September 1st, 2008 | 1,077 Entries

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1,077 Entries for “throw”

  1. throw me a line
    throw me a ball
    give me a sign
    so i know how to fall

    by Velvet on 09.06.2008
  2. ing the ball is something we will all do. at some point you will drop it. but that is life. things dont always go as planned. and i dont know if i wish they did. because where is the fun in that. im up for an adventure.

    by hannah on 09.06.2008
  3. it all away and begin again. How easy it would be for me because I have not relationships here. I’m just alone in a city of 13 million other people. How many other people are just as alone? How do they do it? I think I love it though, parts of it, sometimes.

    by Kate on 09.06.2008
  4. throw, the desperate action of the disgruntled toddler. The pile of toys laid to waste by the action grows ever higher. The throw. The pique of childlike anger, not exclusive to infants.

    by Hannah Mead on 09.06.2008
  5. a ball and give me the light i want to throw up everything ever to be thin like her or her and i want to throw out everything i dont like and start a new anew a do how do i do that. mostly with a pen that i will throw out eventually like everything.. my talent.. hopefully my insecurity sometime soon

    by anastasia on 09.06.2008
  6. I threw the ball over the massive structure, not knowing to where it would fall. I thought briefly about the ball I had thrown, and believed that it was going to a better place. I wished I could be a ball, flying through the air, so free, and yet I can never experience what it does, though I have legs.

    by Graeme on 09.06.2008
  7. Throwing things is fun. For instance, you can take a ball, throw it to your friend, your dog, your annoying neighbor. There are other things that are fun to chuck at annoying neighbors, such as anvils, lead wights, and radioactive materials. remember, these things can also be chucked at your friend or dog.

    by Eresed on 09.06.2008
  8. Does an angry seamstress throw a fit?

    by Joseph Leff on 09.06.2008
  9. throw a football throw down i dont like to have things thrown at me i like to see things thrown far. i like throw rugs, throwing parties, throwing balls. i dislike throwing people, throwing chairs, throwing tantrums, and throwing things away. throw me a bone? what the hell is this? why am i writing about throwing?

    by alicia on 09.06.2008
  10. throw your ball in the air and catch it. throw it again, and again. throw your life away, throw everything out. throw your garbage away. throw it all out. the ball, the life, the garbage. throw it away, you don’t need them. so throw it away.

    by Hope on 09.06.2008
  11. I like to throw things against the wall. It gives me a simple satisfaction, knowing that I am causing the loud sound echoing across the hall. The last time I threw something, I’d just broken up with my boyfriend. It gave me the courage to move on.

    by ForeverRhapsody on 09.06.2008
  12. laugh run hot ball sun dog water miss catch round mitt hoop dance water clouds

    by tamarra on 09.06.2008
  13. throwing a ball in a park with a boy living it up and sliding down a slide and people are talking and children are playing the boy is by himself until a little girl comes up to him asking if he wants to pllay they become best friends and everyone starts to playy together

    by dana on 09.06.2008
  14. I’ll throw you some bills on Monday. I wasn’t sure if he would (he didn’t). But I don’t care, I wasn’t even expecting him to offer. I just wanted to blaze. It’s better to burn out than to fade away, but its even better to die blazing. Shit that’s too good to just be a random sentence in the middle of this shit, so I’m going to copy and paste it. It’s better to burn out than to fade away, but its even better to die blazing.

    by mike on 09.06.2008
  15. throw a ball, throw your life away. such a violent motion. so much lost, is it ever gained back? Throw up. Throw caution to the wind. Throw it all out the window. Giving. A sense of too much giving.

    by esti on 09.06.2008
  16. it took just seconds for him to decide he had to do it. What’s the point in coming this way not to do it. He looked down the sight. got ready to shot to shoot , but the feeling of nauseas was overwhleming…

    by Pad on 09.06.2008
  17. Throwing is in sports and in life. You throw a cricket ball to bowl or a bad choice in your personal life could make you want to throw your life away.

    by Jasmino924 on 09.06.2008
  18. My long silver self in the mirror. Here is me in the morning hung under my eyes like a great drooping bat. Here I am again at lunch like a lost bear. But now? Now I must throw the carcass away. Must throw the reflection, out the windburnt window, into the mindless street.

    by scottmilt on 09.06.2008
  19. Gone, that piece of literature found in the spare room. I took I lightly between my fingers, like it were a delicate food and flung it. Something like a throw. But I want you to feel like it was lost.

    by scottmilt on 09.06.2008
  20. I threw up yesterday. It felt like a cleansing of my spirit. Like I was throwing away all of my stress and worries instead of the mornings cheerios.

    by Bonnie Gingras on 09.06.2008
  21. throw your mind up in the air to catch as many beautiful dreams you can find occuring in the same place. it doesn’t matter how many you have, just the amount of time. sixty seconds, thats all you get.

    by MD on 09.06.2008
  22. Throw. You can throw a ball. you can throw up. a verb. a good verb to describe many a thing.

    by naz on 09.06.2008
  23. up in out in with in the towel many ways to use this word and many ways to towel off after a quick dip in long pond the subject of on golden pond but of course since that was made before 2000 you illiterate culture snobs don’t know what i am talking about

    by rick on 09.06.2008
  24. I can’t get enough of this feeling, the pulling at my muscles, the raw burn it shoots down my spine. I want to send these rocks as far as I can, I want tu hurtle them into space, and watch them crash into other planets. This burn I crave will be the end of some other civilization, and I couldn’t care less.

    by Ellen Jonson on 09.06.2008
  25. Aggravation. Consumption is ridiculous in NYC. Freeganism isn’t difficult, EMBRACE IT.


    by Dana on 09.06.2008
  26. Throwing out words is never a great idea. Keep what you write. Keep what is written to you. (Unless, of course, it’s hate mail from an ex-boyfriend. Then you can get rid of it.) And most importantly, don’t throw your spoken words away. Keep them close to your heart and tongue; weigh them; consider; and then speak.

    by L.R. on 09.06.2008
  27. down the hall the small boy had to throw the baseball around the stair case to get it over to he’s cousin waiting to catch it.

    by cheryl on 09.06.2008
  28. let go.. leave him.. anyways, its of no use.. life is more important.. and there;s more to do than to waste it like this. so many opportunities, little time.. better not waste it! good luck !!! luv…

    by kruti on 09.06.2008
  29. To throw is to let go. To take an object or idea and get rid of it. Success at the act of throwing is often measured by the distance an object is thrown.

    by courtney on 09.06.2008
  30. I want to throw it all away and simply go home. But i totally don;t at the same time. College across the country is supposed to stretch you, no? So i want to be challenged and explore and all, but happiness is my main goal. and if im not happy, I should move on to a new scene? Or, do I give in and know i am constantly learning from the human experience?

    by Erika on 09.06.2008
  31. throw me that rag, will you? i just threw up on the throw rug.

    by kelsey on 09.06.2008
  32. to expel, make go away. to reject.
    example, to throw a ball
    to throw up.
    to throw away trash.
    to throw a party-different thing.

    by kelsey on 09.06.2008
  33. throwing a ball. it hit the tree. the tree said ouch. what’s going on. throw it again. throw it again. i’m not throwing that ball again. you have to. throw my life away. you have to. you have to? throw bag, throw that sand bag, it has eyes. begin to throw.

    by anthony on 09.06.2008
  34. i throw up after every meal and no one knows.

    by jm on 09.06.2008
  35. Throwing. The ultimate show of masculinity. Of course whoever can throw the furthest is the coolest. (I cannot throw very far).

    by Charlie Beardsmore on 09.06.2008
  36. the ball it goes far. hits the kid on the side of the head. we all laugh more than we probably should. but no one really cares to stop the laughing. But I decide its best to go to up to him and apologize.

    As you would guess, he didnt accept my apology. He felt that I was just teasing him.

    We never saw him after that day.

    by bassam on 09.06.2008
  37. the ball it goes far. hits the kid on the side of the head. we all laugh more than we probably should. but no one really cares to stop the laughing. But I decide its best to go to up to him and apologize.

    As you would guess, he didnt accept my apology. He felt that I was just teasing him.

    We never saw him after that day.

    by bassam on 09.06.2008