July 27th, 2011 | 515 Entries

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515 Entries for “band”

  1. Ribbons in my hair braided with memories, band of delight floating as the swing became a pendulum of dreams, spectrum of moments coloured and fused in a quantum whirl. White light drenches me.

    By Harvinder URL on 07.28.2011

  2. Rubber band. Rubber band. It would surely hurt if it breaks in your hand.

    By Demetria Malfoy URL on 07.28.2011

  3. i don’t whether i should write about rubber bands or a musical act. i like rubber bands, but there is much more to say about musical acts. rubber bands can play music too.

    By Kyle on 07.28.2011

  4. There was that one, but that was long ago. Trips up I85 to richmond. 3 hours each way. The one I was in that played the basements. Or at least that’s what I would tell people. Let them listen to the recordings that I never made. Let them believe it was all much more interesting before now.

    By Bryan URL on 07.28.2011

  5. By geoge URL on 07.28.2011

  6. a rubber band. a rubber band man. let me just tell you, there are a lot of people out there who judge a man based purely on his band and it’s rubber content. The world.

    By KyleJoe35 URL on 07.28.2011

  7. There are lots of bands nowadays that just don’t create good music. It lacks depth, emotion, and creativity. But that doesn’t mean all current bands blow. Often, you can find good music if you just take the time to look for it.

    By Kenny on 07.28.2011

  8. I wanted to be in a band when I was younger, my dad had and just because I was a girl didn’t mean I couldnt be in a band. I wanted to learn how to play base and my brother could play the guitar but I guess I just didn’t have the conviction. I was weak.

    By Katie Belloff on 07.28.2011

  9. A few years ago my friend and I decided that we wanted to start a band. At that time we wanted to because she was good at playing the keyboard and i could sing. But now, as time goes on, we haven’t gone through with the idea, and now just sit at home listening to other bands instead of making our own.

    By Julia Gies on 07.28.2011

  10. Band together to make improvements. Don’t just put a band-aid on the problem, actually work together to solve it. I was never cool enough to be in a band. oh well!

    By Kat on 07.28.2011

  11. lkjbljkb.

    By Kenny on 07.28.2011


    By GREG on 07.28.2011

  13. Buying by the brand will suck your cash and make another rich.

    By Angie Llenza URL on 07.28.2011

  14. i am not a fan of any music band though i love music. usually bands tend to have this short period of fame and then they fall apart. bands are more of a craze creating setup i feel

    By sahana on 07.28.2011

  15. The band wraps around your wrist, a mere bracelet to most but so much more to you. It is a symbol, the worn leather reflecting the torment your soul had gone through, the crude knot as if to say “I won’t let go”. And when you take it off, it peels off like a cocoon coming off a butterfly – no longer needed, as if to say “I’m free”.

    By Lucie URL on 07.28.2011

  16. Musically inclined I am not
    too much music sounds store bought
    where has all the originality gone
    has the music industry already played its swan song
    we need something to save this land, one last great band

    By Brian White on 07.28.2011

  17. bandwidth, internet bandwidth makes things go faster. we wanted to start a band, we wanted to be punk rockers and cover AFI. we wanted to drink in garages and on stage and do shit we generally weren’t supposed to do, include swinging on trapezes behind sketchy apartment complexes and spraining our ankles and not telling anyone, we wanted to pretend we were from another world entirely…

    By chilimango URL on 07.28.2011

  18. music .. loud sound .. instruments………….flute.. mucical.. drums… sining .. fans.. gutar ././// music notes… hard.. easy.. fun.. silent. friend… group .. school .. home .. ot me .. rap .. hip hop .. r and b… ochastra …. stupid .. dum .. funny ..

    By makayla on 07.28.2011

  19. Simply put, music is my life. When I saw the opportunity to work as a singer for a band, of course I had to jump on it. The gig paid $150 per event and I got to do what I love most, and that is singing. The one thing I’m actually good at although I have no talent for playing an instrument other than my voice.

    By Katie Choivo URL on 07.28.2011

  20. a band is so many things. It represents unity in music, in marriage in love in hair in colors, in brothers, in stuff. It binds.

    By Jennifer Thomas on 07.28.2011

  21. The sound dround out most conversation as the band warmed up for the first set. It was going to be another busy night at the bar. The local band played hard rock and blues and they had a hell of a following. The music was mediocre at best, never the less they drew a large crowd every night.

    By Jerry Skains URL on 07.28.2011

  22. I strangled your watercolor son-in-law with a rubber band. He liked it.

    By Hyperbole URL on 07.28.2011

  23. When I was a young girl, my neighbors bad a band. Now, just from the first sentence, you may think that this will be a story of me yelling at my neighbors, and my neighbors yelling at me, maybe some pranks to try to get them to stop playing. in the beginning it was a little like that, me asking them (maybe a little rudely) to stop playing, but they never did. I owe them everything I have today, because a classical band never stopped playing.

    By Camden on 07.28.2011

  24. band. i want one. i want to sing i want to sing, more than any other thing. i want to sing almost more than i need to breathe. the more i breathe the more i see who i need to be and what i need to do. to sing is to be me its just what i am and what i do.

    By brooke sapp on 07.28.2011

  25. i love bands. they are so much less gay than solo singers i find. the instrument players need to have as much recognition as the singer since without them the band is just a pretty voice it creates a sense of family and unity.

    By angelica on 07.28.2011

  26. My boyfriend plays in band. It’s interesting, the people who play. I’m not quite sure why they play. Maybe they love the instruments. Perhaps it’s because they meet new people. Or their parents love the music? It could be for highschool credits. I’m not really musical myself. Never have been. Except for the recorder in third grade. That was mandatory.

    By Holly on 07.28.2011

  27. I’m listening to this great band right now. I’m just going to listen instead of writing about it. That’s the whole point of music, you just have to listen.

    By mirjm URL on 07.28.2011

  28. heavy base….fans fists in the air rocking out to the band sound loud and clear booming jumping like tidal waves.

    By alex URL on 07.28.2011

  29. I posted the posters all over the school, keeping my fingers crossed that at least one person will show up. School ends and I head over to the band room, holding my breath. I open the door and let it out. It was so silent you could here my heart beating with ease. Of coarse. No one wants to be in my band.

    By Skye Blue URL on 07.28.2011

  30. I don’t know what to wirte about band, but i want the whole world to sing a song together, do be one band, to behave as people and to be friends, it is naive, but it has to be, this is the only chance.

    By Franzi on 07.28.2011

  31. He was a band. But they all were at the time. He played the drums or the base. I don’t remember. It doesn’t really matter either way. Anyway, so everyone was in a band and it wasn’t impressive when you met someone else in a band. It was the 90s so everyone was jaded and a drummer or a base player.

    By katie on 07.28.2011

  32. i saw a band once. i took my stupid boyfriend and he made it so lame to be at. i mean come on.. i wanted to be up front staring at my idol, but i was too afraid to cross him. lmao i fucked the singer later that night.

    By fuck you on 07.28.2011

  33. wedding bands are not ACTUALLY that terrifying. i like jewelry. i wear it occasionally. i’m trying to bring rings back into my life to give new shape to my outrageously long fingers. but wedding bands have always made me nervous. i am less nervous knowing that more fingers can wear them now.

    By katiep URL on 07.28.2011

  34. Music and light, a crowd screaming due to the music that surrounds them. They are caught up in the moment. Nothing else would please them. They are in the here and now and nowhere else.

    By Louis URL on 07.28.2011

  35. last night
    stage fright
    night stand
    stand light
    legs tired
    eyes to eyes
    to eyes to eyes
    thank you
    stand here

    By haley on 07.28.2011