March 28th, 2016 | 53 Entries

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53 Entries for “swerve”

  1. The scenery juts across my vision before I have time to cling on to the dash. The driver’s shoulders are tense beside me as she struggles to correct our trajectory. The leaves scratch across the body of the vehicle, making a noise that sounds neither plastic or metallic.

    By Ruby on 03.28.2016

  2. I swerved when i fell in love with him. It was a love never imagined. It could take you places. He took me places. I loved to swerve.

    By sunita sandhu on 03.28.2016

  3. She swerved from her previous direction in life. A 360 degree change. Watch the Phoenix rise from her ashes.

    By TING on 03.28.2016

  4. She swerved away. A 360 degree change. Watch the phoenix rise from her ashes.

    By TING on 03.28.2016

  5. The car swerve around the tree, but in missing the tree, it hit a cow standing next to a ditch. The cow flung up into the air and landed on the car, and mated together like that, the car traveled sideways down the road. The cow jumped off and ran away, and Mrs. Bee sat trembling behind the wheel, thinking that she should turn in her drivers license, then amended that though – she decided she should not take her driver’s test the following week. It’s much safer to sit in front of the television and knit.

    By chanpheng URL on 03.28.2016

  6. She swerved through the rush hour traffic, swearing and crying.

    By Bluered on 03.28.2016

  7. It’s funny how you went
    From “I love you so more than anything”
    To “I don’t think I know you any more”
    In a matter of days.

    By Rosie on 03.28.2016

  8. the car was swerving violently on the highway. it was a surprise the driver hadn’t managed to hit another car or crash into the railing. it wasn’t till it had entered the city once again and was making it’s way through the narrow street when she finally decided to bring an end to it all.

    By cielo26 on 03.28.2016

  9. To enjoy life, you have to do a lot of turns and redirects and sometimes a swerve quickly in a direction to either avoid something or to enjoy a new found path….the most important thing is forward motion…

    By trkstr67 on 03.28.2016

  10. the car swerved and almost hit the already wounded dog the woman stopped by the side of the road and made fast friends with the dog she took it to the vet and then she took the dog home and it lived happily ever after

    By mackenzie grace URL on 03.28.2016

  11. the car swerved off the road. It then ran into a tree, but nobody got hurt. After looking over the car, they found that the left side had a huge scrape down the whole side.

    By mackenzie grace URL on 03.28.2016

  12. Do not make sudden swerves. Do not change. Do not leave yourself behind. Who are you really? Do you wanna run away from those around you? Or from yourself? Stay grounded,stay humble.

    By Gisela Alvarez on 03.28.2016

  13. The screech of the brakes jolted me awake and I heard my dad swear loudly.
    He never swears.
    I bolted up from the backseat. “What?”
    “Nothing. A deer. We’re fine.”
    I sunk back into the seat and we continued driving. He never gets rattled. That was odd.

    By Bridget Grace on 03.28.2016

  14. As she drove down the rode a truck came out of nowhere so she swerved out of the way. She slid into the median and got stuck in the grassy ditch. The truck did not swerve because the driver had not seen the car.

    By lucy on 03.28.2016

  15. That goddamn man loves to swerve his car, just like he swerved our life. Anyway, i do not want to mention that goddamn to our beautiful precious fucked up life. Whats mine is mine. That goddamn stinky smell is of yours.

    By Sameeka on 03.28.2016

  16. car, accident, road, hills, ice, animals, skateboard, motorcl

    By sheriew17 on 03.28.2016

  17. car, accident, road, hills, ice, animals, skateboard, motorcycle

    By sheriew17 on 03.28.2016

  18. The car swerved to avoid the other car that came speeding down the road. The car that swerved swerved right into a ditch on the side of the road.

    By Caden on 03.28.2016

  19. The swerve that the car made was incredible as the car swerved around the other driver.

    By Caden on 03.28.2016

  20. In car races swerving is very important because if you don’t swerve then you might smash into another car! Or you might need to swerve around a circle.

    By Caden on 03.28.2016

  21. The banana jumped out of bed lickity split and looked at his monkey clock hanging on the back wall.

    “Shit!” He yelled forcefully.

    Gathering up all of his banana-related items he ran out the door and jumped into his favorite pair of rollerblades while simultaneously lighting a truncated cigarette. He had mastered this collective action, doing three things at once without wasting any time on each. Blades on, cigarette lit, and walk-man in tune – he leapt down the staircase and swerved onto the boardwalk, already late for his big day.

    By Evan Israel on 03.28.2016

  22. This was it. Was this how it was going to end ? swerving into a bridge, in a voltswagon. Really ? I was hoping I was going to be more glamourous.

    By muchwow on 03.28.2016

  23. maybe you swerve to avoid me, or maybe you’re trying to cause purposeful collision: sometimes you laugh or say i deserve better, but sometimes you don’t even mention me to my friends or we make eye contact and you walk away.

    do you hate me or are you really shitty at talking to people?

    By Naomi Tomlin on 03.28.2016

  24. Helplessly from behind my steering wheel, I watched the truck swerve into the left lane, smacking a nearby minivan and sending it careening into the barricade. What happened next was a blur to me. All I could do was keep driving, roaring past the accident as the offending vehicle finally spun to a stop and blocked off the freeway behind me.

    Were there children in that minivan? I would never know.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 03.28.2016

  25. Ariel swerved to avoid the cone in the middle of the road. Heart racing, she tried to regain control of the steering wheel but was unable to, letting out a terrified scream as her car spun out of control and slammed into a rusted guardrail.

    By AJ Kenobi on 03.28.2016

  26. Swerve to the left? Swerve to the right?
    Think quick because we’re about to hit a bump on the road in three…two…One…


    Looks like we were too late.

    By es on 03.28.2016

  27. A car can swerve along the road.
    A witch can boil frog and toad.
    A dog can sniff another’s bum.
    But you my friend. You aint got none.

    By TGV on 03.28.2016

  28. She walked and talked like the kween of LA. If her Dodger cap didn’t say it, her almond nails said it all. Ashley was everything a girl wanted to be, but hated all at once. Even the boys wanted to be her, just a little.

    By kcarreon23 on 03.28.2016

  29. when a car swerves, the reasoning usually is because another driver was driving recklessly.

    By swagmaster ehp 3000 on 03.28.2016

  30. Noun: an abrupt change of direction.
    Matthew was bored with his life. It was not what he wanted, it was just the easy path. So maybe he just needed some random event to slap the shit out of his reality. Only that way he will grow some balls and pursue happiness.

    By edmond on 03.28.2016

  31. The car swerved to the right and then to the left to avoid oncoming traffic, the raindrops slamming against the windscreen with a cold fury and the windscreen wipers squeaking harshly as they swept across the window.

    By may on 03.28.2016

  32. We were on the road for hours, and I was starting to think this 16-hour drive may not be worth it. He was starting to get cranky, something I attributed to his being moody. As I was just about to doze off, he suddenly swerves the car off course, hitting the ledge of the bridge. I have never been this terrified for my life. Is this the same man that I care so dearly for?

    By Zoe Jen on 03.28.2016

  33. the bus swerved off the road. thunder crowed at its fall into the stormy sea below. the ocean’s mouth was hungry, and the metal machine was digested against the toothy rocks of the cliff in seconds.

    By jasper on 03.28.2016

  34. I already did this word and I don’t like repeat offenders. They seem a bit cliche if you ask me. It’s like they can’t get enough only being seen once. They just have to try again. How many times do they think I won’t notice? How many times do they think they’ll get away with it? Surely not enough to prompt another try.

    By Rylin on 03.28.2016

  35. We were spinning. There was no control and the only thing I could do was scream along side him. He was so small compared to the car we were in. His little feet barely touched the floor. How could this have happened. I had tried to prevent this.

    By Rylin on 03.28.2016

  36. I ran after Tommy and just as I caught up to him, he turned and threw his right hand up to me, letting me know that he wasn’t interested in anything that I had to say. I can’t believe that he swerved me like that. That’s my job, I’m usually the one to do the dumping. I hate being on the other end of it.

    By MsShel330 on 03.28.2016

  37. she sweved in the air, her hair fluttering and getting in her mounth. she swerved annd dived again, neaarly jiting another of the ginormous fireballs spitting out from the gaping holes in the wasteland.

    By Cassie on 03.28.2016

  38. between traffic
    in and out
    im getting sick
    dammit one day ill learn to drive

    By eliza on 03.28.2016

  39. he swerved violently, yet he couldn’t avoid the crash. His legs and spine were done for after that accident

    By Bramsy on 03.28.2016

  40. I swerve through this game like any today, It makes me swerve through the night, through life, propitiously like a king in a dream with many hens.

    By Saul on 03.28.2016