October 21st, 2012 | 317 Entries

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317 Entries for “teeth”

  1. My daughter is proud that she knows
    the word “teeth,” and grins arose,
    particularly when we read “Toes, Ears and Nose!”

    By seance on 10.21.2012

  2. My teeth are bright and big, the size of an elephant’s the dentist said. They were difficult to remove.

    By PetitePommes on 10.21.2012

  3. “And here comes the plane! Open wide for a landing! Vroooooom- Ow!”

    “Dick? What happened?”

    Dick clutched his wounded hand to his chest. “Riley bit me!”

    Barbara stared at him for a moment before she burst into laughter. “You’ve gone up against the Joker, Two-Face, and countless other villains and weapons, and yet your daughter’s teeth cause you that much pain?”

    “She’s vicious,” he whined playfully. “Her teeth are really sharp.”

    By Lyssie212 URL on 10.21.2012

  4. The other day, there was this elderly lady who approached me. She was slender; her age showed through her hair, her wrinkled skin, and her dentures. Attempting to greet me, she spat out her teeth and they landed on the floor before me. I was startled; she had been, as well. After this event occurred, she slowly raised her head and cast me a puzzled look. This was a very intriguing moment for both of us.

    By Xayces on 10.21.2012

  5. Super white and pearly, her teeth shown. They glowed in through the crowd of headbangers and partiers throwing themselves toward the stage. She was intoxicating. Bright and brilliant. She moved like a belly dancer, twirling her hips and throwing her hands up above her long black hair.

    By Kristina on 10.21.2012

  6. My teeth have braces on them. They are ugly. They don’t seem to be helping. They are making my teeth somewhat more crooked. I want a perfect smile at the end of this. I don’t know if I will. I wish my gums didn’t cover my teeth like they do. I have small teeth. My teeth are small. They are an offset white right now, because I haven’t been able to bleach them for a while. The doctor tends to think that they will look alright after my braces come off, but I’m in little hopes.

    By Don Martin on 10.21.2012

  7. Teeth. I’m gritting through my teeth. There are so many thoughts flying through my head, but I’m going to let them out with a big hiss, let this steam out from between my teeth. There’s a certain comfort in teeth- strong, white, firm. Capable of tearing apart life and bring about happiness all the same.

    By tree on 10.21.2012

  8. I had that dream again last night. My teeth were made of old wood. Not the kind for in someone’s manicured yard, but the kind you find molded in a damp forrest. I was pulling them out one by one. The small lower teeth came first, ripping with blood and nerve endings stretching past my lips. I stood in front of the foggy mirror with its Hollywood lights and watched my face contort in anger and confusion. I had no idea where my teeth went, or when the splintering replacements came in. Tears streamed down my bloated pink face because I was angry at myself for prolonging the pain, but I just wanted these foreign cubes out.

    By hakunanatasha on 10.21.2012

  9. I grit my teeth together, a habit I have no other time. My horse fidgets as the volunteer outside the box counts down. Three… my heart is pounding…

    By jess88 on 10.21.2012

  10. The sound of the teeth grinding on the food made her boil with a fiery hatred matched only the sun’s burning gases.

    By Forrest Shutt on 10.21.2012

  11. the teeth on the comb tore at her scalp as she dragged them through her matted, dirty hair. She grinned into the mirror, a fierce, toothy grimace. Her scars shone, highlighted by the bitter cold of the early morning air.

    By Clara on 10.21.2012

  12. I had braces for 1. 5 years and it sucked so much. I really hated to go on dates and think that I had food, it really sucked. Until the day they took them off I had more confidence to smile, to eat around other, and to stop being cute by the braces. Man I hated it so much but when I saw my new teeth I thought it was awesome and worth it. But now I have to wear a retainer but atleast I can take it off when ever I want. Nw I have perfect teeth and think it is awesome to smile and look awesome

    By Daniel on 10.21.2012

  13. I grit my teeth and turn away, staring out the window at the thick gray rain pouring down. It hits the sidewalk with force, tiny drops breaking and splashing up into tinier crowns, every drop combining to make a sheet falling endlessly from the sky. I want to be that rain. I want to be able to hit something as hard as that rain hits the ground.

    By LILYhibiku on 10.21.2012

  14. My dentist has spent hours on end killing my mouth by “medically extracting” my teeth. Let me tell you, friends, not for one second was I comfortable. I have a new fear of the dentist, please don’t get my teeth!!

    By caroline on 10.21.2012

  15. teeth are my worst enemy. They lurk inside of my mouth all day waiting for the perfect time to come and make my mouth ache. They are evil little devils that were put in our bodies to torture us. Sure, they help me chew my chicken and rice, but is it really worth it?! That is the question! They are not and little satanic things should stop causing me pain.

    By Carly Oskar URL on 10.21.2012

  16. My teeth were crooked when I was younger, but I never noticed. When I had braces for the first time, I cried because I felt that I looked ugly. That feeling never went away, and continued when I got them off, and the person said that my teeth looked big and that I looked Chinese now. Of course, I don’t. She was just a mean person. I like my teeth now, and I want to be an orthodontist. I think. Maybe I want to work with genetics too, but I can’t be sure.

    By Kelly on 10.21.2012

  17. Maybe it’s shock, or the fact that you’ve been injured so many times before that you’re pretty much impervious to pain, but you don’t feel too bad.

    Sure, it hurts. But it’s just a dull ache in your right arm; Right now you’d reckon a paper cut, a stubbed toe or even a step on a lego piece would be much worse than this. Pain wise.

    It looks, however, much worse than how it feels.

    Your eyes trace the holes where sharp canines had penetrated, tearing in your muscles and flesh. The paper towel you’d be so kindly offered moments ago was now soaked in blood and god knows what else. Well, at least the tetanus shot you got a few months back was worth the trouble.

    The female doctor cringes slightly when she -finally- attends to you. It’ll sting a bit, she says as she preps a disinfectant spray. You take her words with a grain of salt -you never trust doctors anyways-and brace yourself.

    Sting a bit? is a understatement.


    This is unadulterated pain.

    By Jules Looke URL on 10.21.2012

  18. teeth! wow. my teeth. they are nasty. mine are so gross. it’s probably due to the fact that i smoke cigarettes. well, used to anyway. I also rarely brush my teeth. i’m honestly so unhealthy. i wish i wasn’t. i just don’t care about my appearance. i don’t care about much of anything. i don’t know why, but i know it’s bad. it upsets me greatly. i wish i was pretty

    By Aubri on 10.21.2012

  19. Teeth are rather weird if you think about it. Every set it different. Some teeth are big, some are small. Some teeth are crooked while others are perfectly aligned. Some have gaps and some are tight.

    By Ray on 10.21.2012

  20. They are beautiful like african ivory.
    they distinguish a person…the more beautiful the more
    sound. They are like piano chords playing against the strife of life
    They bite me, they eat my heart, they make evertyhing sad beautiful.
    Teeth, the reason there is a tooth fairy is bc we want to onw them and keep them
    Its because they let others know who we are and what we feel.
    teeth, i smile at them

    By Shannon on 10.21.2012

  21. I used to like my teeth, but now they are growing crooked and causing me some pain. I never thought I would want braces once again. Even though they are not straight I will not fret or fuss, because if I do not get them fixed, I will miss the bus.

    By HE on 10.21.2012

  22. My teeth are very white.
    A few weeks ago a friend asked, “How do you keep your teeth so white? You drink coffee you smoke. What’s the deal?” She asked with a confused look then she took another slip of her beer. Then I began to notice her teeth and they were indeed yellow and it made me think of how lucky I am that I brush my teeth twice a day.
    Anyways…I whiten them. Duh.
    My teeth are super white because I take the time to take care of my teeth.

    By DorisDay on 10.21.2012

  23. smooth, smooth, smooth, so silent, very shy, very, very, alone. open your moth, let them free. smile.

    By imeavca on 10.21.2012

  24. My teeth have braces on them. It’s pretty annoying, except I try to think of the end result. I mean really, what are teeth even. They’re pretty gross if you think about it. Stubs of white to rip apart Eid candy, chicken flesh, gooey Kunafeh cheese, etc. Oh yeah, we also use them to talk. Did I say white? They come in all sorts of shades of yellow as well. Okay this is getting pretty gross. Time, please hurry up. Oh boy, my creativity is in the negatives. I like the way teeth are pronounced.

    By thatonestudent on 10.21.2012

  25. The dentist leans closer. I grimace at the screech of plastic gloves against freshly scrubbed enamel. When he moves back I try without success to get the gritty toothpaste taste out of my mouth as he announces I am free to go on with another six months of chewing, smiling, and brushing.

    By blackandwhitedreamer on 10.21.2012

  26. yanked out ripping gums, blood pooling in your mouth. Excrusiating pain blooms in your head, stars dance across your eyes as the horrid pain overtakes your conscious mind. Darkness floods your mind. and you know nothing but pain and cool sweet darkness. nothing matters except the pain. nothing matters. nothing at all.

    By GS on 10.21.2012

  27. The teeth from above, biting from the clouds. Razors, falling from the sky, destroying all those who are unfortunate enough to be caught underneath. It’s not fair. Life, that is. Just when you are doing well, it’s going to hold you down, and bite you repeatedly, until you are dead. It’s teeth are sharp.

    By lapidation on 10.21.2012

  28. teeth
    Pearly and clean.
    Pretty, they make me smile and help me sing.
    for talking and helping to eat.

    By lookhowtheyshine on 10.21.2012

  29. Teeth, set at impossible angles, completely usely for speaking or eating, broken and set back straight.

    By Calypso on 10.21.2012

  30. I had braces for 4 years, after i got them off i felt really good and now that i dont have them i feel happier. i see people with braces and aske them if they feel confortab

    By santibanez on 10.21.2012

  31. SOmetimes i forget to brush my teeth and i feel really bad in the morning, this never happens but when it does i suffer all day. i think thaat this thype of hygiene is really important because you can differ.

    By santibanez on 10.21.2012

  32. Wiggley, hurting , cared for, expensive, are teeth. His are falling while, Hers are fake and will never fall. Mine are mine.

    By Libby on 10.21.2012

  33. My name is Fen.
    The cliffside crumbles exactly the way my teeth do in my nightmares. I go skating down the side. Lucky catch: my icy fingers catch on a wire cable. Hanging on by fingers won’t do. My feet “scramble for purchase,” but all they do is dig out more dirt. I might as well hang on to a nail with my teeth.

    By ISOreality URL on 10.21.2012

  34. white, clean, dirty, tooth decay, food, pleasure, birthday, cake, bones, toothbrush, floss,

    By Andrew Sorsby on 10.21.2012

  35. She smiled and he noticed the gap in her teeth. It was nice. It made her smile warm and soft.
    “You look really pretty,” he told her, smiling himself. He had no gap in his teeth, but she liked his smile just the same.
    She grinned in response.

    By Madi on 10.21.2012

  36. Bite me.
    Use your mouth.
    Use your teeth.
    Life is sweet, so take a bite.
    Life is also delicate.

    Chew it up.
    Don’t forget to swallow.

    By F. I. on 10.21.2012

  37. Shiny white and sharp. She bares hers like a badge of honor. Fully equipped with a bite louder than her bark.

    By Ten on 10.21.2012

  38. He grinned, his yellow, crooked teeth exposed to the world, small spots of spinach still attached in three places.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 10.21.2012

  39. Teeth get dirty often, so you should brush them frequently! If your teeth are not shiny bright, then you should brush with baking soda to remove the stains instead of covering them up with products! Don’t use too much though!

    By Nik on 10.21.2012

  40. white and shiny usually, not always if you’re a smoker then sometimes your teeth become a little more yellow. i smoke a lot but my teeth are as white as a pale white snow. teeth are also good for biting your sexy partner. slowly tracing their body.

    By Jack on 10.21.2012