March 11th, 2013 | 262 Entries

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262 Entries for “tales”

  1. fairy tales
    fiction story
    When pigs fly
    They lived happily ever after
    Once upon a time
    Dreams do come true
    I am a fairy and am ruled by a space alien who has ten flying pigs as his servants

    By yasmine on 03.12.2013

  2. Tales are the adventures that create great stories! They have journeys, relationships, obstacles, and triumphs. Everyone has tales to tell — they just need to be shared in written or verbal form! I have tales!

    By Veronica on 03.12.2013

  3. I tell tales of beauty and winds and magic in my head, but I fumble and stumble and never do anything but dream.

    By VikingBee on 03.12.2013

  4. The tale of the tails is a silly story that you can’t seem to remember if the tale is the beginning of the end. It’s a tale of someone who doesn’t know if they are coming or going. Tales of the Tails…a story where the end is the beginning.

    By CarolAnn Kidder on 03.12.2013

  5. tall, fairytales, cat tales, dog tales, duck tales, long, short, Ty tells tall tales, stories, book, knights, heights, flights, kites,vales, bales of hay, rails, horses

    By Tori on 03.12.2013

  6. She always told tall tales. We never believed any of them. That is until i found her dead on the floor of her house. She was right someone was after her. Now it was my duty to find out who it was and make them pay.

    By Jerri on 03.12.2013

  7. The old man sat on the tree trunk, the green of the trees and the smell of flowers surrounded them. “Now,” he said smiling at the others, “I will tell you the tales of my youth.”

    By purpleyrain on 03.12.2013

  8. before they sleep at night, tales of forever hang around the room as they both throw words at each other of what happened that day. tales of grumpy old professors, tales of the kind laundry lady, tales of white pasta and brewed coffee over rainy mornings. before they sleep, each wish for a prayer, that each of their tales will someday merge together.

    By Yein on 03.12.2013

  9. So many tales we are told as young girls. Almost all of them have a prince that comes to rescue the princess. Even if somehow the princess manages to save herself (for example, Mulan, who saves ALL OF CHINA YOU GO GIRL), she’s undoubtedly going to end up with a guy anyway, because everyone knows, that’s the only way you can get a true, well-rounded fairy tale happy ending.
    Such garbage we teach our children, yet we expect all of them to grow up and be strong, independent, young women. Not all are so lucky. Many go on living their lives with these perverse expectations that in order to be happy they need to have a man.
    Well listen here ladies. Straight, gay, bi, unintersted, whatever your sexual preferences, you shouldn’t have to define yourself by someone else. Be an individual. Do your own thing.

    By Kt on 03.12.2013

  10. Tell me a tale of dragons and witches,
    of lions that died in battles,
    and promiscuous men.
    Tell me a tale that will make me smile,
    and leave me restless in the night.
    You will know when it when the time is right,
    Tell me a tale.

    By vicky on 03.12.2013

  11. Fairy tales, tall tales, tales of any size really. This is what makes us human. They can be true or false or wonderfully magical but they will never leave our hearts. They make us who we are, help us to define how we think.

    By Kara on 03.12.2013

  12. Dead men tell no tales. Words to live by in the pirate community; or die by, your choice. However where do the tales we have been told come from if all the authors have come to an unfortunate end because of their loose lips?

    By Steve on 03.12.2013

  13. Head’s best pal, head’s most accurate opposite. softer, sweeter, a people pleaser, tales makes heads a better coin.

    By Joey on 03.12.2013

  14. Head’s best pal, head’s most accurate opposite. softer, sweeter, a people pleaser, tales makes heads a better coin..

    By Joey on 03.12.2013

  15. Tales, the many ones I have to tell. The many ones I have to keep to myself. To only but myself. I laugh, it rains. It rains upon me. I close my eyes in the dark of night. In the wind that tampers my self. My inner self. I feel. I laugh and then I am.

    By Pablo on 03.12.2013

  16. I heard a story once about two people who fell in love
    A tale for fairies
    I heard a story once about two people who fell out of love
    A tale for humans

    By Ronald Roa on 03.12.2013

  17. The wallpaper is of a style beyond an era I could name, and yet the condition is perfect; no tattered edges, no curled corners, no scuffs, scratches or scrapes. It doesn’t have the same old-person smell that so many of the others had either, nor even that taint air of alcohol gel and cleaning agents. It just seems fresh here at WestAcre Care Home.
    A bronzed light falls through netted windows of a large west-facing room. It’s filled with chairs not strewn randomly around the room but placed intentionally and with care so as to nurture conversation. The faces are varied. Some wrinkled, staring wistfully over the grounds at the setting sun, other soft and smiling, engaged in quiet conversation over a cup of tea and a hand of hearts. Their conversation drifts through the air like music in a next-door room, audible but not invasive; I catch little bits here and there as we wait at the door, and I know this is the right place for him. His tales will go down well here, and I know he will receive theirs eagerly.

    By Barber on 03.12.2013

  18. Fairy Tales like Tangled from Disney. “I guess that’s the good part, you get to go find a new dream.”

    By Noelle URL on 03.12.2013

  19. Tales are stories. Stories are what create these lives we live. Memories the we bring back to our present thought. Stories and tales are what makes each life unique. It’s what makes life beautiful.

    By Patricia Le on 03.12.2013

  20. Fairy Tales like Tangled from Disney. “I guess that’s the good part, you get to go find a new dream.” Often told at night time or to children.

    By Noelle URL on 03.12.2013

  21. they don’t tell stories about girls
    with thick thighs and rough hair
    or brown skin, brown eyes

    who don’t like dancing
    who take years to become good
    at absolutely anything

    who won’t look flawless in
    garbage bag dresses, or pull off
    bright red lipstick every day

    who’d like to be strong and cool
    but end up mostly crying
    when things don’t go their way

    who try to be ladylike even when
    the men aren’t gentle,
    because their anger is dismissed

    who won’t go down in history
    or inspire songs and poetry
    at the very least

    they don’t tell stories about girls
    like us. i don’t know if it’s our fault
    or the world’s

    By isa on 03.12.2013

  22. Tall ones, told by children with scabby knees and drunken parents sitting in their dirtied porch with dirty toes. Tall tales of lies made into the biggest imagined universe you’ve ever seen. Hundreds of children’s minds pooled into this massive cloud of utter imagination, called Tales.Why the Fuck not?

    By Irene on 03.12.2013