March 18th, 2018 | 34 Entries

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34 Entries for “tea”

  1. I had a bunch of tea in the morning to quench my thirst. This wasn’t just some ordinary tea that would wake me up or give me energy, this was the type of tea to make my day. It has certainly been a while since I had a drink like this that would have an aroma and scent from the deepest places in the jungle.

    By Tolu on 03.18.2018

  2. I already wrote a piece about tea. I wonder if this website only changes words per hour on the website. If so that makes sense but also at the same time it doesn’t really make sense. There are thousands of words in the dictionary that could have been used instead of “tea”. One of the things that I find annoying is repetition.

    By Tolu on 03.18.2018

  3. My tea is cold by the time I sip it, and its bitter flavour makes me want to gag. Unwilling to show weakness, I push the urge down, taking another sip and smiling.

    “Now, what would you say if I could guarantee you double that price?”

    By darseyrsm URL on 03.18.2018

  4. Would you like a cup of tea? Make it mint for you and me. Lemon waits for spring to come. Chamomile just isn’t fun. Tea is good while reading books. Sip your brew, ignore the looks. Hipster cafés are a treat when you sit and rest your feet. The barista has a grin as he serves your mug of sin. Come and have a cup of tea. Make it extra strong for me.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 03.18.2018

  5. This is the second time that I got a tea entry. I don’t understand what’s going on. I know that tea isn’t the only word in the dictionary; however, it seems to be the only word that I’m getting from this website. I don’t understand. I would rather get words that I can do something with as opposed to getting words that are just repetitions of entries that I have already done. I know that this was the second word that I got yestereday so it is very plausible that you all have an bank of various words that you could use. However, you guys just choose to use the word tea. Why Sway? Why?

    By Tolu on 03.18.2018

  6. Tea in the cup was getting stewed like my mood for breakfast food. I stirred a while and with a reluctant smile, I conclude this time again.

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 03.19.2018

  7. If someone had told me ten years ago that I would eventually orchestrate my whole life around tea, I would have said they were mad. But now, it’s a central tenet of my mental health regime, and it fuels my writing like nothing else. I get my best writing done at my favourite cafe, and the ritual of making tea gets me away from my desk at work, and helps me centre myself during stressful periods. Tea makes my world go round, but I didn’t start drinking it until I was 35. Think about all those years I was missing out – what could I have achieved if only I’d discovered tea earlier?

    By Annie URL on 03.19.2018

  8. Tea, the perfect drink.
    The taste, when properly prepared, brings joy to the drinkers.
    Light yet invigorating, it keeps people going.
    It energize you with subtle touch.
    Which prevents the sudden caffeine crash.
    Cleansing, tea is the best.

    By echuaco URL on 03.19.2018

  9. She sipped her tea slowly, letting the warmth spread through her chest. She listened. She waited. She let the hubbub of the room build, laughter bubbling from all corners, organized social chaos.

    By Bridget Grace on 03.19.2018

  10. Tea means sweet tea. -southerner

    By okayfine on 03.19.2018

  11. Yesterday, I and my friends were at a very good party having a beer when the beer party ended, and we woke up drinking tea with my sis, when I closed my eyes to see if it was not a dream anymore, it was not already that she was giving a kiss to my hands and calling me to see opera with her

    By theo barreto guilherme URL on 03.19.2018

  12. He sits, cradling the mug in his hands. Loose leaves float in the water, staining it greenish-brown. He follows them with his eyes, trying to trace some kind of meaning in the pattern of they movement. Psychics, he’s heard, can do it; he’s not psychic. He’s lost.

    By Evandar on 03.19.2018

  13. I have never cared for it.

    By Kristian Pierce on 03.19.2018

  14. Restrained
    through pursed lips

    By K on 03.19.2018

  15. what the word tea means to me is an herbal substance that you can put in a liquid to seep in the liquid to taste good and help you feel better.

    By Drake URL on 03.19.2018

  16. reading the tea leaves the time has come at last
    the future is uninformed by our past
    the lucky few who benefit from a corrupt system
    tend to drown themselves in opulent altruism
    phony merit based schisms
    break back broken dreams
    crony capitalism.

    By Matt m. on 03.19.2018

  17. tea is something you drink theres all different types of tea green tea, black tea, raspberry tea, theres tea to help you lose weight even tea to help get you relaxed and tea to help you sleep

    By kaaliyah URL on 03.19.2018

  18. There are different kinds of teas, and some of them are not good for you. It has been scientifically proven that some teas like, black tea and white tea are not good for you.

    By abbie on 03.19.2018

  19. A lukewarm mug of tea sat on the edge of the table. Beneath it, a half circle stained into the wood. The surface was clear of other marks, the only signs of use the circles where the mug had been during past uses.

    By xfirefly9x on 03.19.2018

  20. I was introduced to Twining’s English Breakfast Tea by an ex girlfirend’s roommate from the Bahamas. She always added cream and sugar, and it made for a great hot drink at any time of the day. I still drink it regularly whenever I can.

    By Levi on 03.19.2018

  21. David’s tea, guava cadabora, delicious, warm, comforting, cozy, reading. Sunsets, sunrises. Visits. Company. Me time. Colourful. Boiling water. Sips. tea kettle.

    By Erin on 03.19.2018

  22. I like to drink tea

    By Isadora on 03.19.2018

  23. My mom is drinking tea

    By Isadora on 03.19.2018

  24. If I had a tea right now I would be verry happy because my favorite drink is tea.

    By Isadora on 03.19.2018

  25. hola

    By Jhony on 03.19.2018

  26. water weight
    and endless
    is a science
    if you look

    the surface

    By katiekieran URL on 03.19.2018

  27. It lies cold on my grandmother’s nightstand, a cup of stagnant mint leaves and bitter regret as she waits for her children to come home. They never do.

    It makes me wonder how bitter the taste is against her tongue; are her tears flavored in the same way? Is she tasting loss and chamomile all at once? Who knows anymore; I sure don’t.

    By Sophie on 03.19.2018

  28. tea is a drink that is flavored by a packet that has herbs. you can put the packet in the water and then the water will be flavored the tea can be cold or hot.

    By Mikayla Forster on 03.19.2018

  29. Even before we entered she was asking us if we would stay and have tea. s the door opened and she recognised us, she started talking, a long, rehearsed speech started with the formal social protocols of inviting, enticing, requesting and then thanking us for being her guests when a refusal had not been said. We move into the house as if drawn into a vacuum, offering little or no resistance, our curiosity speeding us towards the drawing room in her wake.

    By Meredyth URL on 03.19.2018

  30. Every night I drink some tea
    Just to let it grow cold.
    But, still, I swallow every drop.

    I’ll swallow every drop of love from you.
    I need to. I love you.

    By Ashley on 03.19.2018

  31. It’s almost time for iced tea again. This morning I walked to my car and surprised myself in my own comfort, the air feeling like my skin instead of the cold I’ve had for months. I like the cold but the warm is welcome when I consider its counterpoint of spring ducklings, irises blooming, and iced tea on the back deck.

    By Amanda on 03.19.2018

  32. She dropped the porcelain cup and watched it shatter against the white tile, then reached for another. Another tinkling crash. She reached for another.

    By Riannon on 03.19.2018

  33. OH how I love tea, because it represents what I love to do and give; being a part of tea parties. There’s something to be said about gathering around with those to share an experience of good conversation and opening doors to carry on with a cup of tea and celebrate anything.

    By Donna Whiting on 03.19.2018

  34. Tea is caffeine, and caffeine is mornings. Lifting my out of a slumber, propelling me into another glorious day. Everything starts fresh, new, such hope for the day, so much time lays ahead. The boost is immediate, but I cling to it, it gives me the energy I need to do anything, walk through walls, write, speak, live. I love you tea,

    By Ben Reeve URL on 03.20.2018