June 30th, 2009 | 207 Entries

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207 Entries for “discover”

  1. Today I discovered that my mom and dad are actually cousins.

    By Garrett on 07.01.2009

  2. Explorers moving through the ocean unsure of what they will find or whether they will die. Will they return home? Will they find life or civilization where they are going? Will they fall of the edge of the planet? What will become of their lives?

    By Kiersten on 07.01.2009

  3. Left to search for the missing door. Looked by the creek. Packed a prepared statement. Missed the morning ceremony. Applied for refugee status. Sang while concealing grief. Marched to the tune of a familiar but still distant drummer (Thought his name was Hal). Made a pact with a leopard. Hoped to discover optimism. Expected to get very far.

    By Brian Slusher on 07.01.2009

  4. upon the discovery of the new hibrid fish scientist were astounded at how far man has come. the fish was a cross breed unnatural and horribly deadly. only

    By preston thibodaux on 07.01.2009

  5. what is the point of this? Testing reflexes? If it is, I think it is kinda lame. Sorry and this is coming from a COLLEGE STUDENT YEAH!!!


    By cedes on 07.01.2009

  6. I have discovered that I have a large heart, a heart that is ever expanding with knowledge and wisdom the older I get. It is a heart that has been broken, repaired, broken, and repaired, but it is still in good working order, it has no warranty and can quit working at any time.

    By Deanna Walker on 07.01.2009

  7. when i sail i discover new lands. i see a beach with white sands. i wear silk and dive into the jungle. i wrangle with tigers and snakes. i eat off a stick and get a nice tan.

    By stephanie bova on 07.01.2009