January 23rd, 2014 | 69 Entries

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69 Entries for “stencil”

  1. It was a stencil, that was for sure. But that did not make the design any less elaborate.
    He studied it for a moment, trying to discern the importance of such graffiti at a crime scene. It would obviously take not just the time to do it in the moment but time to create the stencil beforehand. This was not spur of the moment.

    By transientme URL on 01.23.2014

  2. You are a stencil in my heart, carefully etched so that I cannot pull you out. I rip and tear, but you have a hold on me so tight, and you won’t let go.

    By Senya20 URL on 01.23.2014

  3. She was the perfect stencil of a woman: warm,vacant smile, a perfectly pressed apron, and dinner always ready on the table by five thirty. But her eyes were dark, liquid anger, simmering with resentment like one of the many saucepans perched on the stovetop. But it didn’t matter at all to him—after all, you could hardly taste resentment in her meatloaf casserole.

    And she knew this. But she also knew that he couldn’t taste the arsenic, either.

    By WearyWater URL on 01.23.2014

  4. She picked it up and held the complete weight of it. She could not completely believe that this would be the thing that killed her. It was such a small, insignificant piece of metal. But know she knew how she was going to die, and there was no erasing that from her mind.

    By Deidre URL on 01.23.2014

  5. to prepare for the next level

    By ccc on 01.23.2014

  6. I watch you through the glass –
    Bending your body in unimaginable ways.
    Afraid to be who you are.
    Walking on a tightrope that only you can see.
    If only you knew, that falling isn’t so bad.
    If only you could veer away from the stencil.

    By Saloni Singh on 01.24.2014

  7. We stood staring at the stenciled hands from four thousand years ago, grays and browns and peaches and apricots. Who knew what kind of people they were? We weren’t allowed to touch the cave walls, behind the cordon, so we grasped each other’s hands more tightly.

    By Holden URL on 01.24.2014

  8. I watch you through the glass –
    Bending in unimaginable ways to fit into the mould.
    Walking on a tightrope that only you can see.
    Scared to even step off the footpath for fear of getting run over.
    If only you knew that falling is an art in itself; if only you could break away from the stencil.

    By Saloni Singh URL on 01.24.2014

  9. You draw her, your sister, but never draw me. You draw him, a manga character you want to be, but you never draw his lover as you never imagine me as your lover. Never. Really? I still remember you used to say that you like my smile. As time goes by, my smile is gone, and those memories expired from its lifetime. Your hand still draw on a stencil paper, but as the beginning never started, you never draw me, it has no end because everything is never started.

    By Eligia V. A. URL on 01.24.2014

  10. pencil to shape it up with cutter and scissor…and we can create magic…

    By mangesh on 01.24.2014

  11. Stencils to make perfect pictures, finely lined, coherent and harmonious. But when do you see the perfection in imperfection? Maybe the balance is there, where the paint has splashed over, maybe the beauty is in the wrong pattern, in the whirl that breaks the harmony and makes it interesting.

    By happyrabbit on 01.24.2014

  12. a stencil of a corpse lay flat on the floor boards, the house still fuilled with the stench of rotting flesh and blood. the investagor stood above it, cloth to mouth squinting at empty space beneath him.

    By vir kaula on 01.24.2014

  13. When I was young I loved to use stencils. Not much use for them now though unless with my grandchildren. However I am sure there are other uses for stencils in architecture and dressmaking etc

    By Alexandra URL on 01.24.2014

  14. His initials were stenciled on the walls, obsessively neat; their precision was incongruent with the surroundings he wrote them in. Who uses a stencil to deface a bathroom wall? It was then that I realized his OCD was far more extreme than I originally suspected.

    By Kristine URL on 01.24.2014

  15. The house was covered from attic to basement with the most appalling stencils. I had to paint them over

    By boroptimist URL on 01.24.2014

  16. I trace the edges, but the picture doesn’t come out quite like I envisioned. Maybe that’s part of life. No matter how much you try to stay along the edges, unnoticed, you inevitably go out into the open void and begin creating your own image, your own drawing. In time, you’ve forgotten the stencil and see a new creation.

    By Leticia URL on 01.24.2014

  17. this fabric would take a stencil just fine. you just need to tell me what type of design you would like. flowers? abstracts? and what colors do you want. we can overlay two or three colors and that would look great…

    By Lee URL on 01.24.2014

  18. I have to make a sign for the school play. I need to find a stencil. I hope the art teacher has a stencil that can borrow.

    By kmsreading URL on 01.24.2014

  19. She hated the small, fussy kitchen, with its shiny linoleum floor and its white cabinetry decorated “country” style with stenciled pastel birds and flowers.

    By mrsmig URL on 01.24.2014

  20. to try and fill a role that is predetermined for you, to become the outline of what you are supposed to be despite feeling entirely empty and unfulfilled inside. What is an existence when decisions are made before you can even get to experience anything? I feel so empty, so outlined, so trapped and wrapped up in graphite cages and pencil stabs. erase me a door.

    By lacey on 01.24.2014

  21. Three hundred and sixty degrees, Snowmen, volleyballs, bees
    and peas. My stencil isn’t much more, Than a mason jar lid, But I
    draw better circles than you ever did.

    By kyren URL on 01.24.2014

  22. Marc was furious about me. As i didn’t lend him my stencil during science class. I still don’t know why he should be mad because it is mine

    By Rij on 01.24.2014

  23. On a piece of cardboard I drew a heart, I then cut it out. Since I carried it everywhere I go. And once in a while I’ll stencil it somewhere I hope someone will see it!

    By Cath URL on 01.24.2014

  24. a shape to help with a drawing
    spray paint
    social message

    By Darlene on 01.24.2014

  25. I use the stencil to help trace things.
    Its a guideline.
    I don’t like guidelines.
    Who does?
    I guess somebody does, otherwise we’d be free of stencils. Hmm.

    By Jessica on 01.24.2014

  26. My life is not my own. It has been shaped by the lives of so many others before me, like a marker coloring in a stencil. There are expectations surrounding me everyday, shaping me into the person I have become. It is not me, it is an idea, many ideas, formed into the shape of a human being.

    By Emma on 01.24.2014

  27. theres something about stencils , does it suppress true
    creativity? i don’t really know, but stencils were fun when i was a
    kid. I doubt i really use them anymore. But that doesn’t
    necessarily mean that they are totally useless to me now that i am
    older. though its worth a try to begin to need them once

    By Veronica Molina on 01.24.2014

  28. He was terrible bored. He was also lonely, too. So, Mark decided to get up, walk over to his messy desk and draw. Mark grabbed the stencil and began to draw himself out of boredom.

    By journo URL on 01.24.2014

  29. She was the shaping point of my life. She held the lines that made up my horizon, the lifeline on my palms. My color, my possibilities were held within the shading she allowed me. She was my stencil.

    By Shaymaa on 01.24.2014