March 26th, 2016 | 38 Entries

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38 Entries for “newborn”

  1. A newborn baby balanced on your thighs, all smooth and clear, hear the milk moving through her tiny body. She doesn’t know the world yet, doesn’t know the sights and sounds and thoughts, the despair, the four o’clock on Sunday, the excitement of Friday afternoon, the thought of fresh candy and fresh flowers and fresh life.

    By Jenny on 03.26.2016

  2. I held the newborn in my arms, yet felt nothing. I questioned myself, over and over, why I can not be like normal mothers–nurturing and at peace with the most natural thing in the world they’re meant to do. I can’t seem to understand why I never thought the same. The infant shifted in my arms, craving for warmth, but I can not provide her what she needs.

    By Zoe Jen URL on 03.26.2016

  3. The newborn was ugly, so she thought. Head misshapen by the delivery and covered with blood. Still she felt a great gush of love for the little girl. She brought her to the breast and felt satisfaction that she could provide food at a time like this. They had been fleeing the fighting and she had stopped in the woods, at this very inauspicious time, to give birth. Still, while the armies raged around them, right here, right now was one island of peace.

    By chanpheng URL on 03.26.2016

  4. Every parent thinks their newborn is cute, right. They have to. That would make biological sense. So why do I look at this child and feel nothing but disdain? Maybe it’s because I know that things can never ever be the same again. I’m stuck, like a moth in honey.

    By Trista URL on 03.26.2016

  5. like a newborn
    i can’t remember anything
    like, why i still love you
    it’s confusing
    like a rubix cube
    and i’m not a small asian boy
    how can they figure that out
    too complex for me,
    i’d just cheat and move the stickers
    you smile
    that face
    those cheekbones
    seems like a memory
    or a lie i tell myself
    when i don’t know the truth
    i curse the internet
    for reminding me
    you exist

    By matt m. on 03.27.2016

  6. The newborn tried to stand but was unable to.
    The mother looked at it and was surprised to find it had given birth to a squid.
    That’s what happens when you drink while pregnant I suppose…

    By TGV URL on 03.27.2016

  7. My newborn. In my arms, I hold her. Tears roll down my face. Plump rosy cheeks and a cute smile, enough to brighten my whole world.

    By TING URL on 03.27.2016

  8. I left the tank in the late morning, around 11:45. The air stung, and the light burned. My newborn body fought against my ancient mind. My SELF will win.

    By Liam on 03.27.2016

  9. The newborn puppies crawled to their mother and cuddled with her. They looked so cute!

    By Bluered on 03.27.2016

  10. She awoke after a great nights sleep. Feeling fresh and newborn she headed for the shower. The problems that had plagued her the day before seemed to have dissolved.

    By Cosmos on 03.27.2016

  11. kids. huh, i guess the first im thinking about is do i want them? in some ways yes, in some ways no. can you imagine the responsibility? molding a human. someone to carry the torch. carry your flame into the next generation. without this, what happens to you? a dying ember, the fading light. gone. gone. gone.

    what is your legacy? i dont have on yet. not sure if kids will help with that…

    By k.paul2016 URL on 03.27.2016

  12. She turned her back on the rising sun, and all who saw her hate-filled eyes knew that she was reborn.

    By Riannon URL on 03.27.2016

  13. soft cuddly amazing God gift gentle sweet precious dear little one

    By Ruth Heilemann on 03.27.2016

  14. She held the baby in her arms. Her baby. Her arms. Oh goodness.
    She was crying and James was crying and and the baby was crying but everything was so quiet and still and perfect.
    And terrifying.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 03.27.2016

  15. Such a refreshing word. To be just born into the world. So pure. So innocent. Like a blank slate. Without a care in the world. Such a miracle to the ones around it and so beautiful while it doesn’t even realize it.

    By es URL on 03.27.2016

  16. as he held his newborn daugher he vow to never let anything wrong happen to her and to always accept her as she is, no matter what she turns to be in the future

    By Bramsy URL on 03.27.2016

  17. A baby. And I guess this word is here because it’s spring and all of the babies are coming out. Little baby bunnies on their way to deliver Easter eggs and little baby cows to deliver the Easter eggs.

    By BA URL on 03.27.2016

  18. As innocent as a newborn, and killed as slowly as one thrown into a raging fire. But the world is a cruel and unusual place.

    By Evie on 03.27.2016

  19. Today’s Easter. It’s the day Jesus rose up from the grave. He wasn’t a newborn child, but instead he was born again.

    By Corinne on 03.27.2016

  20. Duke held the newborn baby in his arms and wondered, quietly, just where this infant would be in twenty years. Outside, it was getting warmer all the time, and the tides were rising bit by bit along the seaside home, threatening to tear it from its footing and send its wooden and concrete legs off balance. Duke looked at his wife, who was still asleep in the little bed they shared, with the midwife wiping her forehead with a wet cloth from time to time.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 03.27.2016

  21. I smiled at my little baby, my newborn baby boy. Rq leaned over and wiped the tears from my face. I hadn’t even realised I was crying, but I was happy. They were tears of joy.

    By Sarah on 03.27.2016

  22. Rq handed me my little bundle of joy. It was our newborn baby boy. He smiled at me, and told me he loved me, for the hundredth time today.

    By Sarah Silverback URL on 03.27.2016

  23. i am a newborn everytime i open my eyes i get the chance to start again i am vulnerable i am a baby and i age as i go through my morning routine i will allow myself to stay young as my body grows old it’s okay baby

    By Amber Bryan on 03.27.2016

  24. interests, desires, inspiration
    cannot be renewed without determination
    relocation, immigration, exploration
    change is life born new
    you knew, you grew, now you have to just do.

    By molly on 03.27.2016

  25. A new dawn, a new day, but leave it to her to talk of the Crucifixion as an ecstatic act of penetration. Her eyes are as mischievous as her smile askew. Her fingers walk along the edge of the pew. Heavens when she describes a way of being carried, laid out, lashed down to wood, and — well, I have to say it’s an effort to concentrate given the way she phrases it. Granted my mom always warned me this one was a bad egg since we were little in Sunday school. But once upon a time she was a newborn just like the rest of us too and if she’s so spoiled rotten then it must be because she is driven by her own convictions which explains why she comes to hold my hand. She, the sum of all these perversions I’ve been warned against, promising me sweetly if ever someone puts a hole in my palm that she’ll be the one to kiss it better again. Deep in my heart I fear she’ll have been the one to put it there for another man once penned: “Love is to me that you are the knife which I turn within myself.” And every word of it I’m finding to be true.

    By Intuition URL on 03.27.2016

  26. A newborn baby is very fragile. You need to be very careful when you are around newborns. Newborns can catch sicknesses very easily too.

    By lucy on 03.27.2016

  27. The young baby looked up at his father, tilting his head slightly. The father tilted his head as well, and for the first time, the baby laughed. The father smiled and gave his son to the baby’s mother.

    By Ryker Banister on 03.27.2016

  28. 1newborn = Now Entity With Being On Reality Nexus

    By Garz on 03.27.2016

  29. She holds the infant in her arms, clutching it with trembling, awkward fingers. She looks behind her, eyes the hospital nervously.

    “It’s now or never,” she whispers to herself.

    Taking a deep breath, she takes one step forward and throws the newborn over the edge of the cliff.

    By Jay on 03.27.2016

  30. My latent, even moribund, interest in writing re-emrges newborn, as I rediscover this habit, buried in LJ entries from 2003. I wonder what will happen this time round…?

    By Paul Bristow URL on 03.27.2016

  31. The baby was crying. He was all squashed up and tiny. I could see his eyes open and clamp closed again. he was looking for his mummy. The baby turned his head a little. what did he want? a drink perhaps? The clothes were baggy and his nappy was looking heavy.

    By Lisa on 03.27.2016

  32. When Irwen was born, Alkivi did her best to take care of her. They weren’t full blooded siblings but that didn’t matter, what mattered was that Irwen was taken care of. She didn’t actually know who Irwen’s father was, her mom had never mentioned it. The day that her mother actually recognized that she was putting their lives in danger was the day Alkivi left. She couldn’t leave though, not yet. If she left now, she would be putting Irwen and herself in danger and that was the last thing that she wanted to do. For now, she had to settle for working hard and doing her best to see that Irwen grew up loved. It was hard in the town.

    By Sydney Valenta on 03.27.2016

  33. opportunities
    a newborn is a creature that we all once knew. deep down inside of us is our newborn. we are newborn. every day. every moment. every second. ever breath we take. we were born again.

    By TKI on 03.27.2016

  34. This words makes me immediately think of my daughter PIper. It was really hard when she was a newborn and life was tough. However, everything was worth it and I can’t even imagine my life without her. Now I’m also thinking about my nephew Joel and how hard my sister Laurel and her husband Jered must think life is right now. It gets better!!! They seem so tired.

    By Mattie on 03.27.2016

  35. It seems like only yesterday you were a newborn and now you are 6. Where does the time go? Why must it pass by so quickly? I blink and a year is gone.

    By Three Little Birds URL on 03.27.2016

  36. He watched them, his gaze never wavering and full of– something. Love? Wonder? A little bit of fear? Probably all of the above. But he’d never felt so completely filled. Joy poured from him in such quantities that he wondered it didn’t ooze from his pores and drop in great globs to the floor.

    By Courka URL on 03.27.2016

  37. I was in the hospital room waiting for the news, is it a boy or a girl? Either way I have a newborn baby sibling. Will it be Hazel, or Holden? Will the walls be pink or blue? Will they wear makeup or mud? Either way I have a newborn baby sibling. Will they help me get ready for date nights, or show me how to play sports? Either way I have a newborn baby sibling.

    By Hannah C. Banana URL on 03.27.2016

  38. A newborn child is very sensitive one should take care of him very carefully. we hav

    By ADITYA on 03.27.2016