March 10th, 2013 | 228 Entries

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228 Entries for “withered”

  1. flowers after a long day of scorching sunlight. An old lady after her life is complete and she has nowhere left to go but up. withered. faded.

    By LeahChristine on 03.11.2013

  2. I feel withered. So withered I could fall over and die. But this place, this choice, I am at right now, is just one more defining factor in who I am. I what makes me who I am. Because we are not the result but we are the process in which we get to the result; we are our choices.

    By Michael on 03.11.2013

  3. withered into nothing,
    wilted like the garden last autumn,
    waiting for me
    is like wanting the world to end.
    withering away,
    day by day by day,
    withering away
    until you’re left lifeless.

    By Courtney on 03.11.2013

  4. Aleksandar lay down on the cold wooden floor of his cabin. His hands curled around the soft leather cover of an old book of his as he lay, staring blankly up at the ceiling. He felt cold, empty… just as he should be. Just as everyone thought of him as: a terror, a nightmare. He was just that.

    By skeletate on 03.11.2013

  5. Testing.

    By KZ on 03.11.2013

  6. The flowers that you left me withered it time. Don’t worry they lasted longer than I expected. But they lay withered in that clear vase that you left with me too. Now I stare at them everyday. I bet they stare at how I am withered too.

    By vicky on 03.11.2013

  7. This is how every inside of her being felt when she watched him walk away. She was withered. She was slowly dying. She was falling. And there was no saving her this time.

    By Kayla on 03.11.2013

  8. His hand drooped in disappointment. His whole body seemed to collapse from the inside and his frame withered, just like a dying flower. Even in such a state of utter depression, his posture held an elegance, only seen in the eye of one trained to view the smallest gestures of beauty.

    She was exaggerating, of course. He was merely pretending to be a piece of melting cheese.

    By dramarie URL on 03.11.2013

  9. The plant slowly withered away from not being kept properly. Annie knew that there was nothing else to do, but to let it die. If only she could had kept better care of the plant.

    By Laugh4miles on 03.11.2013

  10. Slither away as the cold, harsh world closes in. Fly away as the merciless giants stomp by. Go deep under as the solid concretes are built over. Hide, fly, dig. Before we all find things withered.

    By Dee URL on 03.11.2013

  11. and i withered and cast my self. Im drowning in a sea. I shall break down and surrender myself to keep my sanity.

    By Mitch on 03.11.2013

  12. i am so very withered. i feel like the flower still sitting in the vase that needed to be let out days ago.

    By tlacroft on 03.11.2013

  13. Like a flower. Old, decaying, lost beauty. Something so lovely and precious wilts right before you eyes. Yet theres still such a desire to stare, and see such a natural process happen right before your eyes.

    By Michael Regalado on 03.11.2013

  14. I watched as the life I lived withered away and became nothing more than an empty husk of what I had hoped it would one day be. Time moved on, and so did she. As fate would have it, that’s the beginning of the story though.

    By Carlos The Awesome on 03.11.2013

  15. I withered away into my own self being,
    my own wallowing,
    my own pity.
    But how can I , simply and unutterably depressed,
    become a daisy in a patch of well,
    other daisy’s.
    I do not wish to be different,
    but merely bluntly
    the same.

    By Brenna Russo URL on 03.11.2013

  16. hey i like you
    hey do you hate me

    By libby URL on 03.11.2013

  17. She was once so proud.
    She stood tall, in her blue dress,
    Hands, face, smooth as cream.
    Now she puts down the frame and
    Now, she sits alone.
    Her hands, face, withered with time.

    By M on 03.11.2013

  18. That’s exactly how I felt yesterday. I was just wallowing in self-pity, thinking that I was a failure. Like all of my insides had withered up and I just wanted the whole world to swallow me. But then I called my boyfriend and he told me to man up; there are people starving in the world, so why was I crying?

    By Ali on 03.11.2013

  19. In that moment she knew that she could no longer stand tall like the stalk of a flower. Her soul became dull and she was only able to watch as the person she once believed she was withered away in to pieces in the air. She was lost in a world where nothing made sense.

    By Nicole on 03.11.2013

  20. Decay. Gone. Cast off from the rest of society, no longer as beautiful as you once were, in the beginning. A rose, left out in the sun for too long; nobody attending to it’s everyday needs.

    By Jacob Bush on 03.11.2013

  21. My courage has withered in the face of our lives collapsing because someone made a choice that would impact my entire family for years to come. Keep fighting, I tell myself. Keep going. But I am tired and ready to rest.

    By Danielle on 03.11.2013

  22. she watched the flower wither away and wonder if one day, she too, will wither away like that. her beauty, her health, her brightness, slowly disappearing.
    she wonders if someone will keep a petal of her to remember her by, she hopes so.

    By bree URL on 03.11.2013

  23. i knew a girl who grew up
    before she grew old

    she used to be sweet, but the world
    spat on her face, leaked bitterness
    in her mouth

    a day before she turned twenty-five
    she looked her future in the eye
    and said,

    “that’s enough, life.
    that’s enough.”

    By isa on 03.11.2013

  24. this is bs everytime i refresh the page it keeps on going back to this and I think it’s pretty annoying. Withered is a word used for dying or dead things, like plants, feelings, and just everything at it’s worst point. If you leave something long enough it will wither away and die.

    By Vicky on 03.11.2013

  25. This is the way the world ends, not with a bang but a whimper.

    Withering is the worst fate that can possibly befall any of the grander things of life. Go out with a bang.

    By Cody Albert on 03.11.2013

  26. The grass became dry and shivelled; it had withered to an unappealing brown

    By Anonymus on 03.11.2013

  27. See the withered rose. Trying to become young again and perfect and pretty, because that is all that brings sense to her existence. A withered rose is worth nothing. Go back and be a blossom, that’s the only way you want to be seen, no matter what is inside.

    By Fredda URL on 03.11.2013

  28. Homered

    By Alicia on 03.11.2013