February 8th, 2014 | 52 Entries

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52 Entries for “derby”

  1. This is their city, their home. They fight for victory, with the same blood running through the same veins. This is their city, their home, they both grew up here. They fight for victory, for the screams of their beloved. This is their city their home. They fight for victory.

    By Jose on 02.09.2014

  2. Jessica loved the derby. There was just something about it that made her heart soar. Maybe it was the horses, maybe it was the energy of two people around her, all yelling for a particular horse so they could get their money’s worth. She never did bet though – betting was for the others to do and she would lose if she even tried. No, Jessica just sat and watched with a small content smile on her face. A smile that could lift the spirit of any man, woman, or child. She was Jessica and that was all that was needed to be there.
    Jessica looked around, the white horse was in the lead and a lot of people had bet on him because he stood out so much. It wasn’t until the black horse had sped up at the last minute that you could hear a unanimous groan amongst the crowd. Here and there you could hear a few whoops and hollers of joy, but from the fact that White Diamond didn’t win, the air was gloomy around them. Maybe if a newfound spark lit up the small, brown horse in the back with white markings on his back won. If he won, maybe she would bet.

    By Carly on 02.09.2014

  3. Derbeautifullybooked

    By meh on 02.09.2014

  4. I raced with the wind in my face, the red paint or my derby car shone in the afternoon sunlight. the air smelled of honeysuckle and freshly mowed grass.

    By Shasta on 02.09.2014

  5. he had a hat that he loved to wear on Saturdays. It was a beat up derby that he had picked up at a haberdashers almost 20 years ago. it wasn’t beat up when he bought it, but over the years and the many saturdays, it now looked comical when he put it on – but he persevered…

    By Lee on 02.09.2014

  6. Who watches Kentucky Derby anymore?

    By Johny URL on 02.09.2014

  7. Difficult finding a whole sentence for derby. I think it is another word for bowler hat. There is a donkey derby, derby horse race and football matches

    By Alexandra on 02.09.2014

  8. There was something about being there, that I found fulfilling and exotic. Things whizzed around. I saw space from outside the port window, but I knew how far away we were from the Outer Edge. This was the life of the exclusive, this was the life of the rich, and I was able to experience it — through him. I felt like Cinderella. I felt like once the clock struck twelve, that I would turn back into a pumpkin .. or whatever the equivalent for that is, in space. In any case, these people were here to entertain us, to entertain me. I had better fill my glass and let it all spill out.

    By haywirehay URL on 02.09.2014

  9. “Number 14! Number 14! Go Number 14!”
    I was yelling at top of my voice–inside my head. I obviously couldn’t embarrass my master at the derby, could I? Saddened by the fact that I needed to stay in a shell whenever we have an outing, I went to find myself something to drink at the bar. And then I saw him. His piercing blue eyes and his boyish grin was oh so familiar, butI just couldn’t place where I’d seen him. I took my drink–a vodka red bull, pathetic, I know– and took a seat at the bar, not wanting to go back to my employers. And then it struck me. This was the man in Madam’s bedroom yesterday evening. This was the man I helped sneak outside when Sir came home. This was the man who broke my heart, and used me, the help, just to get to the riches. This was the man who used to be in my bedroom every evening. And this was the same man who kissed her goodnight, instead of me.

    By Neha on 02.09.2014

  10. Today I will attend the derby. I will don my hat. I will away myself. To the derby I go…

    By EmilyH on 02.09.2014

  11. I don’t know what derby is. It look weird and I’ve never heard the word before in my life. Is it a verb? A noun? Who invented it? I don’t know. I’ll like to look it up, but I probably will be disappointed. This is all I have to say about derby. Goodbye.

    By ENRICO on 02.09.2014

  12. My dad loves watching the Kentucky Derby every year. Once in a blue moon (more like every other year), he’d make a bed with his lodge buddies on which horse would win the race. I’ve hated how weird the jockeys named their animals…it makes me laugh at how stupid it is.

    By AJ Kenobi URL on 02.09.2014