January 24th, 2014 | 64 Entries

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64 Entries for “taffy”

  1. She slowly walked through the aisles, looking for a souvenir for her mother-in-law. What would she want from the zoo? Then her eyes settled on a bright yellow box filled with taffy. Aha! That’s perfect!

    By Candace S. URL on 01.24.2014

  2. I hate taffy. It tastes like suffocation. Just chewing and chewing, slowly taking over more of your mouth until it seeps into the back of your throat. It’s too chewy to breakdown, and it’s too thick to swallow. So you stop breathing. A sweet death.

    By Yours Truly, Bête on 01.24.2014

  3. Unbreakably chewy – like my mood to write. You keep writing and writing and it gets you nowhere. No motivation to write today. My day’s been fucked to hell. Zero motivation to even try to do anything. That’s what happens when you start the day strong and nobody wants to listen. So you coil up quietly, waiting to strike any predators.

    By Yours Truly, Bête on 01.24.2014

  4. Taffy was her favorite thing to eat. She ate taffy all the time. It was almost the only thing she ever ate, with the except of breakfast foods and a few types of fruits. She was a picky eater and the only way you could get her to try something new was if you offered taffy afterward.

    By Ashley~ on 01.24.2014

  5. Taffy was my blue parakeet. He flew around the room in our high- valuted cielings and perched on the paintings, pooping all over Jesus’s head. Oh, Taffy. You brightly moving aquamarine sunbeam!

    By Susannah URL on 01.24.2014

  6. How could a rock god go from big-haired baby face to selling salt water taffy on Cape Cod? What must he think, helping his wife run a campground, checking all the fires are out, showing guests to their campsites, filling propane tanks, mowing the ball field? And what did she think when he went back on stage years later? What can anyone think about choices, talent, destiny, touring, wives at home keeping the beat of routine for the kids? Destiny? Life? All weird…

    By Miss Alister URL on 01.24.2014

  7. With my hands stuck together I can’t open the door. But basic social conventions are unknown to Morris and he strides in, slamming the door behind him. I glare at him over the counter top, I’m not quite visible from his vantage point in the hall, but I hear him clomping over to me.

    He grin, big and wide when he reaches the kitchen. Morris spots the mixing bowl and his grin stretches even farther across his face. I wonder how his mouth hasn’t broken yet.

    “Oooh… Taffy!”

    He snatches up the bowl, but his fingers stick to the sides and he can’t steal any. Just as well, I think, watching him struggle as I run hot water over my own hands. If he had any, he’d glue his mouth shut.

    What a tragedy that would be.

    By ella on 01.24.2014

  8. Taffy-stretching, like the truth, rhyming with laffy. Remiding me of Rockport and the person making taffy in such a wholesome place. But we know taffy isn’t that good for you and wholesome it is not. Look deeper and seek real pleasures, not those based in Crisco. Easier said than done on a cold winter day when memories of Rockport bring desire for some taffy and taffy watching.

    By Ruth Levitsky URL on 01.24.2014

  9. Taffy is delicious. The green one is my favorite of them all. It so sweet and chewy and mouthwatery. omg. Just thinking about it is making a niagara falls appear in my mouth. Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah ;_;

    So delicious.
    So yummy.
    So taffy.



    By Sauce on 01.24.2014

  10. i remember thinking her hair must feel like taffy, but of course i would never know if that was true. And looking back on it now, having felt a mulititdue of womens hair, i do doubt that hers had the sticky elasticity of my favorite summer time treat.

    By Abigail W on 01.24.2014

  11. It was an odd substance, sticky and sickly sweet like taffy. I hoped it wouldn’t kill me. I had watched a small rabbit-like creature eat it yesterday and it hadn’t died.

    By Hannah on 01.24.2014

  12. chewy and sticky mouth full of taffy. Well everyone has a taffy in their mouth and the taffy slides down their mouth like water.

    By kris on 01.24.2014

  13. sky blue, bright pink. The rotting old shack by the ocean with the dusty window,s claw machine still visible inside. We used to go there as children. You’d hold my hand because you were taller and the cars and kids on scooters scared me. (So did cats and cooked greens and sirens and other loud noises.) Your skirt rustled in the wind like its own kind of taffy being pulled this way and that…

    By Yona on 01.24.2014

  14. The salt water taffy was hard to chew, and made me feel like a moron. My TMJ was working overtime to embarrass me. Why did I allow myself to eat it right this second? Here he is, being all perfect and gorgeous, and here I am chewing like a cow. What is wrong with me?

    By HVH on 01.24.2014

  15. It was salty and sweet and pink and pepperminty
    And I watched them stretching it over and over again
    So purely old fashioned.

    By Ellie Gri on 01.24.2014

  16. The taffy was ridiculously tough. Then again it might be why the damned kids called it “toughy”. I could never figure out why sales were so low, but after 40 years in the business I finally tried my own recipe. Things were never the same after that.

    By Luke Mosele on 01.24.2014

  17. Taffy. It makes me think of the time when my family and I went to Gatlinburg. We saw a taffy pulling machine and just stood there like kids in a candy shop; I actually was a kid in a candy shop!

    By Alina on 01.24.2014

  18. It dries out too fast at high elevations, there’s not enough humidity to make it edible. I tried bringing some home with me, bundled in my clothes I forgot about them.

    By Beth A on 01.24.2014

  19. The kitten was taffy-colored, and about the size of a rat. That seemed small to Celeste, who admittedly had no experience with kittens or, for that matter, rats.

    By Mexichick on 01.24.2014

  20. is food thingy that you eat
    I’m really great at this
    my friend had them at her birthday party
    we skipped rope
    there was a pinata
    i still have the picture

    By Celeste on 01.24.2014

  21. i’ve never had real taffy. I don’t think. but i’ve had marshmellow taffy. do you know what that is. you take a marshmellow between your fingers and pull it until it is sticky and smooth. taffy. you must be near a campfire. otherwise, things are not the same. and remember it.

    By gabriella on 01.24.2014

  22. Taffy is stuck in my teeth. I can’t open my mouth anymore. Some people are trying to ask me questions. I try to write down my answer but they can’t reach because they’re taffy in their eyes! I try to raise my hands and scream but my arms are covered in taffy! Luckily I can still smell and taste it.

    By Rover on 01.24.2014

  23. taffy stuff
    stuck between my teeth
    my tounge can not reach

    By Sinahh URL on 01.24.2014

  24. morning sickness every morning
    afraid to gain weight.
    she counted calories while she was pregnant,
    even with a piece of taffy
    only happy when her breast’s grew bigger,
    wishing milk would turn to tissue

    By secretmoon on 01.24.2014

  25. Arden swiftly yanked the taffy from Emberly’s mouth, inadvertently extricating Emberly’s right front tooth with the thick sticky candy. This was not Emberly’s day.

    By Erica on 01.24.2014

  26. I discovered that she had a liking for chewing taffy. It seemed she always had some with her, and she chewed it nearly like gum. Must’ve been horrible for her teeth. I myself hated it, and therefore, it gave me just one more reason to hate her.

    By Dominik on 01.24.2014

  27. taffy dissolves in my mouth,
    my cavities fill with treasures
    from my childhood.

    don’t tell my dentist.

    By secretmoon on 01.24.2014

  28. I do not like taffy. I think it’s because the first time I had it, it was banana flavored. I don’t like anything that tastes like bananas unless it’s a banana. Taffy also takes forever to pick out of my teeth after I eat it. There are many other things I’d prefer to eat.

    By Michele Nicholson on 01.24.2014

  29. experiance a new taste, something that bring you a smile that will say for a while
    look around candy from the ceiling to the ground. embrace a sweet tooth to the bite of life. embracing what the goodness can come from having a litttle taffy at your right.

    By Elisa D'Egidio on 01.24.2014

  30. Yup that’s what he wanted. The tiffy and taffy. He wanted cottonball blue and candy corn mango. The names of product the dealer created were invigorating. What’s this? Blue mountain orangutan?

    By DMM URL on 01.24.2014

  31. Taffy candy is sticky and sweet. Shiny and tough all at the same time. Taffy, taffy, walking taffy. Walk with your taffy. Pull your taffy. Sticky teeth, sticky fingers. Teeth sticking together from shiny, sticky, taffy. Taffy that is long and stringy. Sweet and makes your teeth stick together.

    By Magnolia URL on 01.24.2014

  32. Candies, sweets, tastes really good. Oooh different kinds of favor, differet sizes, different taste or flavors. Our parents, especially moms always wants us to eat healthy. Eat your vegetables. She would even put fruits in our lunchbox such as apples, oranges, banana.

    But most of us still have a sweet tooth. Don’t we sometimes sneak of to buy chocolates, taffy, or any sweets? Also like cakes, pastries, muffins, chocolate doughnuts, yummmm! I can taste them now. Sugary sweets yummy. I want one now. Taffy makes me think of my friend. Has the same name. Raffy.

    By roze_princess on 01.24.2014

  33. She clutched her oversized, bear-shaped cotton candy and watched with giant emerald eyes as her big brother wowed the Galveston crowd, twirling and spinning and stretching the colorful sugar just like she’d seen the pizza men a few shops down.

    But that little girl doesn’t have a big brother anymore. She sits in her sonless mother’s house and clicks away her tiny memories. One day she’ll click away at a detailed report of whatever the hell happened to him.

    By Ivy on 01.24.2014

  34. Stretching the taffy against his molars, Nicky chewed the candy vigorously, his sticky hands glued to the inside of his pockets as he trudged toward the train station. Beside him, a woman pushing a grocery cart looked like she made a living selling sleeping bags. Across the rails, a dog with no collar could be seen scratching at the root of a bending tree, as if desperate to find a lost bone.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 01.24.2014

  35. The old man came in, and sat down opposite him. The girl placed a large glass of brandy, and an equally large bowl of taffy, in front of him. Killen could not help looking at it, and the old man smiled. “I see you’ve discovered my only weakness!” He took one, and started chewing, but did not offer any to Killen.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 01.24.2014

  36. My mouth is stuck shut, glued and sticky with sweetness. I have no voice, the words won’t come out. This love, it was too sweet, too precious. Like an over indulgence in taffy everything is stuck together. This love, it was too sweet, too precious. Now that it is gone, I can barely even move, I’m stuck, as if I have eaten too much taffy.

    By Jose on 01.24.2014

  37. She stuffed the taffy in her mouth and licked what was left off of her fingers. Yummy! This was her first time to eat taffy and she thought it was fantastic. She just ate the blue colored taffy, and now she would like to try the pink one.

    By Collette on 01.24.2014

  38. laffy taffy….. is that part of a song? If it is, all I remember is clubbing in my early 20s. seems like a lifetime away. dancing like no one is there, giggling and being spoiled by some strange song.

    By jovi5jovs URL on 01.24.2014

  39. The sticky sweetness of the taffy pervaded her senses, making her mouth water.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 01.24.2014

  40. “Ugh!” screamed Pat as the taffy refused to get out of his hair. He pouted. “Kennedy, please help me.”

    “Gladly,” Kennedy chuckled, walking over to softly kiss his boyfriend before helping him get the taffy out.

    They cuddled for the rest of the night, happy to be in each others arms.

    By Bryna on 01.24.2014