March 16th, 2018 | 34 Entries

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34 Entries for “baggage”

  1. Please don’t hand me your emotional baggage before we reach the security checkpoint. I already have my own bags to carry, and I’m not sure if I can even make it past the metal detector. I’m so riddled with obsessive metal piercings already that I might miss one while extracting them all from my ears and lips and nose and tongue. It’s everywhere – I can taste the rusted anxiety. Hold your own luggage, weighed down with your sorrows. I am not in the mood to be steeped in your brooding tea.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 03.16.2018

  2. ´´ He had put the baggage in the boot´´, said the concierge.
    ´´ Open the end at the top of the front and behind the backwards to forwards´´, replied the writer.

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 03.17.2018

  3. Everyone has it, but mine hasn’t been out in the fresh air for quite some time. I had so much baggage at fifty that it took three years of psychotherapy to unpack it all. Well, I say all…

    By Jan McCarthy URL on 03.17.2018

  4. She hoisted her luggage into the hands of the attendant, who took it without a thought and tossed it onto the pile. She winced but said nothing, sure that she had packed with enough care that nothing important would be broken. Still. She should have considered putting the items of value in her carry-on. They looked inconspicious enough…
    It would have been too risky. She knew that. She was second guessing. She shook herself out of it as she walked towards the security check-point.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 03.17.2018

  5. An antidote for freedom. It’s all the things you carry inside invisible knappy sacks, bursting at the inseams and ready to tumble it’s words into whatever cup you’ve currently pressed against your lilps. The inertia of a sigh caught in between a memory. The streetlight outside your window that blinks profusely when you awake from slumber, still dreaming of stars and remember, vaguely, how life has never thrown you one.

    By SarahsGurl URL on 03.17.2018

  6. We all have our own baggage.
    Both Physical and Mental.
    Sometimes, we may have a hard time carrying it due to our own reasons.
    You may feel that it is easier to throw it all away, to free our selves from our burden.
    But, does it really free us?
    You may may be free, but what of the baggage?
    It might have contain a treasure, a reward or in the end something greater.
    You may never know, because you threw it away.
    And even if you know what is inside the baggage, not all is in vain.
    For sometimes, what matters is not the baggage, but the journey in carrying it.

    By echuaco URL on 03.17.2018

  7. haha all that shit ain t gon fit…………what to do what to do. Maybe ill put it on you. that’s too much responsibility too. but you know what goin for. how bout you getmy bags and say its coooooooooooool

    By Mr.584903 URL on 03.17.2018

  8. with this world I can remember my vacations.The time that i was very free of any school or homework and

    By Matheus Teixeira Guerra on 03.17.2018

  9. with this world I can remeber my vacations and the time that I was free of any homeworks or activities about school . VERY

    By Matheus Teixeira Guerra on 03.17.2018

  10. The baggage went off into the assembly line at the airport. It had travelled a long way, across several oceans in fact, to get to its destination. The contents therein, a secret. The owner intended to keep it that way, which is why it was wrapped in film containing lead, so as to fool the X-ray machines. The baggage itself was unassuming.

    By Federico on 03.17.2018

  11. The baggage is the thing that you use to put your clothes so you can go to a distant place without worriyng if there have clothes.

    By EMILLE URL on 03.17.2018

  12. The baggage is the thing that you use to put your clothers and another things so you can bring them to anywhere like far places . It´s similiar to luggage.

    By Emille URL on 03.17.2018

  13. I grabbed my baggage and entered the station.

    That seems like a simple sentence, but it’s not. I’m not talking about physical baggage. It’s mental. See, I’ve got a problem, a big problem.

    By Lady Mania on 03.17.2018

  14. do you have baggage and are you unkind
    carrying with you the thoughts in your mind
    the loves that you lost and the loss across time
    do you love me today
    or will you just throw me away
    fun and games
    we don’t have fun or games
    smiling at you, i’m met with just frowns
    the boys in your past were stressed it sounds
    leaving the future for times unseen
    i think you’re crazy today
    the past has just blown you away

    By Matt m. on 03.17.2018

  15. My life has a lot of baggage, I don’t know what to do with all of it. I feel like I have to keep everything in when I try and show my emotions, I can’t let them out in words. words fail me. I can’t seem to talk about my feelings to my family.

    By Cassidy Hill on 03.17.2018

  16. It`s an inportant thing when you travel, because you use it to put important things that you will need in you trip, for example clothes, and things very necessary like toothbrush, shamppo.

    By Caio Telho on 03.17.2018

  17. It is an important object that you use mostly when you travel. In the baggage you put clothes and things like shamppo, toothbrush, and basic things for the travel.

    By Caio Telho URL on 03.17.2018

  18. She shrugged her shoulders and leaned forward, smushing her chin into the desk so that her lower lip stuck out in a schoolgirl pout. “I don’t want to talk about that,” she mumbled. “I’m tired.”

    By Riannon URL on 03.17.2018

  19. “Let’s drop our baggage at the Bates Motel.”
    “I think not, Psycho.”
    “Watch your tongue.”
    “I think you’re watching it well enough for the both of us.”
    “Look, a rainbow.”
    “What goes around comes around, what’s the color of strangled one, one that withers underground?”
    “Like a bruise?”
    “No, dark like my hidden love.”

    By Washing URL on 03.17.2018

  20. I was traveling to Hawaii and my baggage fell all over the flor in the airport.


  21. I would pack it tight
    & amaze him.
    We were allowed
    minimal baggage –
    being economy and all.
    He insisted it
    could not
    be done.
    He had no idea who
    he was talking to.

    By dinamspice URL on 03.18.2018

  22. when you go travelling you put all your things in your baggage, like clothes, personal things, shoes, make up and all you want to take with you.

    By ana gabriella leao on 03.18.2018

  23. The only thing I still carry with me, on long nights that tire me out. I’ve got plenty of my own, not sure I can handle yours.

    By layla on 03.18.2018

  24. I carry it with me
    everywhere I go
    it belongs to me
    and doesn’t want to let go
    not sure why I still hold on
    I’m positive that some of it is yours
    thank you for leaving it
    but I’m too afraid to face it
    it just kind of feels perverse
    to look at it all alone

    By lea URL on 03.18.2018

  25. De baggege van mijn tas is vol en zwaar, maar soms ook weer licht en verrijkend. Als er muziek klinkt of wanneer ik alleen thuis ben. De baggage zit vol met slechte herinneringen, ene groot ego dat naar me kijkt. Maar ook met goede herrineringne. Poeh ik vind het wel lastig om hier over te schrijven zeg. Ik merk dat de woorden op zijn

    By Marije Lameris on 03.18.2018

  26. One day, I lost my baggage in the airport, then I had to buy another one, was very expensive. After this I found my baggage.

    By Eduardo Gondim Rezende on 03.18.2018

  27. I used to use a baggage to travel, go to the airport, but i thunk it is dangerous because sometimes it come back open and i didn`t like this, so now i just use only backpacks. I think it is more safe and i carry it with me all the times, so nobody can open and stole my things, and it is more cheap than a baggage.

    By Marcela Chuahy on 03.18.2018

  28. When I left the airport I carried my luggage from the baggage claim. It was very heavy and I think it weighed almost up to one hundred pounds. I was scared that the police or the sniff dogs were going to come because I had drugs in there. When I passed by the drug dogs one of the police officers came and said that they noticed some suspicious behavior. I told them that I didn’t know what they were talking about and proceded to go onto my merry way. However, it wasn’t until the dog came and tried to attack me that I ran. I ran ran ran for my life and didn’t stop. I was almost killed by the dog.

    By jooj on 03.18.2018

  29. I knew I was a terrible person, but I am not that man anymore. Why do I have to carry the sins of a man so distant from myself now.
    However, I don’t know if I should complain, I am only treated this was because I was this terrible. I must’ve had a

    By mickehh URL on 03.18.2018

  30. It is something that you take when you are going to travel. If it is too big you cant take it inside the airplante. There are a lot of sizes, colors and shapes.

    By Larissa Belisário on 03.18.2018

  31. I left my baggage on the platform and watched helplessly as it slid, faster and faster, into the distance. The platform drew away behind us, rolling on its smooth wheels away across the plain in search of another town, another train, and there I sat on my hard seat with only the clothes I had on and my hat and a newspaper, and I thought, “well, crumbs.”

    By Penny-Anna URL on 03.18.2018

  32. I could love you easily if your baggage was the kind that could be left on the spinning conveyer belt of the claim. Grin your crinkly grin at me and say it ain’t so.

    By Ella Emma Em on 03.18.2018

  33. i was in the crowded city with loads of other people. they were holding their baggage in hand as they wished that they were at home.

    By irelyn want on 03.18.2018

  34. It’s something truely necessary for when you are tripping. You can’t just go to trave without it . It’s essential. Reminds me off traveling. You can loose it sometimes.

    By Laura de santis on 03.18.2018