February 25th, 2011 | 607 Entries

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607 Entries for “tables”

  1. Tables.

    Beautiful, slender legs.

    By annie xx URL on 02.25.2011

  2. i sit at tables for so many things. breakfast, lunch, dinner, school, work and pretty much any time i sit down. tables are convenient. so flat.

    By colby on 02.25.2011

  3. tables are for objects to sit on. there are also time tables. and i like ones that are unique and look kind of antique. also you eat on them said my friend and you put food on them. im hungry now i cant wait to eat sushi. tables has six letters.

    By madeline on 02.25.2011

  4. Dark brown stain across the wooden planks. A silky white cloth covers the rings left from the inconsiderate guests’ glasses.

    By SHalpin on 02.25.2011

  5. Tables, buffet tables, with the little dishes on them that have little burners under them. You know the ones with the like kerosene jelly inside of them. Totally surrounded on all sides by them, the jelly dripping off the sides. I’d splashed it everywhere I guess I just have to hope that the jelly catches fire as easy w/out a wick as it did with.

    By AmberJade URL on 02.25.2011

  6. desks. drawers. eating. bills. souvenirs. computers. cutlery. salt and pepper. decorations. fake fruit. perfumes. feet. radios. candles. pills. picture frames. mints. lip balms. makeup. chargers.

    By emma on 02.25.2011

  7. Tables are the most important of kitchen appliances. Without a table we have nowhere but our tummy’s to put the food! Yummmy.

    By meagan kirkendoll on 02.25.2011

  8. aligned either side of me, conversations are glum enough to rip my attention from the cutlery splayed either side of my unfinished meal. hunger is something i don’t feel a lot of anymore; not until it’s 1am and the world around me has closed in using the darkness of the night as comfort. i hope their lives are better.

    By trq URL on 02.25.2011

  9. With four legs, the table is among an elite group of quadripedic household furniture. Although wild in its natural environment, the table is easily tamed by a table cloth and a set of chairs.

    By JW URL on 02.25.2011

  10. When I see your hands, resting impotently on the tops of tables, I can only wish to be as lucky as those tables. It seems a waste, nearly unnatural, that your hands are placed so. The only image that my mind can muster is that of those same hands, rough and tattooed, holding me, as they naturally should be.

    By Hilary URL on 02.25.2011

  11. One more step in the right direction. Our bodys awkwardly turned towards one another, recognizing what our simplistic minds can’t. We’re divided by this wooden table, as I reach for straws and you fail to give them to me. How worry-some I was at sixteen.

    By Graham URL on 02.25.2011

  12. Once upon a time, I couldn’t see over the top of my table. I was too little and it hurt that my sister could see over it and see what was going on at dinner time, and I was simply stuck in a world of unknowing; bound there by my age and size. But then one day I grew up. I don’t know when it happened, but it did. And now I see everything, not just what’s over the table top.

    By Jessie Marie on 02.25.2011


    By KRISTEN on 02.25.2011

  14. Tables are great for all sorts of things. They let things sit closer to our faces and hide our butts while we eat. Oh and of course they do wonders for food.

    By Owen URL on 02.25.2011

  15. they can be round and everybody can come together to drink and eat and chat, you can have good and bad times there you can have sex on or under it it´s good to have them .

    By Bella on 02.25.2011

  16. The smell of bleach stung her nose as she slopped a rag over the mustard yellow Formica table top. These were the same tables she had sat at when she went to school here. She tried not to think about it, but couldn’t help but wonder if the poor bastard who had been the janitor here when she attended had the same malicious thoughts about her and her classmates as she did of the little bastards that went to school here today. . .

    By Julie URL on 02.25.2011

  17. they are stable and hold all that need to be held.
    Like a hand with legs for support.

    By Shane URL on 02.25.2011

  18. They are to have meals at, hold things and keep things suspended above the ground. They can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, heights and widths.
    In my apartment I have a total of four tables. Two black, one white and one wood .
    Takes is 6 letters long.

    By Mere on 02.25.2011


    Anyway, Tables are fun for the whole family, and can be used in a variety of contexts.
    For example, say you’re grocery shopping when aliens invade:

    By Henry on 02.25.2011

  20. waiting tables, his eyes met mine, sad, drunk eyes, lonely eyes, begging me to see past his hurt. I pick up the empty bottles set before him and his hand graces mine, the slightest touch sets a fire inside me. I can’t tell his eyes no.

    By Meg on 02.25.2011

  21. We have big decisions to make about tables for our wedding in may. Who will sit where and how many we need. Somehow I’m reminded of GOds grace in all of this. The story of Mephebosheth in the Old Testament. He is a cripple whom king David invites to sit at his table. It’s called the “table of grace” because it covers his inadequacies. I feel like this wedding is my table if grace. I’ve done so much wrong yet I’m blessed with this beautiful bride. So thankful for the table of grace.

    By Scot Luman on 02.25.2011

  22. a table can hold so many thing, be it good or bad. it is your job to discover new things, love one an other and be who you are on a table, then leave it for others to find and create their own memories on that table

    By Georgia on 02.25.2011

  23. Each of the tables were set with crisp, white linens and an arrangement of orchids. Grandma loved orchids. They reminded her of the time she spent with Grandpa in the Pittsburgh Conservatory marveling over the exotic birds, butterflies, and flowers.

    By Becky URL on 02.25.2011

  24. Tables are sturdy. Quite like a bridge, it has something to keep it balanced and upright.
    we are the food on the table. wait does that make sense?

    fuck. nevermind.
    san francisco is my home.
    golden gate bridge now thats a bridge.

    By blake on 02.25.2011

  25. I used to wait tables in college, at a restaurant called O’Charleys. I don’t like to brag, but I think I was a pretty good waitress. I messed up orders sometimes, and forgot to bring things, but I don’t think that those things made me a good waitress. I think what made me a good waitress is that I knew how to leave my tables alone, and how to just focus on serving them and getting out.

    By Beavatron3000 URL on 02.25.2011

  26. They escorted me through the science room, where black formica-top tables with high wooden legs held beakers and bunsen burners and various apparatus I could no longer remember the names of. “Here she is,” said the guidance counselor. “She said she’ll only talk to you.”

    By FierceBeagle URL on 02.25.2011

  27. there are many tables. Meaning many things. Dinner, devotions, baking, homeschooling. crafts, glue stuck, dents and bumps due to many little hands with many little things. Love surrounding a table.

    By Justine on 02.25.2011

  28. There were tables everywhere. I looked around and i was surrounded by about 50 of them. each one draped in a pastel pink table cloth with cutesy paper name tags in front of each chair around the table

    By Jen URL on 02.25.2011

  29. i like table that i am able to eat stuff on. mmm. tables. what is it about tables that make it so interesting? WHY ARE TABLES MY WOZRDS?wsjfdkgtrbn tg55ytyntiku
    i don’t enjoy this. why am i so pressured to write about tables.
    i hate tables now.

    By Emily on 02.25.2011

  30. Tables are on the back of everyone’s mind. Who’s sitting at them, the things that have been on them, and the places they’ve sat for years, or maybe only minutes. This particular table was far beyond old. It had creases in it. The wood seemed like it folded, like it wanted to clutch the contents on top of it closer to itself.

    By Luc Sharrow URL on 02.25.2011

  31. Tables form the main buildings, chairs are towers. We push them together and throw blankets over the top. Cushions are walls, and inside a king and a queen discuss their subjects. We rule!

    By A.G. Beyer URL on 02.25.2011

  32. said the man at the counter. “are all that we sell. We do not sell chairs. We do not sell doors. We only sell tables.”

    By Henry URL on 02.25.2011

  33. to hold something on top of it it could be round or with points

    By brooke on 02.25.2011

  34. tables multiplication tables. my parents made me learn them all from 1 to 9 by the time I was seven years old. I had to memorize them and recite them back to them. Funny this was one of few things they were militant about. It did help. The basic skill that covered me in math.

    By Robine URL on 02.25.2011

  35. I’m beginning to think that ‘Tables’ is the only word.

    Either that or they change the word once a day or something, yet it would be more efficient to just randomize it.

    By Henry URL on 02.25.2011

  36. and chairs. these are more often than not accompanied with one another, as if they are boyfriend and girlfriend or student and teacher. but, they aren’t. they’re inanimate.

    By bails on 02.25.2011

  37. where you place things when you’re not using them or to eat off of. They usually have 4 legs though not always. They can be wood, glass, plastic, or basically made of anything. Work best with chairs.

    By Tyler on 02.25.2011

  38. Tables: what sorts? Wooden ones? Charts or graphs? Tables are important. Uplifting. Like spines in a way, or the anvil of a writer. The anvil of the writer’s craft. Four legged steeds of words!

    By Brady Morris on 02.25.2011

  39. I hate waiting on them. You. do not. need another slice of cheesecake. The one at home gets pretty messy, but that’s what happens…Sur la table. Is another thing that randomly comes to mind. My collarbone itches.

    By Ashli Jade URL on 02.25.2011

  40. Tables are marvelous things. They’re strong, sturdy, sometimes elegant. Like glass tables. But then they get smeared with fingerprints and they’re a bit ugly. Tables are where I draw, though I hate hunching over so sometimes I sprawl on the floor and doodle on my paper there. My laptop always rests on the table, and it’s where I write.

    By Jessica on 02.25.2011