July 1st, 2009 | 227 Entries

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227 Entries for “ticket”

  1. The big ticket. Kevin Garnett. Seeing him there in person made me realize how tall he really was. These were great seats too. Courtside. It can’t get much better.

    By LaMar Gibson on 07.02.2009

  2. I went to Bonnaroo this year for the first time. I bought my ticket online. irst time I ever bought anything online. I have kept my ticket receipt saved in my mailbox for memories.

    By kim on 07.02.2009

  3. the cobwebs in my mind are just the ticket for revisiting. old memories old ways and wonders, come back to the forefront at once! come back to where i am now, and will be forever

    By gregg on 07.02.2009

  4. i am often vying for a ticket to one show or another. at least a couple of times a year, a big show comes through that i can’t go to because the tickets are just outrageous. it is starting to cost an arm and a leg just to get tickets to see one of my favorite bands. it’s really ridiculous.

    By samm on 07.02.2009

  5. Das Flugticket liegt seit Jahren in meiner SChublade. Ein Ticket in eine andere Welt, ein fremdes Land. Wann immer ich Stress habe, es schwer scheint und ich mich am liebsten verkriechen m

    By Eva-Maria Obermann on 07.02.2009

  6. I had a one way ticket to the train that would be takeing me to my parents old home where I would meet my fiance I knew he had been planing this for a long time so I had to act suprised I could remebeer putting the tickets in my pocket and pating it for good luck that maybe today he would propose in fornt of my parents old home

    By Jessica on 07.02.2009

  7. I just got a ticket the other day for not having my car registration current. It’s been out since January so I don’t think I can just get it done in 10 days and only pay $10. I have to pay $133 dollars for the ticket plus the money for the sticker. It really sucks and I don’t want to go to court next week. I hate going to court, I feel like a criminal.

    By KP on 07.02.2009

  8. One time I was pulled over and I got a ticket and it was blue and it said “ADMIT ONE” so I took it to the carnival and gave it the guy at the front desk and me and my girlfriend got to watch a free movie but it was Star Wars Episode I so it sucked, so I think the cop was punishing me for parking in the wrong place.

    By elkappa on 07.02.2009

  9. i just had a dream about a train whic is what i think of tickets. there was a suicidal guy and he wiouldn’t tel me what was wrong with his eye and he said i SHOULD know and then i asked him “well you don’t know anything about ME” and then he tried to jump off a roof but apparently failed since it turned out to be as if a seen transition of him falling into a marriage scene with him as the groom. so anyways i felt much better, the bride was very pretty and i was in the wedding apparently.

    By ramona on 07.02.2009

  10. mostly use in entertainment stuff…

    By anbu on 07.02.2009

  11. Lost. I could not go anywhere. My life in shambles and my heart apart. Hope, scrambling for a chance to join in the flow of the world. To dive into that deep pool of chaos. My ticket of entry denied by my skepticism at the feigned joy of others.

    By Lord Cyril on 07.02.2009

  12. “When did you get this ticket?” Her voice was casual, determinedly casual.
    “What ticket?” He asked, trying to gain time.
    “The one for speeding that is gonna cost $411…..where were you going so fast?”

    By Viki on 07.02.2009

  13. i went to the show and there was al ot to see, did i know that my grandfather bought it? No, nor did i care at the time. but now he is gone. I wish i could go back to that day with the ticket. It is like a ticket back

    By kenny on 07.02.2009

  14. make me think of the story Lynette told me this morning. She was in a car accident her junior year of college at a toll booth. I was in a car accident last night. No one was hurt. The car looks terrible.
    I also think of “she’s got a ticket to ride,” a great song, like many, by the beatles. now i’ve got it in my head. i wonder what it meant to them.

    By Eva on 07.02.2009

  15. train bus cat taxi milk dog horses gambling love, one way ticket, ticket clock seconds minutes hours days weeks decades centuries

    By alix on 07.02.2009

  16. Two tickets to Paradise. That’s what I need right now. One for me and one for my love. Laying out in the sun, having fun. Surf, sand and us. Serve up a couple of drinks with umbrellas in them and I’m a happy camper!

    By Paulie on 07.02.2009

  17. I would love to have a ticket in my pocket to fly first class to Ireland.

    By chrisy on 07.02.2009

  18. trip on the moon next year about finding aliens and make friends with them i hope i can go by car on the moon until i grow old

    By cosmin on 07.02.2009

  19. i have a ticket to the Coldplay concert on July 22!!! Woohoo. I must really be obsessed – consciously and subconsciously – because I dreamed about Chris Martin AGAIN last night. Too bad the concert was “bloody boring” (ie the one from my dream). Speaking of dreams and endlessly cool people I had another dream about Mr. President, too. Siggghhhhh. Okay I’m done.

    By Katie Keyser on 07.02.2009

  20. Yesterday I bought a ticket to go see a movie called “Public Enemies.” I went to see it with my ex boyfriends john marshall. We are trying to be friends now, that’s why we went to see the movie together. It was a little awkward sitting there alone with him.

    By And on 07.02.2009

  21. I want a ticket to anywhere. be it a train ticket, or a plane ticket. I just want to go. I bought one last week, but the day wont come fast enough and I don’t know if it is enough to satisfy my wanderlust. To be back in that place that time would be ideal but we don’t get ideal.

    By nik on 07.02.2009

  22. I’m waiting all day and night. my friends depend on me to be the responsible one. its 2 am and I’m at the computer. jackpot!

    By colin on 07.02.2009

  23. I sat at the theatre last night when I realized this guy was holding a ticket to another movie. I thought that was kind of cheap so I ignored him when he said hi. Then I realized he was really cute.

    By Anna Lou on 07.02.2009

  24. i once bought a ticket, one way, to go to another country. I brought my passport and that was that. It was going to be an awakening from my slepplike routine of a life. It was the first step, the first tangible piece of evidence, that stated I will be free. I will discover. I will live. And with that I was alive.

    By skip on 07.02.2009

  25. ticket master is a stupid organization. Way to go jacking up prices of everything that should just be decently enough priced for everyone to enjoy. You shouldn’t be able to put a massive price tag on music. Yeah yeah yeah you have to make a life too, but ya know what? fuck you. music is life, it should be free.

    By Fae on 07.02.2009

  26. Mutual coercion mutually agreed upon, at least that’s what the gov’t and Garrett Hardin would like to think. I don’t agree to this coercion, speed limits are arcane. So, I paid a lawyer, now that fuckin cop wont see a dime. -From Washington State where Speed Laws are strictly enforced.

    By Kirk Bigger on 07.02.2009

  27. The ticket to death. Not very much. All you have is one. No round trips. Just one way. One way to hell, one way to heaven. Don’t stop for anything. Get rid of the ticket….hurry….No more time….Good night….

    By Ethel on 07.02.2009