October 2nd, 2010 | 104 Entries

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104 Entries for “used”

  1. there was nothing he could do about it. It had been a real great ploy, and he had been completely and utterly used by the supposed girl of his dreams.

    By alice adler on 10.03.2010

  2. i have been used
    by friends
    not so cool
    this is the life
    we can also use stuff
    but giving is better than recieving
    in my holy opinion anyways
    i love him him him him him!
    so little time
    i love you darling!

    By osa on 10.03.2010

  3. yes,it’s true,you are both beautiful inside and out.but to say i used you only for your beautiful body?!?you’d think i’d be used to it…but you remain arrogant and vain until the end. you’d think you’d write or call to see how i was dong.if you could support or help me,but no.hello,your average body is only beautiful because it belongs to you..jesus

    By i bet you think this song is about you on 10.03.2010

  4. i used to care about the girl who meant the world to me, then i realised that my mind was making what my heart wanted a reality.

    By Leon Hawkes on 10.03.2010

  5. It was almost painful. The feeling of not owning the consequences of your actions. The feeling of knowing someone else has taken advantage of you. The knowledge that you would never be able to say that you had not allowed yourself to be used.

    By Ellen Curtis on 10.03.2010

  6. I once knew a girl (I say ‘girl…she was in her 40s) who would wear a pair of stocking only once and once she’d used them she would throw them away then wear a new pair, staight out of the packet. She never wore a used pair.

    By Kitty Littertray URL on 10.03.2010

  7. I had looked so long and here it was. A genuine first edition copy. I picked it up and carefully turned the pages, excited by their yellowed used condition.

    By JL on 10.03.2010

  8. I used to write angst, now I write poetry. I used to be a young, sweethearted kid, now a depressed emo child. I used to hate the world, now I still do. I used to believe in fairy tales, now the Bible is fiction.

    By Bri Berrios URL on 10.03.2010

  9. the car was used, used up even. but it was all she could afford, it would have to be good enough to get her and her boy out of that town and that rut.

    By shane patrick on 10.03.2010

  10. broken down, treasured, old, somebody had it before you, it has a history, it might be junky, or have holes or dents in it, it might have been loved by someone before you, amazing what it might be worth,

    By Pat on 10.03.2010

  11. i feel used so much in my life. sometimes its good though because you know your needed but usually it just hurts and you want them to love you instead

    By Bica on 10.03.2010

  12. i feel just used up without a friend in the world

    By Andrew David on 10.03.2010

  13. Used and abused, sometimes you just feel used and abused, don’t you?

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 10.03.2010

  14. old, worn, tired. over with. lost functionality. my brain feels this way right now. duuurrrrrrrrrrr

    By cswestii URL on 10.03.2010

  15. Used are things and people. Everything is used at some times. But strangely enough, if things are used it is not a bad thing.
    Using people is.
    I wonder why there is such a difference.
    Really interesting thing.

    By joe on 10.03.2010

  16. apologiesapologiesapologiesapologies
    jesus christ, I’ll never covince anybody
    that I never meant to crucify,
    I never wanted to make biblical
    the time we spent & it was
    never supposed to hurt,
    but every breath drives
    another nail through
    another palm,
    and every smile
    is a salted wound.

    By doc. URL on 10.03.2010

  17. WHAT!! I already wrote about this yesterday!! Change it pleeze! :(

    By Amahdi on 10.03.2010

  18. i feel used sometimes i feel used a dumped in water i feel great about it

    By kati on 10.03.2010

  19. You left me, ripped and unclean. You abandoned me and my mottled sheen.

    By Maria Rose URL on 10.03.2010

  20. plastic bags swirl in the wind. hope you aren’t waiting for me. the using was mutual and devastating.

    By Pegdolly URL on 10.03.2010

  21. he just left when i told the good news to him. I thougth he would be happy as me and will pull me into his side, lift me up, spin me in his hands. Smile and laugh. But no. He left. He left me feel used. And with his baby inside me, growing.

    By Tanya on 10.03.2010

  22. i feel used. i feel like you look at me, soak me in, take advantage. i am falling in love with you and it doesnt matter cause i am just another ornament on the mantle piece above your couch. another score. another person you can count off on your list.

    By Kate on 10.03.2010

  23. I used to be a person.
    Then, then they, for lack of any better term… broke me. Is that any way to say such a thing?
    Of course not.
    But you didn’t ask for clarity.

    By Kyra on 10.03.2010

  24. She crumpled up the used tissue and flung it on the floor with a little “humph.”. He picked it up. She did it again. He picked it up again. She was 30 years old. Marriage was occasionally not what he expected.

    By nlc URL on 10.03.2010