February 25th, 2011 | 607 Entries

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607 Entries for “tables”

  1. There are a lot of different kinds of tables. Coffee tables, dinner tables, end tables, times tables, periodic tables… the list goes on. I just finished watching and episode of the Big Bang Theory, so ‘periodic table’ was the first thing that popped in my head.

    By Jennifer URL on 02.25.2011

  2. Tables were everywhere. i looked around and there had to have been at least 50 in the cavernous room, lightly colored streamers falling from the wall and the smell of delicious food wafting from the doorway on the other side of the room.

    By Jen URL on 02.25.2011

  3. tables of tables of tables are in tables…
    well, i dunno, there’s a table in the dining room.
    this thing told me not to think, okay?!
    i might as well be a table, you know?
    what if i was a table?
    just sitting there with four legs and static with nothing to do all day, man?
    what if i’m already a table?

    By Angel on 02.25.2011

  4. “You’ve got to be kidding,” she had said. She had really turned the tables on him. She had questioned everything he thought he knew and understood. He was forever unsure after that. She knew it, too, and worked on him like an itchy spot on her own skin.

    By deanbobdotcom URL on 02.25.2011

  5. I looked around the cavernous room and saw nothing but brightly colored tables, draped in plastic table cloths and labeled with paper name tags around each table setting.

    By Jen URL on 02.25.2011

  6. the tables were sitting. one on top of the other. sam didn’t know what to do. she knew she must get to the top of that golden table. she cringed at the thought of the heights. the pain and fear overwhelmed her. but she must accomplish what she was set out to do.

    By kelsey Foy on 02.25.2011

  7. Tables interesting things, they are stout, they are srdynd you usually write on them… i f you ever see a table you will most likelsee someone sitting at one… If you dont see someone sitting at the able, you are probably being invited to just sit and rest a while.
    Some tables are spindly scared looking things and they are usually decoration. Dont sit those… It just doesnt bode wel

    By Susan on 02.25.2011

  8. Times tables are one of my favourite things (except for the ones you don’t know, like the 13x those ones really annoy me).
    But I especially like the 3s and 7s, probably because together they make 21 which is my birthday. The 7s generally are very nice looking, lots of lovely shapes, 7, 14, 21, 28, 35, 42, 49, 56, 63, 70, 77, 84.

    By El on 02.25.2011

  9. She walked into a room with several tables. Each table had a different set of items. Items scattered all over, tipped over, piled on top of each other. The tables were scattered among the room, filling the room completely.

    By shesarhinosaur URL on 02.25.2011

  10. The tables were horrible. Red and purple and grey. It made no sense in her mind. None at all. What was her father thinking putting these in the Diner? It was crazy.

    By Jen on 02.25.2011

  11. He did his multiplication tables as he sat under the light held by a wire from the ceiling. They’d shock him every once in a while as they asked him questions, demanded answers. Shocked him over and over with higher volts. 6×6, 7×7, it’s what kept him from answering their questions no matter how much they tortured him.

    By wemuma URL on 02.25.2011

  12. tables are very the one im stting at right now watching and hearing my sister and dad argue about something so stupid like life. Wow , they are sooooo funny right now. Hahahahaha so i have 60 seconds to write a essay about tables…i think time is almost up..tables tables tabels

    By Natalia on 02.25.2011

  13. you can dance on them. you eat on them and commune around them. they are the center of a home, of learning, of laughter and love. there is no right or wrong way to make on or be around one. they store information. they hold memories. they are engraved with our handprints and love. they have the ability to bring people together and grow people in community.

    By nicole fischer on 02.25.2011

  14. tables are square or round or oblong or different shapes, but they are all flat, otherwise they wouldn’t be a table. The function of a table is to provide a surface to put things on, but often the important stuff is under the table, which can be a metaphor for life.

    By A on 02.25.2011

  15. Tables were only where we sat in the most awkward of situations
    death and holidays
    punishments and lectures
    group dinners
    grandma’s visits

    By silverwire URL on 02.25.2011

  16. the tables had been turned. we sat across from each other, drinking our coffees. his was black, as always, and mine had a milk and two sugars. i couldn’t stand the raw bitterness of black coffee.

    By Sarah V. on 02.25.2011

  17. this table i’m sitting at is rickety. it’s held together by duct tape and atop it sits a bunch of stuff that i never use. i miss familiar tables of home: the wooden one everyone used to sit around for dinner at when grandpa was still alive… the very one we all sat around for dinners and birthdays and holidays. familiar chairs, familiar faces, no more loneliness.

    By Anna Gutermuth URL on 02.25.2011

  18. There Therekdjflsdkfsdkfjsdfjklsd t

    By Marysia URL on 02.25.2011

  19. tables are wooden most of the time.
    tables are in most rooms
    they are common in schools
    school is shit
    i don’t like it
    i prefer tables to desks though
    desks are messy
    tables are usually fairly clean
    i’m almost out of time
    tables are

    By Tess on 02.25.2011

  20. Tables are essential to our life, but they go by unnoticed. I guess we don’t really notice the presence of tables, unless there is an absence of them. I wonder what people did before someone invented tables. They probably ate on their laps or something. I could do that too but it’d be really messy.

    By arielle on 02.25.2011

  21. tables have four legs. they are long, short, big, and smell. Little kids always hit their heads on the corner of a table. Coffee tables are short. Bar tables are high. Tables need chairs.

    By Bryanna on 02.25.2011

  22. tables and chairs
    bears and flares
    so simple a concept
    so complex a thought
    tables and chairs
    the hair the hair
    it isn’t fair
    scream the bears
    so simple

    By Daniel on 02.25.2011

  23. tables. everywhere. we have the. everywhere. several in my room. kitchen. basement. so helpful. table in french. i cant remember the latin or the spanish. seems almost silly to write about tables, rather than something more meaningful. at least, to me anyways. so what am i doing, when im so tired like this, simply writing about tables.

    By sarah URL on 02.25.2011

  24. chairs school with foam around the edges so you dont hurt yourself royal disease russia wood hard strong jiller, rowan of rin, things on ables- lighters, plastic bottles rubbish wooden slats that are weathered at the sailing cub in darwin with multicoloured energy wasteful lights all around and abalone sheells and the smell orf the sea and my bea\s friend when I was 8

    By Rosily on 02.25.2011

  25. There were tables everywhere. They didn’t make sense and they were hard to get past. What is there to get past to though? It’s just nothing. You’re moving too fast for nothing at all. Slow it down. Make it last.

    By Ashley Pigg on 02.25.2011

  26. tables are usually wooden and they can hold things like plates of food. they hold elbows, heads, papers, pencils. you can put anything you want on them becuase they are just there….a flat surface….who wouldnt put anything on it? they are cool.

    By mackensie on 02.25.2011

  27. Empty chairs at empty tables where my friends will drink no more.
    Les Mis

    You know what I really like about tables? They can be all different shapes and sizes and colors and materials just like people.

    And in the morning if you get up early enough and walk into the kitchen the light shines in the window at just the right angle and hits the surface of the table before dissipating into the room. I love that.

    By Isabelle on 02.25.2011

  28. squares containing numerals
    or dining room monsters covered in
    thanksgiving gluttony?

    Mine are always a mess.

    By ggdfgdf URL on 02.25.2011

  29. tables taste of crusty hanus

    By Christi on 02.25.2011

  30. tables are cool because you can eat at them you can eat food at tables also table top games are for loser i like real board games i’m not thinking just writingi about tables I don’t beleive in wuiga boards and tables are for goodness sake the best things in the world to study at tables. What am I writing about? I am writing about tables, table top dancers, salt and pepper, tables in front of your mom’s face.

    By Neuro Gram on 02.25.2011

  31. tables are sturdy
    ever balanced and never toppling
    if only we were as self sure as they were
    never shaken
    only purposeful
    with a clear presence
    how great we would be

    By Millie Lane URL on 02.25.2011

  32. never enough space to put my things
    cigarette burns and beer glass rings
    scars on its face.

    By David John URL on 02.25.2011

  33. Tables are useful. I’m pretty glad we have them. I remember once I was with my friend Joshua in preschool and we were sitting around my coffee table with watercolors. We smeared blue paint across the oak wood that was already marred with knicks and scratches. The blue line is still there, even years later.

    By Yaaaaar URL on 02.25.2011

  34. The tables did not turn, rather they flipped and fell across the room, dashing both themselves and the cliche into a swirling multitude of useless fragments. The boy that had caused their shattering looked upon his handiwork with a terrible innocence.

    By NeptunianKraken URL on 02.25.2011

  35. tables are a blank canvas, free for scrawls and doodles. you were reprimanded for writing on them in school, and in public places, but at home… at home your table is wonderful.
    every passing though, every brief flicker of insight, goes onto that tabletop.
    and it is magic

    By Katie on 02.25.2011

  36. The tables surrounded me. I tried to find a place to hide, sinking into the floor. But to no avail. The tables crept in menacingly. Finally, one of them drew his sword and stabbed me right between the eyes. I lay on the floor, dead but alive, bleeding but hollow.

    By Eric URL on 02.25.2011

  37. tables are interesting because we use them for so much. to work at, to work on, to hold our possessions, to hold the meals that will shape our relationships. to play beer pong, to to sit at when you’re lonely.

    By hannah bushon on 02.25.2011

  38. The clattering of dishware bounced off the walls and made the tables sound busier than they really were. Not that they weren’t busy. Rachel was barely given time to think as she went from table to table in just her small section of the restaurant. Her feet cried for the end, but her brain pushed her on for the measly paycheck that awaited her.

    By Saronai URL on 02.25.2011

  39. Tables are very useful. They are always there when you need an extra “hand”. I am glad that someone invented such a practical thing. It makes my life so easy.

    By Megan on 02.25.2011

  40. i love tables. there are tall ones and short ones and new ones and old ones. i love that people keep tables in their families for years. we have tables from my great-grandmother that my mother cherishes deeply.

    By molly on 02.25.2011