November 8th, 2012 | 613 Entries

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613 Entries for “themselves”

  1. Silly, vapid laughter followed by a chorus of hair-flips.
    They only care for one thing and one thing alone: themselves.

    By WearyWater URL on 11.08.2012

  2. It was all they could do to keep to themselves, tied up in bow ties and wrapped together in matching tuxedos, each alone and together at least in that, in that they were themselves.

    By Natalie on 11.08.2012

  3. we were not in ourself
    we were not one thing you were not the them of me
    you were not me
    i am not a them, unless i am a collection of things:
    muscle > tissue > cells > little vibrating molecules

    we were not a them. you are not my them.

    By Anna on 11.08.2012

  4. Everyone always thinks about themselves. not everybody takes time out of their own little word to think about helping another with something that can better the other person. if everybody did that, they would end up feeling a lot better about themselves.

    By Jordan on 11.08.2012

  5. Some people keep to themselves because that is infinitely easier than feeling something. The way we relate to one another varies so greatly, and sometimes our thoughts that we dare to speak aloud get lost in translation. So it is so much easier to simply keep to ourselves, because at least when we’re in our own minds, we’re safe and we know everyone there. Or so it seems.

    By kayla URL on 11.08.2012

  6. they were not themselves
    but hallow figures

    By Susan on 11.08.2012

  7. They couldn’t be themselves in front of their parents. They couldn’t smoke or drink or tell dirty jokes. It make their parents so very sad. That these activities should be chosen over intimate family relationships.

    By ariel4thou on 11.08.2012

  8. separate
    saturated thoughts
    the only topic on their minds
    the onlooker
    albeit happy

    By rubypeaches on 11.08.2012

  9. themselves all alone. themselves in a park. by themselves. they all learnt to be happy by themselves, which was the important thing.

    By Pema Monaghan on 11.08.2012

  10. They looked at themselves in the mirror. The four of them, side by side, examining one another. Looking at their eyes, their teeth, their hair. Identifying tattoos and scars, any freckles or bruises. Eventually, they would catch each other’s glances in the mirror, then turned to look in each other’s eyes.

    By Tori URL on 11.08.2012

  11. She looked up at me with her dead gray eyes, and they seemed to reflect nothing but themselves. “I feel so cold,” she whispered. “Won’t you please help me?”

    By catyeah URL on 11.08.2012

  12. they look at themselves and wonder
    pearl earrings, coral lipstick
    yellowing teeth and a thin cigarette
    is this what we meant to become?

    By martinajanemoonbrain on 11.08.2012

  13. The people liked the carnival. They enjoyed the roller coasters, kettle corn, the quirky carnies; but they especially enjoyed the mirror house. They could look at themselves looking at themselves looking at themselves.

    By Dylan on 11.08.2012

  14. they are alone
    with themselves
    their little nothings and somethings that take up the space and shape of consciousness
    i envy them
    for their infinity
    for their ultimate capacity to forget
    and forgive
    that I have forgiven and forgotten a long time ago

    By Jessica Cox on 11.08.2012

  15. People always talk about themselves when they should be asking about others. There’s so much one can learn from others. There’s a ton of diversity in the world and how can one find out who they are and who they want to be if they only know about themselves and not the possibilities out there? Take a step back and listen to others.

    By Lana on 11.08.2012

  16. When they see themselves in the mirror, they wonder, am I seeing this right? Am I really me? or they think, how could this be me? Why can’t I be behind the mirror?

    By Leif URL on 11.08.2012

  17. They do not know themselves, their hearts are hidden up their sleeves and you know you go crazy trying to lick your own elbow like a dog chasing its tail in an infinite loop.

    By Elizabeth on 11.08.2012

  18. The people keep to themselves.
    They don’t gossip.
    They don’t stare.
    They don’t care.
    Their families don’t mingle.
    Their is no water cooler.
    Husbands and Wives meet only online.
    They keep to themselves.

    By Samantha on 11.08.2012

  19. happy together. strength in true unity… trust in full genuity.

    By shukorina on 11.08.2012

  20. They did not know themselves, searching for their hearts up their sleeves, trying to lick their own elbows.

    By K. Elizabeth URL on 11.08.2012

  21. This has the potential of being quite a self centered word. But I suppose if one really thinks about it, helping & bettering yourself is helping everyone as a whole.

    By Sam URL on 11.08.2012

  22. Doing things on their own is referred to as doing it themselves by a third person.

    By spurthi on 11.08.2012

  23. we are not themselves
    we are alone
    i myself have never been a two
    the “them”
    the “I”
    I am alone
    I know that now

    By Lara on 11.08.2012

  24. It’s them, none else. they lent us from their purse and borrowed our future for themselves

    By balogun on 11.09.2012

  25. There was nothing but the sound of their hushed frosted breath in the middle of the woods. The dark canopy above them and no sound stirred. They were all alone, by themselves. Then in the distance a twig snapped.

    By queencowe on 11.09.2012

  26. I wish they would. Sit over there. I know that I know what to do when I am in public. I know that there are right things to do, and wrong things to do. Clearly they don’t live in a real world. they’re delusional hippies from the 60’s They should keep to themselves. Geez Mom. Quit necking with Dad in public. You’re 84!

    By Seansj URL on 11.09.2012

  27. we
    are just like them
    though we don’t want to believe it

    By anna on 11.09.2012

  28. Us? No. Just themselves. We walked around as a group, ate lunch as a group, went to the same movies, but I was certainly not part of their collective consciousness.

    By erin on 11.09.2012

  29. Themselves. They devour themselves when they are alone. The two of them. Leave them to themselves, they said. They will work their own issues out. And they did. Just like everyone thought they would. So, why are you so surprised? Why?

    By Rêver URL on 11.09.2012

  30. what do they know
    thinking they are so special
    thinking it is all about them
    all the time
    keeping it all for themselves
    all the secrets
    and laughing
    wrapped up around
    them like woollen
    I guess
    I really don’t like them

    By Niagra on 11.09.2012

  31. Themselves, they are together. They stay together always, through whatever comes their way. This togetherness is what makes them whole.

    Loneliness is pervading and ugly.

    By Alice on 11.09.2012

  32. they themselves sat
    and were lost
    but looked at their sandwiches foggy in
    the morning
    of the now-later, much later
    they squabbled over shoelaces

    and felt like crying
    like eating all the salami in the world
    and then regretting
    all the pigs

    By es on 11.09.2012

  33. They think they are themselves, and thinking, become. But what if they are not? Not themselves, but not others either? What if there is just being themselves then. Just then. I don’t know which is more comforting.

    By Mary on 11.09.2012

  34. people love to think about themselves first. But, there are very who put others first all the time and I wanna be one of ’em.

    By tit on 11.09.2012

  35. They looked at themselves and loved what they saw, a beautiful mess of words and blood, captured inside the shells of their skin.

    By Sophie on 11.09.2012

  36. my her him nobody wants to penalize themselves plural irregular the others they they think about themselves leaves no matter how hard you try, they care about themselves

    By Cevza TEKSÖZ on 11.09.2012

  37. they don’t need me to be there, they don’t need my input. And, I mean, why would they, I don’t know anything about anything, apparently. (As I’ve told you many times before and will continue to do.)

    And it’s not as though they despise me, they don’t.

    I am the unnecessary end of the chain that dangles off their collective wrist.

    By Hannah on 11.09.2012

  38. people think about themselves constantly. In fact most people think only of themselves at particular times. eg when they have an argument with others a lot of people think only of their emotions and pain or hurt. They don’t process their feelings rationally, they last out anand hu

    By stephanie on 11.09.2012

  39. themselves
    themselves themselves themselves themselves themselves themseleves themsel themselves themselves themselves themselves themselves themselves themselves themselves themselves themselves themselves themselves themselves themselves

    By Linn URL on 11.09.2012

  40. everyone is so totally involved with themselves
    no one notices if you are struggeling
    we are all left on our own
    life is lonely

    By mi on 11.09.2012