November 8th, 2012 | 613 Entries

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613 Entries for “themselves”

  1. they’re world contains only them… they are so stuck inside themselves that they don’t realize
    they are ruining it for us
    but they are scarring their own life too.

    By Jess on 11.08.2012

  2. they think to themselves wading and sinking in their own thoughts.

    By Blanche URL on 11.08.2012

  3. the people
    they victimize themselves
    like prisoners
    for what reason
    i dont know

    By Katherine on 11.08.2012

  4. they were talking to each other. Alone, at the edge of the play ground. The kids that sat under the trees, pretending to brew potions that would turn all the other kids into minions. They were unique. The dominated. Their parents feared them. They were utterly themselves.

    By Emma Rose on 11.08.2012

  5. they themselves were the only people who knew. The world was going to end. But it is still going to be there, because they themselves know. Why? Because that is the way they themselves wanted it to be.

    By Wargyle on 11.08.2012

  6. why is it that all my exes seem to do is think of themselves until i leave them
    four or five years later and you’re still trying hold conversation with me
    at times i sit back and ask myself if im being too mean but then you just remind me why things are the way they are

    By dshanai on 11.08.2012

  7. i’ve already written about this word, why do i have to write about it twice? what is this? eeehhh

    By Blanche on 11.08.2012

  8. why is it that all my exes seem to do is think of themselves until i leave them
    four or five years later and you’re still trying hold conversation with me
    at times i sit back and ask myself if im being too mean but then you just remind me why things are the way they are
    and how i want to leave them that way….

    By dshanai on 11.08.2012

  9. I see them everyday.
    Arms linked; Palms sweaty.
    Ever since she met him it’s always been about him.
    About them. God; I hate them.
    I hate them so much.

    But I love her.

    By Maddy on 11.08.2012

  10. keep it, i don’t need it
    i’ll get by with my own two hands
    just me versus the world

    By alissa on 11.08.2012

  11. they told the students to be themselves. wrote it on motivational posters, jimmy eat world sang it into my 11 year old ears. i thought that wearing black converse in the sixth grade was enough to make me myself.

    By Jessi on 11.08.2012

  12. Themselves, everybody is always talking about themselves. What if some day, somebody starts thinking about the other person? What woul happen if you ask the person who is sitting next to you: How are you? What is your name? What are you dreams?

    By Maria on 11.08.2012

  13. we are not one
    but each other
    a self
    so we keep to
    and they keep to

    By zoe on 11.08.2012

  14. and they saw themselves for the first time
    in each other. and their selves
    became a them for the first time.

    By Maria on 11.08.2012

  15. Are coming from outer selves and feel a beginning reaching inner. The are themselves and no one else. Give and take a new day. Being themselves. Ourselves can only wonder. Gazing in wonder.

    By Omi Miself on 11.08.2012

  16. they left their parents
    they left their husbands and wives
    they ran to the mountains
    to be Themselves
    they are there to this day
    up there being

    By g on 11.08.2012

  17. Themselves they are, and that’s all I know. I’d like to be original, a you or a me, but family chains bond me. I would like to be special and scream my name loud, but it’s lost in the crowd.

    By Rose URL on 11.08.2012

  18. ourselves. yourself. myself. we’re all together in this great abyss of a world, but they, them, those people over there. they keep to themselves. who are they? well, they are, simply put, themselves.

    By Eleanor on 11.08.2012

  19. Individuality is a fabricated concept
    invented to make us think we’re all so special
    but really, when we get together we conform into
    massive blobs of unoriginal homogeneity

    By montse on 11.08.2012

  20. It was all about themselves. They never thought about me, not that I could blame them. But I was still there guiding them bit by bit until now. Now, I’m not sure if I want to do this. No thanks. Even if they could see me I doubt they would say thank you. That’s the thing about humans, though, they never say thanks. We help them but they want all the credit for themselves.

    By Claire on 11.08.2012

  21. I hear THEM walking… I think they’re waiting out there… I don’t know what to do… Need to get out of here, but I can’t all I here is footsteps

    By Kiril Palaveev on 11.08.2012

  22. If those who love
    and hate like fools are merely
    figments of God’s imagination
    what becomes of the golden rays
    of thought that shine upon

    By Poet URL on 11.08.2012

  23. Everything they did was for themselves. There wasn’t one thing they did that was purely selfless; and let’s be honest, what is? Everything that is done in the world is an act for your own benefit. For their benefit. That’s it. Even the smallest act of kindness is a big act of selfishness.

    By Cayla on 11.08.2012

  24. Some people thought that they were strange, that they were unique. But, in all honesty, they were themselves. They were the people of the earth, the brilliant, dazzling people with the eyes that stared at the skies and the minds that wondered at everything. They were a fresh breath of air, the warm curl of water. Every day, all the time.

    By Sandra on 11.08.2012

  25. They hugged themselves. They had nobody else to do it for them. If only they could find each other. They caught a glance of each other, once, while they both were on the subway. They hugged themselves thinking of it.

    By Ariana on 11.08.2012

  26. Everything they did was for themselves. Everything. But let’s be honest here. What isn’t for themselves? What isn’t for ourselves? Nothing in the world is purely selfless. Even the smallest acts of kindness are the biggest acts of selfishness. It’s a benefit-ourselves-only world.

    By Cayla on 11.08.2012

  27. Everyone should just be themselves. If that even means anything. Who is yourself? If you do something, doesn’t that automatically make it you? How can you be authentic? It’s a load of crap I guess.

    By Erin on 11.08.2012

  28. us and them. themselves. the other. they can please themselves. them +selves. Who are they? I feel like one of them. I certainly don’t feel like an us.

    By Rose on 11.08.2012

  29. something hit them in the gut when they thought of their lidless eyes, themselves wondering just how it was they got to be so anomalous and rescinded their power over angels and demons to the great goodness.

    By Harper Gilbert on 11.08.2012

  30. We keep to ourselves
    And we have this crazy idea
    That we all know how to fix ourselves
    Because deep down
    We are all broken
    And we are all left trying
    To find all the pieces
    And put them together ourselves

    By e.l.a. on 11.08.2012

  31. themselves. they are always thinking of themselves. selfish. or is it good to be selfish sometimes? maybe.

    By S on 11.08.2012

  32. ?sevlesmeht ylurt reve si ohw

    By Tara on 11.08.2012

  33. Themselves. What did they do by themselves? What if they did nothing? What if they did it all? What if they cured cancer? What if they went to the moon or walked atop the ocean? What if they had AIDs that they caught: themselves.

    By brandy on 11.08.2012

  34. These are people who only like each other. They are evil creatures that lurk everywhere you turn. I am one of these.

    By Christal on 11.08.2012

  35. These people only care about themselves. They are evil creatures that lurk everywhere you turn. I am one of these.

    By Christal on 11.08.2012

  36. I don’t know what to do.
    they go in and then out
    among themselves
    honey in the hair
    honey in the air
    whiskey running loving
    that I’ll never know
    preening themselves
    I’ll never know anything but them
    that’s it
    that’s just it
    that’s all I’ll ever know
    them and their selves

    By Jen on 11.08.2012

  37. themselves are one.One in difference.They need to come up with other than themselves.themselves equal lame.themselves talked to each other in a lame way

    By nabila on 11.08.2012

  38. mess
    just a mess.
    help people out of property poverty
    so they can help…themselves?
    what even is a self anyway?
    of fuck just shoot me when I do that
    my whole BEING shakes with embarrassment
    oh I cry with irony
    is this for me anyway?

    By Jen on 11.08.2012

  39. They can’t feel themselves
    Daleks ruin humanity
    the cockroach of the universe
    but somehow they are always
    stepped on

    By Tescia Schell URL on 11.08.2012

  40. “They’ll never get together by themselves” she thought bitterly. She could not believe her very own role in this story: she was not meant to play the lover, but the match-maker. He was perfect for her, but she was not perfect for him… She, the other one, was actually more suited for him.

    By Edna Paulet URL on 11.08.2012