October 20th, 2012 | 226 Entries

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226 Entries for “charge”

  1. I hope someday I will make a change. Most things never change, they just remain the same. On a bigger scale there is no change. How can one man make an ever lasting change to humanity? This world will never be changed by me. I misread that one…

    By Morgan on 10.21.2012

  2. But it wasn’t Tina who was in charge in their relationship, even though it seemed like it to everyone. Tom was the one who wore the pants in their relationship, Tina only liked to play the dominant girlfriend in public.

    By maggiebee21 on 10.21.2012

  3. I could never hope to take charge of my own life. I just sit back and let everything wash over me… Am I the strange one for not caring and not taking charge? I watch people day by day freak out because they take on too much and care far too much.

    By Parawat on 10.21.2012

  4. Take charge they say. Take charge of your life. charge. i could charge my phone right now. and talk to someone. that would involve taking charge. but then they will charge me for it. and i will lose charge in money, and electricity.

    By ass on 10.21.2012

  5. Where’s he going? I told him he should wait for me here. They’re going to start soon and what will I tell them then, if he’s not here? That he bailed? ‘So sorry, sirs, can we do this on another day maybe? ‘

    By aino on 10.21.2012

  6. “Charge the phone!” My sister yelled. I frantically searched for the wire to bring her smart phone back to life. I knew that the cops were on their way, but only because they were tracking her phone; so I needed to charge it or else we would die.

    By Melanie Castellanos URL on 10.21.2012

  7. It was a command to move forward. Only through investing in herself, she was told, could she really progress beyond the place where she was. “Don’t think of it as debt, it’s only debt if you waste it,” her adviser told her. But when she wasn’t sure where she was moving forward to, it still felt a lot like she was going into the red.

    By Mandy on 10.21.2012

  8. Take charge or your own life. You own it and only you can define it. Do this every morning when you wake up. Say I’m in charge of my destiny

    By Michele on 10.21.2012

  9. la carga es el peso de algo sostenido por otra cosa. es una situación y ambos cargado y cagador están sometidos a ella. la carga también es la contención de alguna energía

    By carlos on 10.21.2012

  10. “Clear!”
    “There’s no charge!”
    *tries again with the defibrelator
    “we lost her..”

    By Tom on 10.21.2012

  11. Charge up those batteries. Go out into the world and use your stored energy from the rest of your life. Run out into the world with your batteries charged and charge down the life that you want to have for yourself. NOw. There is no time to waste. Absolutely none. Put down your mouse now and do it. Life is short.

    By Kat on 10.21.2012

  12. Charge what? Charge my phone? My phone needs to be charged. And so do I. All I have done today is things that “should” charge my batteries and my thinking, but I have just been lazy.

    By Jacques on 10.21.2012

  13. in charge of nobody! yahhhhh i am in charge of myself he screamed from his army tent. he had pink pantaloons on and fluffy dog slippers. nobody knew his name. he had a strange but endearing smile and a dyed and plaited moustache. his legs had giner hairs growing out straight.

    By betty on 10.21.2012

  14. Everyone told me to take charge of my life. But nowadays, what does that really mean? Go to college? Get an education so you can have a “good” life? That doesn’t strike me as taking charge, but rather falling in line. I’ve always been an outcast in this “society” we have going on.

    By kuranos on 10.21.2012

  15. i don’t know what is expected of me? what do you want me to write? nothing personal I hope… I don’t like to do that on the internet except in my poetry. Poetry is wonderful. Absoultely wonderful.

    By fremin on 10.21.2012

  16. Die Klage tönte durch die Täler und über den Wälder hinweg. Sie durchdrang die Schluchten und erhob sich bis auf die Gipfel der fünf Berge. Dann ging die Sonne unter.

    By Lisa URL on 10.21.2012

  17. they arrived a quarter past midnight, like a stampede up the stairs, ramming the door down.

    “one moment, officers,” she told the barrel of their handguns. she held her hands up and blew. “i’m just letting them dry.”

    they didn’t listen, hoisting her up and pulling her arms behind her. her nails smeared; some of them got it all over their hands.

    she wiggled her fingers, laughing at his bug-eyed face as they escorted her out to snoop around, take pictures.

    later the red on her nails will turn brown, oxidized.

    By isa on 10.21.2012

  18. If you charge me with contempt
    I will not fight the claim
    I don’t care for your swagger
    And your fashion is pretty lame
    You may want my attention
    And play the blame-it-on-me game
    But I don’t care about our friendship
    I would have left you all the same

    By recogirl URL on 10.21.2012

  19. He held up a sword and forced us all forward- like some immeasurable wave that would consume the whole countryside and us with it. And I followed forward, for what else could I do in the face of such a command? My horse seemed to understand it in a way I couldn’t. Heading towards the charging German cavalry without thought. Perhaps that’s what I should be reborn as. A horse.

    By Allie Miller URL on 10.21.2012

  20. electric charge something that keeps you going as you float on this rock through space even if it is your phone or your soul or your entire existence you need something you can charge again, recharge time and time again. It is essential to our existence to reacharge our own batteries.

    By Olivia on 10.21.2012

  21. It`s been a while. Hell, it`s been way too long. But no more…Ha! Not tonight. Tonight, I`ll recharge my batteries and do what I WANT. Not what others think is correct or what other want me to do….

    By Cassidy on 10.21.2012

  22. “Okay, I’m in charge here!”
    That wasn’t how I meant it to sound, but it was how he took it.
    I just meant to say, “Don’t worry, you can leave. The baby is crying, but I can handle it.”
    Instead he became profoundly offended. I heard him telling his wife what a bitch he thought I was.

    By ariel4thou on 10.21.2012

  23. I`m a natural born leader. I love to take in charge of everything. I`m a perfeccionist, and, I know, I know it`s pretty bad to be so obssesive, but I love having making sure everything is perfect…I love to be in charge.

    By Cassidy on 10.21.2012

  24. super charge me into the sky
    the electrons don’t even know or care
    we are here,
    take one charge, pass it on to the next
    charge and charge away
    in the end
    the world will go mad
    so charge and charge away

    By Joie on 10.21.2012

  25. Charge yelled the youthful commander taking the hill behind his crew.
    Charge it, said the matron as she handed her platinum card over to the pimply crew member at Macy’s.
    Charge my phone if you don’t mind, said the well dressed Asian lady to the crew member at the electronics store.

    By beckenbocker on 10.21.2012

  26. Mrs. Shaner is in charge of our class. I like to charge my phone when I go to bed. We need to charge the laptops before we put them back. Mrs. Seck is in charge of the school. President Obama is in charge of our country. Do you charge your phone?

    By jamie on 10.21.2012