July 26th, 2011 | 554 Entries

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554 Entries for “thunder”

  1. Thunder was heard as we ran down the green hill. It was my first summer in Argentina and I had no idea rain could be so heavy in Bariloche. I was glad for it. Back home it only rained 3 days out of the whole year. Nonetheless it would take me a while to adjust.

    By Serge Sahagun on 07.26.2011

  2. lighting loud , boom bang flash beautiful phenomenon gorgeous facinating scary, pretty, jewel ,amazing, Jesus, made, hes got the whole world in his hands.

    By Emily on 07.26.2011

  3. Thunder… many people in the west have experienced thunder in a way in which I have not… in real life. And though many people find it frightening, I think it may be a thing of comfort… something to remind me that theres a storm outside, and it’d be better if I remained within the comfort of my home… Thunder looks out for me.

    By Jennifer Morales on 07.26.2011

  4. crashes loud and clear, lightening follows shortly after. silence.

    By Danica on 07.26.2011

  5. i love thunder. a storn here would be absolutely perfect right now. especially NOW because i have some tea and the office to watch. i wish i cuddled up with clay while a huge storm was going on. the rain is always nice, but it is really the thunder that makes it. i love thunder. it makes me calm yet it is so ominous and LOUD.

    By Shannon on 07.26.2011

  6. My sister was crying I was wondering why so i went into her room and a massive rumble broke. It was thunder. I was trying to get my sister out of bed but she wasn’t moving. She shoke me and I realised it was just a dream. That was so lucky that is was a dream.

    By Crystalhorse URL on 07.26.2011

  7. Scary, massive sounds that resonate like hooves across a dry plain. An open sound that can cause fear or happiness. A sound that signals the coming of rain; the coming of life. Within the clouds it sounds, wakening lightning and making a beautiful masterpiece.

    By Alexis on 07.26.2011

  8. Thunder… is experienced in a completely different way in my mind than in real life, I suppose. Those in the west, who actually experience thunder in real life, may find it frightening… But I find it comforting, to know that thunder is looking out for me… It keeps reminding me that there’s a storm outside, and Id be safer in my warm home.

    By Jennifer Morales URL on 07.26.2011

  9. I love thunder. it’s associated with rain, and I love rain as well. however, the thunder really makes the rain come alive. Its only a STORM if thunder is involved. I love being inside reading while a good storm is raging outside. I love when thunder shakes the whole house.

    By Shannon URL on 07.26.2011

  10. at night when im in my room staying up and lying by myslef or with with someone else reminds me of my old house and how we used to sit out on the porch on the little white swing with the whole family out there al together that doesnt happpen anymore i miss it, the sound that reminds me of my childhood and that theres a whole world going on outside and underground in the clouds it makes me really wonder so much

    By katelyn on 07.26.2011

  11. It was the stormiest night of the year. The rain was pounding down from the skies, the lighting was setting the sky ablaze and the thunder was the loudest that she had ever heard. She was definately at the eye of the storm and she had nowhere to go but to stay under her newspapers and huddle in the sidewalk.

    By Z on 07.26.2011

  12. She sat by the window, cheek to pane, contemplating running out into the rain. She didn’t feel like dancing, but longed for that feeling of being drenched, standing still, washed clean.

    By Rachel on 07.26.2011

  13. Loud and hurting I can’t scream I’m all alone.

    By Yuuki URL on 07.26.2011

  14. Thunder always reminds me of the power of nature. More specifically, how immensely wonderful and intricate nature is, yet people still choose to take it for granted or chalk it up to the workings of a bearded man on a cloud.

    By Alex URL on 07.26.2011

  15. The skies go dark and the clouds roll in. I feel the wind blow through my hair and all goes silent. Lightning and thunder strike, heightening my senses.

    By Miranda Blackstone URL on 07.26.2011

  16. A sound created by things that are not comprehendible by the primitive man. But are transcribed in a way in which they can. Best created by something metal being used i a certain fashion. The sound by which terrible things occur.

    By Thomas Vickers on 07.26.2011

  17. There was thunder in every step he took, and no one seemed to mind. His walk was purposeful, deliberate, as if he knew exactly where he was going and what he was going to do there. Only he knew that beyond the thunder and for all his power, he was scared.

    By Migs URL on 07.26.2011

  18. boom. clap. there is nothing that scares me more. I don’t know how to describe the feeling and the rush and the excitement, then its mixed with a sensation of fear. After all that I realize its just sound waves. nbd.

    By hayley sharp URL on 07.26.2011

  19. Thunder is loud. The sound of it woke me up a few weeks ago. It was a clap of thunder so loud my whole house shook. My bed shook. The window panes shook. Thunder is the sound made by the electric flash of lightning breaking the sound barrier. That’s why the sound is delayed. Also, the length of the delay varies depending on how far away the lighting struck. In a movie called Snow Dogs, there was a man named Thunder Jack. They called him that because supposedly he got hit by thunder.

    By Jessica on 07.26.2011

  20. when the sky turned all species moved uneasily – green meant a new colour – orange themed the universe – so we sang in the firelight….. waiting

    By scotchwhiskers URL on 07.26.2011

  21. one mississippi… two mississippi… the thunder crashed in the distance and the eyes of the little girl sitting in the window got bigger. her voice got softer, lower and deeper as she stared half-terrified and half in amazement at the clouds rolling in. one mississippi…

    By Selena URL on 07.26.2011

  22. They lay in bed deep in conversation. Discussing everything. They were so much in love. Before she could blink the blanket was over them and there came an almighty thunder. The smell was so offensive she wanted to vomit. Dutch

    By Anne on 07.26.2011

  23. It’s loud. The house shudders. I’ve been afraid of it since I was little because it makes me feel alone, but it also serves as an life long analogy. It says, with each crashing boom, “Despite the loneliness you will never truly be alone.”

    By Abby URL on 07.26.2011

  24. I was just arriving. Had to grab a bus. Then i had to walk about 1km to get there. It was pourring rain. I could baerly even see. Finally I got there. The locked down smell. The dusty air around my eyes.
    As I dried myself with the thick dark blue towel. I saw the most beautiful thunderstorm ever.

    By Ana Mejia URL on 07.26.2011

  25. It’s really light. It’s similar to lightning. It’s during storms. I love storms they’re my favorite weather. I once ran out into a tornado once just to play in the puddles. People were yelling at me to get inside, but I didn’t listen. Even my boyfriend yelled at me. He lives next door.

    By Tatiana on 07.26.2011

  26. Thunder boomed and I hid further into the table. I’ve always been afraid of thunder. Back in the day my dad would talk to me in hushed tones during thunderstorms, telling me of brave warriors and princesses who saved the day, unlike the traditional story where the princes always had to be the ones to do the saving. Now it’s just me, alone, sitting under a coffee table and covering my ears like my life depended on it. I wonder what my dad thinks about this, me all grown up and still unable to conquer my fears. I reckon he’s having quite a good laugh at how pathetic this is, at how pathetic I am.

    By Zophia URL on 07.26.2011

  27. thunder happens when it rains. lightning follows thunder. It’s lound and scary when you are little but when you live somewhere like MIchigan you can get used to it. My mom used to tell me it was jesus bowling in the sky. When it thundered he got a strike.

    By Tori Kostalas on 07.26.2011

  28. Thoughts, memories from the past, fragments, pieces of a forgotten whole flittered through Joseph’s mind. Then came thundering the memory that meant most to him, Grace.

    By Luke URL on 07.26.2011

  29. The thunder shouts through the walls, drowning all other sound in its wake. Children cry and cower in their beds. Enthusiasts marvel at the sight of the lightning that precedes the deafening sound, counting 1, 2, 3, 4….

    By Mel ^_* on 07.27.2011

  30. Thunder seems so scary, but its not. Its just a fact of nature. Lightning comes after, it happens during rain. Then why does it seem so intimidating?

    By Victoria Lynn URL on 07.27.2011

  31. is the sound that follows lightning, I love it! makes me excited crazy weather is the best, like the sun, but thunder is soooo good, need more of this so everyone can have a shot of adrenaline at a random time during the day.

    By Tim Songailo URL on 07.27.2011

  32. BOOM rattles her cage and her bones and everything in between or in her way between her and the rain. she has a sad soul inside of her and only thunder can scare it out, the rain would wash it away…

    By Park URL on 07.27.2011

  33. I like thunder. It is thunder. It thunders and roars and it makes people pee their pants. Which is very funny, I might add. I like people. People who pee their pants are weird. And funny. I wish I never peed my pants. I wish that I hadn’t written that but this is 60 seconds, goodbye I’m dead. Haha I HEART THUNDER AND LIGHTNING!!!!!

    By Megan Fish on 07.27.2011

  34. black and purple.7 letters. has tm a the end.small letters

    By rithika on 07.27.2011

  35. thinder is an unstoppable force that rocks the sky in its darkest moments…. even at the days quietest moment, thunder can be heard from miles away

    By jason on 07.27.2011

  36. The sound of it scares me, especially when it reverberates the windows of my room. But there’s a calm after it and the anticipation thrills you in a way you can’t describe.

    By ella on 07.27.2011

  37. The thunder was loud … louder than I had ever heard it! The sky was blue-black, and the lightening glared through the clouds with an insane intensity.

    By Bonnie Cehovet URL on 07.27.2011

  38. the thunder clashed loudly amongst the rain and storm. johnny hid shivering under his covers, but he knew everything would be alright. he hoped, at least. CLASH. it rang out again with greater might than before. ‘what is happening?” he wondered, and only held his blanket closer

    By kyle on 07.27.2011

  39. its scary and i dont like it that much, one day i slept at Taylahs and the thunder was scary so we went into her dads girlfriends room and she told me it was angles ** bowling and it made it less scary, but its still sorta scary. thats all

    By Hahaha on 07.27.2011

  40. It is loud and wakes you up at night. You can’t sleep, you want to run to safety, the closet? your parents’ room? It is yellow and it sounds almost supernatural like someone is controlling it. You’re afradi it will come back. What to do? Cookies?

    By Jane on 07.27.2011