March 11th, 2013 | 262 Entries

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262 Entries for “tales”

  1. Tales are just another form of myth. Over time they change form and become history. Which one do you believe in?

    By Golden Gate Lady on 03.12.2013

  2. when we talk it is as though we weave the fabric fairies will wear from our thoughts and ideas. we transport ourselves into the snow globes of my childhood and the sunny days spent by brooks where i was a knight, defeating evil forest spirits. it is your mind that never fails to sparkle at me, unwinding on the crooked paths you choose to lead me along, a benevolent deity whiling away time.

    By berenique on 03.12.2013

  3. They say a happily ever after is just around the corner,
    but they never tell you which corner,
    on which street,
    in which city…or state.. or country…

    It’s just another tale… just another fairy tale.

    MY happy ending begins now.

    By EllJayCee URL on 03.12.2013

  4. She told tales of the past, of her past, and though at first they were flat facts, slowly emotional moles hill mounted and merged into vast ranges of regrets and repeated mistakes, masking the small successes that huddled at the base, in the shadows of ominous peaks.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 03.12.2013

  5. there is something to be said about the old crones tales. they always had a ring of truth to them, no matter how off putting the tale was.

    That is why I had to go see her.

    By Candz on 03.12.2013

  6. It cracked – the fire did.
    Noticed by none, it continued, in no demure.
    An old man continued too.
    As all heard his pauses, and rises, and falls.
    The fire – it cracked.

    By natty on 03.12.2013

  7. The tales beyond our own. Where there is nothing to be shown. The games are cast and we are lasting far too long. The tales that I was told as a child are silly lies, that I cannot help but sigh thinking of them now. Let’s just forget it about it I suppose. Whilst modern tales are spun up to create and frustrate all those abound and surround.

    By Brock on 03.12.2013

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    By nadia on 03.12.2013

  9. There are many tales that everyone has. There is a tale of happiness, a tale of sorrow, a tale of joy and a tale of experiences. Yet, every tale shares a commonality. That there is a hope, and dreams guiding each tale.

    By echuaco URL on 03.12.2013

  10. In what would be the land of triumph ended up being a land of tyranny. They might call it a tale but it sure wasn’t any thing but. A nightmare. That’s right, that’s exactly how he would describe his time in the land of Legions.

    By Rylan Almeida on 03.12.2013

  11. Tales are like folk tales. It’s the only thought that comes to mind. Telling a folk tale, is an imaginary story carried on through generations for people to enjoy. (:

    By cassismiles on 03.12.2013

  12. i love them I can read them very fast I love to be one of the he3roes and save the world but after every rise there is a fall. I am afraid of tales but now I love thjem, all is good to read and enjoy I wan to read and live int ehm. thre nop one can find me or hate me because there is no onnje but me

    By brll on 03.12.2013

  13. I think of the stories that i my parents would read to me when i was little, stories about princesses and happy endings and other cliches

    By Claudia Harris URL on 03.12.2013

  14. Tales could be dolphin tales or story tales both directs something or someone in a certain direction. A tale can direct you to different interesting places

    By Mari on 03.12.2013

  15. vaguely recalling the faintest memory
    tightly tied together
    forever entwined in tall tales
    wet lips smacked together awkwardly like a slapfight
    broken hearted aspirations
    too much to handle all at once
    remember how easy it used to be
    when we spoke in utmost vagaries
    but as things come into focus
    everything gets blurred.

    By Matty M. on 03.12.2013

  16. My tale of life is much like any other I suppose, filled with ups and downs. Mostly downs until now. I have discovered the real me. The one that has been in hiding for far too many years. I really like the me I have discovered.

    By Joan Harrison URL on 03.12.2013

  17. I like reading tales, all sorts of tales. Scary ones, funny ones, weird ones. There are many that I’ve heard that will alwsy stay with me One of them tells of a monster that lived in a banana tree. That s

    By susan on 03.12.2013

  18. the bearded man stopped talking, when he finds out that everybody’s silent now. “why is everyone so quite?”

    no answer, everybody’s still. one of the kids had finally said, “that is not just some tale”

    the other one continued, “that’s what happened to our mom.”

    By rayshabir URL on 03.12.2013

  19. This word reminds me of stories. I really don’t like the word tales. I wish it was more majestic. Like, when I think of stories I think about outlandish fantasies, but the word tales kind of reminds me of the movie Fish Tails and other sorts of animal tails. So in that sense I want the word to be more adventurous.

    By Dana Lewis on 03.12.2013

  20. Wise, old tales, she told, her skin old like bark. She smiled, wrinkled, the bark crunching, as she retold tales of her life before she grew.

    By RK on 03.12.2013

  21. stories

    By aya on 03.12.2013

  22. stories that have titles and big paragraphs
    illustrators make the pictures and drawings

    By aya on 03.12.2013

  23. stories

    By NatalieTyale on 03.12.2013

  24. I read a tale about coconuts. I read it in a hut. I love peanuts.

    By Mirha on 03.12.2013

  25. books
    fairy tales
    Pigs are flying

    By yasmine on 03.12.2013

  26. stories that have titles and big paragraphs
    illustrators make the pictures and drawings
    fairy tale
    best sellers

    By aya on 03.12.2013

  27. stories
    snow white
    tattle tails
    cat chasing a dog
    a cats tail
    A FROG
    my brother

    By ythomson on 03.12.2013

  28. fiction
    picture books
    fairy tales
    make believe
    stories that are not true

    By yasmine on 03.12.2013

  29. stories and myths, legends, old wives tales, fairy tales, folk tales, educational tales, bedtime tales/stories, a new world , adventurous places, endless imagination, mystery and suspense, fantasy, realistic fiction, news articles,

    By abeer on 03.12.2013

  30. stories and myths, legends, old wives tales, fairy tales, folk tales, educational tales, bedtime tales/stories, a new world , adventurous places, endless imagination, mystery and suspense, fantasy, realistic fiction, news articles,

    By abeer on 03.12.2013

  31. stories, myths and legends, mystery and suspense, news articles, new lands, adventures discovering new places, old wives tales, urban legends, creative thinking , hours of imagination and fun.

    By abeer on 03.12.2013

  32. stories
    biography auto biography

    By Mirha on 03.12.2013

  33. Tales of fervor and passion, basic, very basic get to us don’t they? They seem genuine.

    By Kunjal Shah on 03.12.2013

  34. adventurous tales
    bedtime tales
    auto biographies

    By Mirha on 03.12.2013

  35. So many tales were told of an event that never existed in the first place. It was the claim of the sound of life coming from the cave, that on our property. I wonder if we will we ever get to know the truth and settle this embarrassing situation once and for all.

    By victor URL on 03.12.2013

  36. Tales

    By Enzo on 03.12.2013

  37. tall tales told by old people to keep the young ones in check, makes you loose faith and become disillusioned as an adult, trying to live an exciting and free life.

    By Nelri URL on 03.12.2013

  38. flipping a coin is a stupid way to make decisions. There’s no real life to flipping a coin. There’s no dependency on your own brain. People are able to handle any decision, and I’ll tell you how: Flip a coin. As it’s hovering in the air, which are you hoping for? You have an answer.

    By vanitycats on 03.12.2013

  39. of giant beanstalks
    and men on moons
    and bread-crumb trails,
    it is no wonder
    we are so

    By corey leigh kirby on 03.12.2013

  40. tale spin is a sweet cartoon about a bear that flies a plane. Really digged it :) sweet deal. Talking about this reminds me of duck tales. think the same studio made it.

    By Etienne on 03.12.2013