focus too much on the crowd around her. She wanted to sink into the floor, like so many times before. Just melt, flow under, into a small sticky pool under the floor, then reform and escape through the catacombs inside the walls, run and run and finally step – and breathe, take in the cool night air. And then, finally, go home.

    By Les URL on 09.11.2013

  4. there is nothing shy
    about the way you bare
    your mouth-ivory

    seemingly filed down to points
    goos for scraping skin

    and tasting it

    the way you smear my blood
    across your cheeks
    pupils blown wide

    but your flesh is hot and red
    on the surface and under it

    and i understand your flush
    does not come from shame;
    this is what it takes to be alive

    (nothing more romantic
    than reminding me that you can bleed)

    By h. b. on 09.11.2013

  5. I’m sorry. Really. I’ll just go. Look down, look down. If there was a piece of cheese, I’d nibble it. No, do not look up, what ever you d…oh, shit, he’s looking right at me.

    By Lee on 09.11.2013

  6. sometimes people often regard timid as being frightened but in actuality timid may mean the person has experienced things that have caused this outcome. maybe an experience that has made their outlook timid as if to avoid another bitter experience like the past one.

    By SecretHeart03 on 09.11.2013

  7. She began her life rather in awe of all around her. The blooms on the trees in spring allured her so deeply that she never came out of her mind, she stayed there, captured by the beauty of the earth. Until. She was shocked so completely by the inhumanity of mankind, that she left her timid nature behind and spoke out. She saw the things she loved so completely destroyed by man, the tress she loved, the flowers blooms that captured her soul so strongly as a young girl no longer bloomed in spring, no longer did she hear the buzzing of bees. Now, the earth was being destroyed by those that were supposed to keep her safe.

    By Stephanie URL on 09.11.2013

  8. Tame Impala.

    By Intuition on 09.11.2013

  9. My desires stutter and catch in my throat.

    By underwood on 09.11.2013

  10. I walked down the street on a warm sunny day, the breeze was timid on my white skin.

    By Chantal on 09.11.2013

  11. Even though the sky was black,and rainy, she knew it would clear up soon, she waited patiently, timid, to go outside.

    By jolanta on 09.11.2013

  12. Even though the sky was black,and rainy, she knew it would clear up soon, she waited patiently, too timid to go outside. The rain had stopped, and she frolicked along the smooth november rain path, off to classes.

    By jo on 09.11.2013

  13. It isn’t easy to go about the world when all you do is keep your eyes on your feet. Silhouettes mean nothing, just like those long ago dreams, and it doesn’t matter where your feet take you as long as it’s far and you’re lost and you’ve found yourself this way.

    By Kira on 09.11.2013