January 25th, 2014 | 69 Entries

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69 Entries for “plausible”

  1. It was plausible that he could’ve done it.
    Then again what was plausible?
    What did it mean?
    It rhymed with possible, so does that mean that he could’ve possibly done it.

    The world may never know

    By Sophie on 01.25.2014

  2. there was a reason.
    she was sure of it.
    plausible deniability.
    but no matter which way she swung it,
    the fancy goldfish
    was no longer swimming.
    no longer fancy.
    no longer the dearest thing to her poor little sister.
    deep sighs, as if you could breathe on behalf of the dead.

    By Kairn URL on 01.25.2014

  3. Ten minutes later, Killen had finished his explanation. The old man thought about it for a while, chewing slowly. “I suppose it’s plausible,” he said, looking up at Killen; “but that doesn’t mean it’s a safe bet!” Killen smiled back; “Nothing ever is!”.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 01.25.2014

  4. Plausible is having an appearance of truth or reason; seemingly worthy of approval or acceptance; credible; believable: a plausible excuse; a plausible plot.

    By Korn on 01.25.2014

  5. i don t know the meaning of this word but as yuu have told i will right without waisting a second also i m curious about my result

    By yamini on 01.25.2014

  6. Possible, you’ll find love, you’ll die. Certainly, YOU ARE LOVED, and YOU ARE DESPISED. I’m depressed, and there’s no plausible way I can forget my dark past. Simple as that. It’s plausible, no one will love me, because of that.

    By estefania placido on 01.25.2014

  7. Everything that sounds plausible, is not always logical.

    By Adrian George Nicolae URL on 01.25.2014

  8. There was nothing so plausible as a thing that could not happen, she felt deep in her bones. Nothing had allowed her to survive, nothing had allowed her to — well, not flourish, she was hardly flourishing, not with too thin scales and a headplate that was lighter than a teething stone.

    By StarFyre on 01.25.2014

  9. Could that even happen? Are arms supposed to do that? No… I don’t think so. Or are they? Is this just part of reality now? Why wouldn’t it be? It just happened didn’t it? The words did not go through his head exactly in this fashion, but something like it did. The ideas did. He stared at his arm, which was now slowly dissolving in the breeze.

    By I'llgobythisasmyname.Idon'twanttogivemyrealname on 01.25.2014

  10. People will believe me when I lie to their face.
    I don’t know how but I have encased myself in a layer of opaque glass that like diamonds refract and distort light until you’re not sure what you’re looking at anymore.
    I scintillate lies and truth all at once and it scares me just how easy it is.

    By Shak URL on 01.25.2014

  11. Dracula causes–academically derived,
    frantic keystroking, loss of time and delivery.
    wet wood soaked green barnacle
    perhaps slack in the kindling sack
    will bestoy a chance to roll out

    Stretch yo legs:)

    By drewd URL on 01.26.2014

  12. is anything in this world really plausible? How does the Human race exist? how is it that for some reason there is life on planet earth but not the others? is it plausible were the only existing life out there in this universe? i doubt it. What makes anything plausible? How do we exist? how do you exist? Think about it. You’re thinking, there’s a voice inside your head. you’re breathing. you feel, touch, see things. but how you able to ACTUALLY do those things? a realist, i supposed, would say through the brain of course, but then we’d just be animals. Why are we able to think? why are we so much more advanced than the other animals on this planet? We are capable of critical thinking & if you really think about it, is it really you looking or is it your eyes looking? is it your hand feeling softness or is it you? is it sirens your hearing or is that what your ears are heading?

    By Amber R on 01.26.2014

  13. It is plausible and probable that anyone can do this but I have my doubts which is typical. I’m such a doubtful person that sometimes it’s teadis to consider anything plausible or possible.

    Ha. How can anything good come out of this? But then miracles do happen and I’m a product of such great miracles in my life.

    Can I?

    By CW on 01.26.2014

  14. The theory seemed plausible, but they were not going to discount the other incredulous events that surrounded the occurrence.

    By Hightimes URL on 01.26.2014

  15. Anything can happen. Each single moment that passes carries with it increasing uncertainty. C’est la vie.

    By Joey A.M. URL on 01.26.2014

  16. It’s plausible that he sneaked out of the house because his parents were being horrible, but more than likely he just had a bad attitude and his loving parents said he couldn’t go to a party with his friends.

    By Candace S. URL on 01.26.2014

  17. One problem solved one arises.Safyre had yet so much to learm.It was hardly plausible that her herself was so disgusted in her own body.Pathetic

    By IvoryG URL on 01.26.2014

  18. Plausible deniability is just a fancy way to rationalize it all away. It’s all about removing the awfulizing over the situation. The truth will always bite you in the end. Laughing it all away. It’s plausible.

    By michaelbuzz URL on 01.26.2014

  19. It is plausible that the difference between the left wing socialists and the right wing corporatists can be bridged by common sense approaches. At this time the polarization is destroying the dialog between rational people. Hopefully people will realize that to have a living wage it may require the ultra elite to take less profit and pass that along to the dedicated workforces that make those profits for them.

    By Chuck K. URL on 01.26.2014

  20. you were a very plausible mistake
    full of reasonable promise
    and decent intentions
    sent spiraling down a path of moderate apathy
    and excessive greed

    By slantedstories URL on 01.26.2014

  21. “That idea is not even plausible!” Ellen yelled, getting frustrated with the lack of creativity coming from her team. “Look, we’re in last place, but we sure as hell aren’t giving up. Frank, grab the sketchbook and start writing.”

    By Vivian on 01.26.2014

  22. “and then suddenly the dog started singing, and then I was so surprised that I forgot to buy the milk” My mother just looked a me with one raised eyebrow. “A very plausible explanation”, she said condescendingly.

    By Sara on 01.26.2014

  23. “You know what, I think tomorrow, I’m going to get up, cash out my savings, leave my cell phone and identification behind me. I’m going to get into my car and drive until I find the new city I’ll spend the rest of my life.”


    “It’s possible.”

    “You just don’t want to take the statistics test tomorrow. Now get back to studying.”

    By Leticia URL on 01.26.2014

  24. “The theory is not only plausible, but entirely possible,” Sir Adrian Blythe-White said. I resisted the urge to wallop him.

    By mrsmig URL on 01.26.2014

  25. Until you can give me plausible evidence i want nothing to do with you or any of your lame excuses. I don’t want to listen to your stories, the ones you are never going to mean or the plans that have no plot to them at all. And I miss you but i love you. And somehow that will never be enough

    By Madison on 01.26.2014

  26. I can be a writer, said my friend. I think this statement of hers is plausible, but i need to work hard for that. Practice everyday and feel proud of myself. if i don’t try everyday, i will not be able to fulfil my dream.

    By Sharjeel on 01.26.2014

  27. In a certain sense at first when Jane heard the verdict she had always expected it coming and had always seen it in the moments of silence and crevices of awkwardness; but on the other hand one could never be certain of such matters and she not only was she breathless but her attorney had to hold on to her so that she did not fall on the floor when she fainted. The judge would that it were otherwise.

    By Conor on 01.26.2014

  28. He didn’t really know if it was a deliberate thought on her part but the excuse she gave him for not turning up was plausible.

    By Alexandra URL on 01.26.2014

  29. replace plausible with possible
    and you will know my pain
    everything is possible
    getting shot by the driver next to you
    your plane crashing
    all my family dying at once
    a nuclear explosion
    could happen any moment
    imagine living with this fear

    anxiety breaks my back
    while squeezing my hand
    if i think of the worst
    i’ll never truly be let down

    By stargirll on 01.26.2014