February 6th, 2014 | 84 Entries

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84 Entries for “orphans”

  1. my parents felt like orphans, my mother was evacuated in the second world war, and my father was an only child.

    By smr URL on 02.07.2014

  2. Maybe it was the lack of string in my buttons, or the abundance of frost in my skin, that brought me to the only fruitstand in santa monica. the apples were grown in packistan.

    By Daniel Damian URL on 02.07.2014

  3. How sad is it to be an orphan? These parentless people. Who can imagine what is going on with them… I love you, that is what i want to say to them. You’ll always have a home by mys side. Love love love you! Be proud of who you are

    By Ambre on 02.07.2014

  4. jack was only made of the toughest skin and sinews god could give him. Chocked full of grit, must, and curiosity, there was only one direction the wind could take him. Gay ville.

    By Daniel Damian URL on 02.07.2014