February 7th, 2014 | 71 Entries

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71 Entries for “third”

  1. I stared at him. How dare Crowley insult me in such a sly manner? I couldn’t stand for anymore of his bullshit. But I couldn’t hit him in public, so I showed him my third finger and stuck my tongue out.

    By Meg on 02.07.2014

  2. we sat on the third planet
    and stared at the eyes in the sky.
    a fluid strip of cloud aligned perfectly
    and we imagined the worlds sliding down to meet us.
    we could float here forever,
    if our bodies would allow it.

    By Kairn on 02.07.2014

  3. After seeing what my older brothers have to go through, I’d rather our parents ignore me completely than give me a second glance. and that is exactly what they did. I have no ill will toward them, yet some pity for my bothers. The first two sons cursed to follow in father’s footsteps. To be a second son was perhaps even worst than the first, because you were just a back-up: useless if your brother didn’t die, wasting your life and freedom to be an understudy. Knowing this, they bore a grudge to me, but I don’t blame them. Mother and father sometimes forgot my name, but they fed me, and I could go to university if I choose, or become an artist. Love wasn’t something I needed anyway. Freedom was the only appealing thing left in this world.

    By Ai URL on 02.08.2014

  4. On the third slice, he nearly cut down to the bone. “Are you sure,” he asked again, though it really was too late. His voice trembled nearly as much as his hands.

    She gritted her teeth in response, tightening the tourniquet. “Just get it over with.”

    By WearyWater URL on 02.08.2014

  5. Used by people to indicate an outsider
    Ex: thied party insurace.

    By apoorv on 02.08.2014

  6. Third. Third person I’ve hurt. Third person who’s lost their family. And I don’t feel anything. I’m empty, numb, devoid of any sort of feelings. Is this normal? I don’t think so… What do I do? I’m so lost. It’s like I don’t even know how to feel anymore and I’m hurting everyone around me. The TV is on. Breaking news echoing through my bedroom, cutting through the razor-sharp silence. But I’m not listening. Because I don’t really care. Why don’t I care? Why am I not bothered?

    By Neha on 02.08.2014

  7. it was the third one that everyone was expecting.
    the third as the last chance to reach the goal.
    but what if there´s no third?

    By lina bamberg on 02.08.2014

  8. Third Child Trinity. Look at her name. It suggests three. One of my favorite movies is The Matrix and favorite characther? You guessed it, Trinity. Also Trinity is a Christian term referring to the natures or god…Father, Son, Holy Spirity. Mind, Body, Soul.

    By Eric Jones on 02.08.2014

  9. third time i explained some things.. it felt strange, as if im talking to a wall. even though i dont like explaining the same thing over and over again. its silly and pointless. makes me feel like person isnt paying any attention to what am i saying, its horrible

    By daisy on 02.08.2014

  10. My son is my third child. Richard the third died in battle. C is the third letter of the alphabet. March is the third month of the year etc etc…………………!

    By Alexandra on 02.08.2014

  11. The third kind of the realm was an ambitious, blood thirsty young man. His blond, curly hair was shiny on his wide shoulders and his eyes were like a pale cirrus cloud in a cold day.

    By tiamat amanitis on 02.08.2014

  12. She wasn’t the kind of girl to take things seriously. But then, none of her siblings were, either. How could the last child of three make it in the world when the other two were so much better than her? One, smart and beautiful, always ahead of the game, always prepared for anything. The other, completely crazy but still manipulative, getting ahead in the world. It wasn’t hard to see how the thi

    By Kristin B on 02.08.2014

  13. Bronze. The last to still get a medal.

    By Holden URL on 02.08.2014

  14. I were not perturb at the turn of events, following the community fair that I had attended. The race got off to a good start and I was leading from the word go. I do not know what happened, but when the result came in, I was place third.

    By victor URL on 02.08.2014

  15. way out is only the first thing that one would think of on their way to a very critical but important land date with business magnates availing the world of last calls for heirarchy. Don’t tremble says the lamb, only plant your seeds for in the end three will be third.

    By Ian Cage URL on 02.08.2014

  16. The third person in the row refused to move again for the umpteenth time. The family of four get up between every whistle for something. Food drink bathroom souvenirs

    By Ashley on 02.08.2014

  17. As a stereotype, this child is often spoiled or neglected. It’s the bronze medal, which just makes it. It’s not second, which is better actually. Red ribbon. Poor countries as well, as in third world countries. Middle finger is your third finger.

    By Erica Speaks on 02.08.2014

  18. Third Avenue in sunlight. Nature’s error.
    Already the bars are filled and John is there.
    Beneath a plentiful lady over the mirror
    He tilts his glass in the mild mahogany air.

    By Johny URL on 02.08.2014

  19. It is mine. This enigmatic word-display that follows me everywhere. This is not a pipe. Some kind of something that persists in reminding me. An avoidable signal of influence.

    By Engel on 02.08.2014

  20. And on the third day he saw her again. Miserable, as usual. He did not know if he should approach her. She saw him stare. She smiled faintly, walking past him. If only he knew what was on her mind. What was behind those sad but beautiful brown eyes.

    By A Cabanez on 02.08.2014

  21. Third place is the second loser. So run on home little boy and tell your mom you’re only the second most loser. Third is better than being the middle child however. You can’t run away from home if you have a third of your money. Go into your parent’s wallet and find the other two thirds.

    By Rover on 02.08.2014

  22. third is pretty disappointing, You work so hard and suddenly your 2 behind the winner. Sure you get a bronze metal, but the gold was the goal. At least you didnt come in last. Last can be honorable is your overcame adversity to get there, but for the average, it burns as much as third.

    By janine on 02.08.2014

  23. i wasn’t first, not by a long shot, nor second, that guy was right on the winner’s heels. No I was third, trailing limply back of the top two. I did beat the other guy in the race, though. Just by a nose, as they say!

    By Lee on 02.08.2014

  24. Third in my life. My mom’s the first. Dann, the second. Who is the third most important girl in my life. I have no sister. How I wish it would be my daughter. Oh, how I want to have a beautiful adorable daughter, who has her eyes, her face, so beautiful. An angel. But not anytime soon. :)

    By Josh on 02.08.2014

  25. The first third is learning, the second third is doing, the last third is being. Here’s to the last third!

    By Lisa Dorenfest URL on 02.08.2014

  26. The chocolate clock is a clock steeped in great mystery. Very great mystery indeed. And though it is the third clock of its kind, many who witness its power swear by its very great mystery indeed. The mighty third chocolate clock brings great mystery and chocolate to all who take the time to behold its mystery. Chocolate clock.

    By Richardton T. Slump URL on 02.08.2014

  27. The third child said to the second, “Where do you think the snake went?”

    They both pressed their faces up against the glass of the case and searched it up and down. It was nowhere to be found.

    By charlie card on 02.08.2014

  28. third place, third child, third cupcake, it’s never quite the same as being first, it just never quite adds up. you always feel this bittersweet sickness being third.

    By Jamie on 02.08.2014

  29. “The third son of the third son shall be a master of the sword,” the old man said. He was the seer. He was to be trusted.

    By walkingriddle on 02.08.2014

  30. Third place is fine. It’s worth noting but also slightly disappointing. It is forgettable, its acknowledging the guy/girl that got really close to being the best but just fell short. Honorable mention.

    By Ian on 02.08.2014

  31. I’m on my third dream. Dancing didn’t work out. I have two left feet, so my Mama says, and Bobby’s still limping from our last dance. Singing was a catastrophe. I think the neighbors moved because of me. So now I’m going to try acting. Yeah, that one sounds good, never mind that Mama says I should go into accounting. Who wants to crunch numbers all day long? I want to be famous!

    By Candace S. URL on 02.08.2014