September 9th, 2014 | 66 Entries

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66 Entries for “tailgate”

  1. Grill master strikes again.

    By Trevor Lindberg on 09.09.2014

  2. Two jerkwads, in one day, decided to tailgate me while I was on the freeway. Never mind the fact that there were three other lanes, barely filled with vehicles. Never mind the fact that I specifially had a bumper sticker practically shouting, “God Bless Those Tailgaters!” Never mind the fact that I was never going to go above the speed limit, not since the accident my father had gotten us into.

    I pumped the brake three times for both of them, and when they got off my tail, I ignored their blaring middle fingers.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 09.09.2014

  3. When I was a little kid and cars would tailgate my parents I would turn around and mouth at them to back off or just make the motion with my hand. My parents encouraged this. I don’t think I’d encourage my kids to do this. I used to be such a little asshole. And my parents encouraged it. And they wonder why I’m an asshole now!

    By Kit on 09.09.2014

  4. It was gaining on me. Even revving madly in the dark haze. I myself felt a bit hazy, not knowing what to do. Should I let him pass?

    By Jane on 09.09.2014

  5. Tailgaters are very annoying people. Just imagine, a nice drive, but then suddenly a tailgater decides, well, who cares. Really annoying in my opinion. Honestly, who likes tailgaters. I feel like the world should boot annoying drivers out into the outer space. But I don’t know what your opinion is, so I won’t judge. Tailgaters reading this, listen. The world dislikes you. Just go away. By the way, I’m 1 year old. What about you? I also discovered a problem where I can keep writing forever. I’m sorry for your ugly face. You know, this is going to end up being extemely long. And most of it’s probably gonna be me spamming the word pie. But I’ll take pity on you. If you’re annoyed in any way, it could’ve been worse. i codav not ResetMianite2014 how to sepl. Just kidding. I am a bored 27 year old typing on my keyboard on this stupid website. You know, I could say this as a speech one day. That would be fun. By the way if you’re still reading, thank you. It shows how nice a total stranger is to me. Haha. Just kidding. I hate you. Die. Well, that’s all I have to say. It was nice having a conversation with myself while typing this.

    By Oga Ona URL on 09.09.2014

  6. the main thing about her was that she always wanted to take place in silly things like tailgating parties and random barbeques but as soon as she arrived she ended up looking horribly upset and ended up wanting to leave. no one could ever figure out quite what was going through her, mostly because no one was ever quite sure what was going through her at any and every moment.

    By Nova Lee Adamson on 09.09.2014

  7. get right up on that
    You are not permitted
    good thing yours comes right off
    yeah mate, pass on through
    I dont want any with spikes
    you are going to need a tie on that tail you know!

    By Utao on 09.09.2014

  8. I was tailgating him – I knew I was. He thought I was getting too close, and I knew I was. More than I ought to – more than was ‘acceptable’ or ‘prudent’ for too young, /obviously/ heterosexual men such as us.

    Ugh, but I couldn’t help myself. I wish I could, like he could. Act as if we had nothing.

    But he couldn’t do anything to force me to stop. He’d try to pull me over, discuss this in private – we would end up kissing. To be succinct, we would both crash.

    That icy glare was all he could manage.

    By a terrible poet on 09.09.2014

  9. Cracked the back of the car open and dropped the cooler on the concrete with a thud. Broke open a flatpack of paper plates and plastic cups. Snapped the tab on an ice cold something or other, tipping it back while the grill heated up.

    By Vat on 09.09.2014

  10. I don’t even know what a taligate is. I don’t even speak english. Anyway, i would like to know about it. I’m done writing. Please hurry up.

    By Legs Sadovsky URL on 09.09.2014

  11. It came upon me in a rush
    The lack of your form in my space
    The blinking brakes of your tailgate
    Signaling goodbye in morse code
    The dust that settled in your wake
    A song I never will unhear

    By Eileen Maki URL on 09.09.2014

  12. When we were young,
    autumns were all about the leaves changing colors,
    new semesters beginning,
    tailgating and drinking pilsners
    during college football season.

    So many secrets were shared
    under warm blankets, next to
    campfires, with marshmallows melting
    and charring off the tips of sticks.

    Now, it’s all of those things, but
    with the added warmth of knowing
    that you’ll be there through
    all of the seasons.

    By Reese on 09.09.2014

  13. This should be about truck parts and driving too close to the rear of other vehicles.

    But it is not.

    This should be about cookouts and bonding over sporting events.

    But it is not.

    I can’t entertain the usual connotations and conclusions about tailgates because it’s just not in the cards today. I think I might have to start a side story, a vignette, if you will, just to take the edge off all the visions I can’t seem to shake. A secret story outside another secret story. What the hell kind of writer am I turning into here.

    By Intuition on 09.09.2014

  14. tom waits is playing while dishes get clean. college bros are having a party on their rooftop and people kind of hate them here. not that they would notice. do they notice anything? wise wording

    By Fiona on 09.09.2014

  15. He watched as the back of the pickup truck sped away, with the girl in the back. She sat, leaning on the tailgate, and waved to him, a forlorn look in her eye. And soon enough she had disappeared from sight.

    By Alicia on 09.09.2014

  16. “What’s a tailgate?” He grinned at her and she realized she knew what his answer would be. “A tail at a gate of course.” Obviously. She rolled her eyes at him. “But can you just imagine that, if you open a gate a little tail shakes because it’s happy to see you.” “No.” She said flatly. “I can, and it’s adorable”

    By Madison Park on 09.09.2014

  17. His horse rode on, seemingly on autopilot, begging the question and asking to tailgate the horse in front of him. The rider obliged; he had no other choice. Manes intertwined, tails slapping faces and hooves falling in divots of other hooves.

    By Krejgo on 09.09.2014

  18. He started to pull away as soon as I had thrown my bag in the back of his truck, so I had to pull myself up onto the tailgate. Not the most auspicious of starts to my journey, but beggars can’t be choosers.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 09.09.2014

  19. She wasn’t much for tailgating. It was the stench of it, exhaust mixed with burning meat and cheap beer. The crowds, a seemingly endless sea of people all streaming through the sea of parked and parking cars. And the NOISE. Everyone talking and yelling and laughing and THINKING. It was too much for her.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 09.09.2014

  20. I can imagine the horror of losing you the way our friends lost their love ones
    In this world where somebody can just grab us after some tailgating
    I used to worry so much that I would always ask myself how to love someone like you
    But I got used to it that I finally accepted that we would end up however we like it
    We could die at peace or we could die fighting
    As to my surprise, something else died
    Our love did
    And I am not used to it.

    By christcel on 09.10.2014

  21. just a word…powerful..emotionless…expressless…and yet expressive…dont mean a thing and yet can tell a lot…

    By kiko on 09.10.2014

  22. I caught sight of the truck’s tailgate just as it turned around the bend. I could still hear the engine’s receding hum. I slowed to wonder if the pursue was worth it. Will the price be too high? Was i ready to meet him again? It was too late.

    By Anu on 09.10.2014

  23. The pills we took sent waves up and down insides of ourselves. I could feel my body rocking back and forward to the ebb and flow of the ocean. Mog was smiling at me, wide-eyed and sleepy looking, and the room was upside down. I couldn’t make sense of until we fell back onto the bed, giggling, plunging endlessly into a cloud, swimming in marshmallow. As we sank into the sky I looked up to the ceiling where I could see the darkness, and scores of red taillights zig-zagging across the highway.

    By bb333 on 09.10.2014

  24. Drivers who tailgate have no concern for road safety. It is dangerous to drive when a car behind you is driving so close.

    By jocelyn URL on 09.10.2014

  25. I love to tailgate! There is nothing better in the world, than setting up a tent in the fresh morning grass wet with dew in anticipation of a day of tailgating with your very best friends.

    By Ryan W.C. URL on 09.10.2014

  26. The back of the ute was red with dust, like a second painted skin. Tony stepped from the cab, surveying the track ahead. He walked around the ute, running fingers through the dust coating the side. He pressed calloused fingers against the dented tailgate and gritted his teeth in frustration.

    By Sophie on 09.10.2014

  27. All i see in country music videos is tailgates and tail…is that all country music stars can relate with? There is so much more…cattle, dogs, hay, hats…

    By trkstr67 on 09.10.2014

  28. The man has been tailgating me for two hours now. I was put in charge of driving the bags up the the cottage, and my friends all went in another car. When I pull into the gas station, he goes behind me. I turn to see my brother.

    By Cailin on 09.10.2014

  29. A key role in any good country song, a stoop for the long tanned legs of the farmer’s daughter, a place to rest your sandwich in between bales, or for Miley to swoop her hips around during one of her painfully repetitive music videos; the tailgate is argumentatively the most versatile part of any vehicle.

    By jo on 09.10.2014

  30. Twenty years later, they gathered around Dale’s shiny new grill, and Mike’s 10lb keg, telling that same lie. “Remember the good old days?” was the mantra for the day. And for a few hours it took them back to a peaceful place they never really knew.

    By Soft URL on 09.10.2014

  31. The bottle smashed.
    And what was still a party for the girls,
    Became a war for the boys.
    Fuelled with courage, or perhaps just rage,
    They sprung into action,
    Defending honour that didn’t exist,
    Or those who never needed to be saved.
    It was all out war,
    But I guess this is how those things usually start.

    By Siege URL on 09.10.2014

  32. A swarm of bicycles is tailgating a tired old pickup truck. They pass me by, a quick, cheerful, alien splash of air and noise. I stand by the roadside, waiting for the crossing to clear. To the river, I need to get to the river.

    By eleia on 09.10.2014

  33. I don’t even know what tailgate is, but someone’s inviting me to come over. Shoosh, I don’t really want to. To be honest, but I don’t have enough courage to say that outloud. I just said that I’m not feeling fine, so he sent me off. And me, still wondering about the tailgate and google it just to find it’s a right choice not to come

    By Nadhira Rakhmi Yusuf on 09.10.2014

  34. We went to the baseball game. Before it strated we had a tailgate picnic in the parking lot. The game was fun. My hometeam won the game. Can’t wait to go back again.

    By Annmarie on 09.10.2014

  35. Tailgating is very bad. People tailgate all the time it drives my dad crazy. it’s not good to tail gate.

    By Krystle R. on 09.10.2014

  36. food,cars,eating,fun,games,

    By shane URL on 09.10.2014

  37. they went to tailgate with every intention on that being the main event of there evening. it wasn’t. there was more—much more than they’d bargained for. something happens when you’re ill-prepared and must act in impulsively. you discover yourself—sometimes in the most alarming and uncomfortable ways.

    By Safon on 09.10.2014

  38. what is a tailgate? what? english is not my native language
    – it should not have autocorrected that spelling mistake, it is part of the point right? or could have been, to make this more poetic.

    By therese on 09.10.2014

  39. there was a tailgate of traffic behind her, but she had frozen, spotting him corssing the road just now, it couldn’t be him, and yet it was, here.

    By kirsty on 09.10.2014

  40. last week my foot soaked in the mud and the sweat poured down my body as my body pulsated in the sunlight. I won’t go again, but I’ll be convinced too.

    By babington on 09.10.2014