October 3rd, 2010 | 166 Entries

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166 Entries for “tale”

  1. Mine is a tale of sorrow and joy; of hurt and soothing; of destruction and creation. Mine is not an easy tale to tell, but it is one that must be heard so that no others will have to suffer its entirety.

    By Evangeline Night URL on 10.04.2010

  2. He stood among the lost and wondered why they were staring at him. Then he remembered he had told each of them a different tale, making himself the leader and showing his wonderful, if imaginary, qualities for all to see. There are many responsibilities with each tale.

    By Mike in Sacramento URL on 10.04.2010

  3. kay: every new day of my life proves that fairytales don’t exist.

    meg: fairytales do not exist, and dreams do not come true.

    By kaymeg14 URL on 10.04.2010

  4. tell me one? illustrate grandeouse illusions of wonder, I want to be enlightened, entertained. Your lies are like fireworks, so vivid and intense and I am addicted. Please, tell me. Tell me a tale.

    By Maria Rose URL on 10.04.2010

  5. Tale is a sweet word who makes me say animals are so sweet.

    By Andreea on 10.04.2010

  6. The fox told a crafty tale to the hens and the hens, being gullible, believed it. Some agreed to leave the henhouse and accompany the fox to the pub, they believed his tale of safety, they thought him a safe chaperone.

    By finny URL on 10.04.2010