March 20th, 2018 | 53 Entries

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53 Entries for “deserted”

  1. when someone is alone

    By agustia URL on 03.21.2018

  2. a place where none else is,whithout people and without trees or houses around you,in the middle of anyth

    By Guadalupe URL on 03.21.2018

  3. That there si nothing in a place or it is inhabited.For example when you walk in the street and there is no one you say that the street is deserted.

    By Marco URL on 03.21.2018

  4. Place where you can t find anything like a desert is inhabited.

    By Tomas URL on 03.21.2018

  5. it can be used when a place has no people, or in a dry place. it is related to a landscape not somethng sweet. there are cactus or it is very silent. i have been there and it is very hot. the sun is huge and there isnt clouds it never rains! people in there dont feel so much hot but if you live in cold places it would be a big change!

    By delfina URL on 03.21.2018

  6. The city was deserted, no one was there, they were gone as a scared cat, someone may be there scared by the storm out there

    By Ramiro Silva URL on 03.21.2018

  7. The city was deserted when the volcano explode and no one was left there.

    By Benja URL on 03.21.2018

  8. They were two strangers, deserted in a ghosttown. How they got here was a mystery to all, all they know is that they have to survive. One was already thinking about dying right there, right now. The other was doing everything in his power to survive.

    By Marie on 03.21.2018

  9. I believe the main thing about best friends is that they’re supposed to stick with you throughout your entire life. Otherwise, they would be called, “best friends for now.”

    It upsets me to think of loss of a friend. Imagine somebody you love, turning their back on you, forgetting you ever existed. This is a real problem for some folks, and I couldn’t imagine it for myself.

    Desertion is my biggest fear.

    By Addy URL on 03.21.2018

  10. “What is your biggest fear?” He asked me. He bit his lip, and I raised an eyebrow to that. It seemed he was using his methods of seduction on me…too bad they wouldn’t ever work.

    “Desertion,” I replied, without a thought. I furrowed my eyebrows, and he gave me a look that questioned the reasoning of my reply. “The thought of everyone you love turning their back on you…it’s scary, isn’t it?”

    By Addy URL on 03.21.2018

  11. “Deserted”

    After so many days of living inside the dark, you learn to console yourself. Kiss the upturned palms of your own hands. Bow a namaste into the morning of an empty room. Bend with the wind of destiny like a yogini, and begin again.

    By SarahsGurl on 03.21.2018

  12. deserted asteroid blue procedure. stardust slippery footprint coat. white suits and silver gleaming rocket. fins and a sparkling nosecone. A comet hurtling, turning our way. that’s no comet. My harpoon gun’s stuck to my utility belt.

    By Fred Fingery URL on 03.21.2018

  13. the solitary confinement of the day to day
    sitting at desk, whittling the time away
    deserted; we are
    left adrift at sea
    devoured by the waves
    crashing into me

    By Matt m. on 03.21.2018