October 21st, 2012 | 317 Entries

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317 Entries for “teeth”

  1. Teeth. What trouble they can be! I just put my retainers in. Sounds like a teenager, right? Nope. I’m thirty! I didn’t get braces until I was 26! I still wear retainers once or twice a week because I paid too much money on these teeth not to maintain. Word to parents! Get your kids braces when they’re still kids!

    By Crystal on 10.21.2012

  2. “Smile, Cai.”

    Caius, quite to Delaney’s surprise, actually made an attempt. The corners of his lips twitched up, and for a split second he was so handsome she had to blink at him for a second before continuing to pester him.

    “Teeth, Caius, show me your teeth!”

    By Julia A. URL on 10.21.2012

  3. Teeth for biting chewing eating munching crunching all day long. Helping us to talk. Smile, teeth are nice, teeth are hard, some are yellow most are white. Some people have none.

    By Monty on 10.21.2012

  4. I bite as hard as can, try to chew on the softness that hurts me every now and then. My teeth hurt cause it was never ment to be.

    By Kit on 10.21.2012

  5. White. Soft. Round. Squared. Life.

    By Ejae on 10.21.2012

  6. Fur-lined boots with fresh snow underneath
    The feel of hot cocoa on chattering teeth
    The cold winter air, unable to reach us in bed
    The tingle of the kiss you left on my forehead.

    By Carly URL on 10.21.2012

  7. teeth like going to the dentist and getting that laugh gas that supposedly makes you laugh but it hurts and i hate the dentist it makes me want to run away run fast like the wind the cold wind which feels good on my skin after a hot hot day in the summer sun but if its summer then there isn’t cold wind although i wish there was cold wind

    By jaets on 10.21.2012

  8. WOW.
    It had a lot of teeth.
    Long, thin, pointed teeth.
    Dripping teeth.
    “Hey, eat something recently?”
    Mmm, was all it said.
    “Right, uuh…”
    Long, thin, dripping teeth.
    On my neck.

    By Sydney on 10.21.2012

  9. chatter chatter. keep the mind moving over the mouth. the noise. the clanging bone. the noose. tighter and tighter. the jaw will break before it drops. and teeth scatter. clicking on the floor. chit.

    By Sarah on 10.21.2012

  10. My teeth aren’t how I want them to be, I hate my teeth. I just want to pull them out, one by one. But I can’t, I don’t have the strength and courage to do so.

    By Jesus Medina on 10.21.2012

  11. She bit into me, her teeth were like sharp pierces of glass going into my shoulder but I had never loved the feeling more. She bit into my hips and my stomach and a million pinpricks ravaged my body and I couldn’t help but scream. She knew what she was capable of and I gladly let her her do her worse to me.

    By labyrinthine on 10.21.2012

  12. I have dreams about them; they make nice smiles; they’re good for eating; the whiter the better; gaps are cute; They’re in the mouth

    By Autumn on 10.21.2012

  13. My wisdom teeth are starting to appear. I wonder what wisdom teeth are for. They crowd your mouth and are often removed so why do we have them in the first place?

    By Raiine on 10.21.2012

  14. I have to say, for being the age I am, I am proud that I have all my teeth, wisdom’s too, and only two cavities!

    By marylou wynegar URL on 10.21.2012

  15. Teeth clenched and collar turned up around my neck, I turned to face the wind. I had never felt so alone than I had that day. Maybe it was the bare branches of the trees, the fallen leaves now dead and crisp at their bases, or the vacant streets with sirens in the distance. We haven’t spoken in a while, and I think that creates the splinter of loneliness stuck under my skin. There until I decide it’s time to remove it myself.

    By e.l.a. on 10.21.2012

  16. The room was silent. The anxious attorney wondering if his argument had teeth.

    By Lee on 10.21.2012

  17. Naruto froze as Kakashi smiled, big and wide.

    “Y-you’re teeth…” Naruto uttered.

    Kakashi’s smile faltered. “What about them?”

    “They are…”


    “So white!” Naruto yelled, ducking his head. He ran through the bedroom, dodging furniture and haphazardly thrown clothes, screeching, “I’m blind! I’m blind!”

    By PearlFlute on 10.21.2012

  18. With clenched teeth the old man tried to help the young boy move the box up the hill. After completing this Sisyphean task, he looked inside to see the boys rock collection.

    By Juliette on 10.21.2012

  19. bite.
    bite into me.
    i am a cake
    soft, fluffy, oh so chocolaty.
    i shall bury holes into you.

    slurp and i’ll turn you brown
    you are a wall
    a gate. a weapon

    By ass on 10.21.2012

  20. I have dreams all the time where my teeth fall out or rot. I think it’s because I am too appearance obsessed. I bumped teeth during my first kiss, it hurt like hell. I whiten my teeth because I’m pathetic.

    By caro on 10.21.2012

  21. His teeth hurt that day, he wasn’t sure why maybe it meant someone was thinking about hi, or maybeit mean that he needed to go to the dentist. But nostly he thought that it was the government tracking chip that had been placed in him the moment htat he stepped onto mainlaind america, it was common practice now to chip newcomers.

    By Jessie on 10.21.2012

  22. teeth are a wonderful thing. They help us to chew and to have fun with hygene.

    By Laurel Weber URL on 10.21.2012

  23. why do we have teeth you ask? well teeth help us to enjoy our food, and you may say, no no our tastebuds do that. Well sir, when was the last time you tried to enjoy an apple with out teeth?

    By Laurel Weber URL on 10.21.2012

  24. They were rusty and bent, but they had to do. Grimacing, she brought the row of saw teeth down to fallen tree that trapped her leg. She tried to make as little sound as possible as she moved the blade back and forth, purposefully avoiding inhaling the sawdust.

    By WearyWater URL on 10.21.2012

  25. theet are white. I recently got my wisdom tooth extracted. There are 32 types of teeth. Tooth enamel is the hardest substence. teeth are white. we

    By jalpreen on 10.21.2012

  26. One exciting thing about growing up is you get to loose teeth. My sister lost hers, and I can’t wait to loose one of mine. Then I’ll really be big. PG already lost a tooth, but I’ll be the first girl in the class, then I’ll get the tooth fairy, oh it’s all very exciting.

    By Simran on 10.21.2012

  27. They’re oh so white and spakley. Fresh out of the vet’s office, you and your fairly new bestfriend go home. How cute. You pass a myriad of pet toys all around the store and laugh at how much money you’re about to spend.

    By amangelindiore on 10.21.2012

  28. white stuff in the mouth
    opening stuff like bottle caps
    hold things together
    dental health
    shape some soft items
    cavities really hurt
    teeth look like maize seeds

    By julie on 10.21.2012

  29. I screamed as my wiggly teeth slammed into the door. I was running away from the scary monster… then the door was in my way… now my teeth hurt :(

    By Roooonnniie on 10.21.2012

  30. My teeth were chattering involuntarily. I realized then that I was scared. Not that I could see in absolute darkness, but I closed my eyes anyway and reached into the hole. I felt a cold metal thing. Luckily it was not a trap nor a nest of spiders.

    It was key, but where then is the door?

    By Intuition on 10.21.2012

  31. He tugged furiously on the zipper of her shirt, hands trailing down desperately onto her hips –

    and she thinks –

    ‘so urgent, so much hate, so much love’

    we are more than fuck buddies, aren’t we, my love?

    By sera on 10.21.2012

  32. too late to think about teeth. why now and why here? sometimes my family teases me about my two front teeth. they stickout and i’ll need a retainer again for me. i mean me. i mean them. but you can’t notice unless you look under my chin. and some of my friends have even worse teeth

    By s on 10.21.2012

  33. When I was younger, I had awful teeth. I lost all my teeth by the time I was in grade one I think, or at least thats what I tell everyone. In grade two I had braces on my two front teeth and an expander, surgery in grade 6, followed by braces for two years. Now I have lovely teeth and am often complimented on smile. It makes me feel awesome.

    By Taylor URL on 10.21.2012

  34. My teeth grind against each other, producing a mild head ache and portrayed an already present sense of frustration. It serves no purpose, but why not? Why not bite down on absolutely nothing when there’s nothing to be bitten down on?

    By Rachel Orf on 10.21.2012

  35. teeth
    what the hell is there to say about teeth
    im getting a crown put in tomorrow,


    By pinkydiink on 10.21.2012

  36. teeth have to be taken cared of. Teeth hygiene is very important. Your teeth last with you for ever if you’ve taken good care of it. Whiter teeth makes nicer smile. Teeth can discolor with some foods.

    By k on 10.21.2012

  37. Teeth bared and eyes narrowed.
    Lips bloody, he was beautiful.

    By Sir Doctor URL on 10.21.2012

  38. toothache. almost. kill me. everyday

    By syifa URL on 10.22.2012

  39. Her teeth were chattering in her mouth involuntarily. She looked around at the magnificence of what she was seeing–the stars above were bright, she was looking at this breathtaking view, she was next to the man she loved.And she couldn’t enjoy it because her teeth wouldn’t stop chattering from the frigid cold enveloping her.

    By Rena on 10.22.2012

  40. Only a minute? (59) But that’s not enough time (58) to sink into the (57) depths of this problem (56), this prompt, and apparently (55) I’m a very observant person (54) so how will I (53) have the ability to record (52) all of my observations (51) in such a short time? (50) I haven’t even begun (49) to process the word (48) on the top of the page (47), because all I have done is panic (46) – teeth, teeth, what are teeth? Only 45 seconds left to go – now 44. What is something no one (43) has ever said about teeth? (42) Smoker’s teeth, the name of the ugliest (41) shade of paint that no one would ever (40) paint their kitchen. (39) But Ellen said that. (38) Teeth of a chain saw that bit my brother (37), landed him three stitches (36) and a night in the ER. (35) But that already happened. (34) What can I say about teeth (33) that no one has ever said (32)? Even the most observant person (31) in the world couldn’t (30) come up with anything new to say (29) about teeth. They’ve been (28) a presence in my life (27) for all of my living memory (26). I’ll bet they have been in your life too (25). My uncle used to chase (24) my oldest brother around (23) with his dentures. But (22) those aren’t real (21), and that was just a (20) family story. What (19) can I do? I frantically (18) pull up images of myself (17) brushing my teeth, (16) but for god’s sake (15), who doesn’t do that (14)? Only a few seconds (13) left and I gnaw on (12) my cheek with my back (11) molars, a nervous habit (10) I have. It’s the (9) final countdown and I (8) still have nothing (7). A minute is too small (6) of a chunk of life (5). I can’t do (4) anything with it.
    (3) But it’s all I have.
    (2) It’s all any of us will ever (1) have.
    And now it’s over.

    By bekkah on 10.22.2012