March 28th, 2016 | 53 Entries

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53 Entries for “swerve”

  1. And as she flew up and around, higher and higher until she could taste the cold on her lips, she laughed, a sparkling laugh that the wind carried far away. Her hair whipped around as she darted and weaved among the clouds.

    By Cassie on 03.28.2016

  2. is a person who is a pain to others.,..doesnt appreciate others..
    The person does not enjoy the company of others and is always looking at ways to pick up a fight.

    By aarathi on 03.28.2016

  3. on day I was walking and then it happened, like it was planned honestly I never thought I was real but I finally completed the swerve. no will trust me with something like this so for now I just need to keep this a secret.

    By shelby stephens URL on 03.28.2016

  4. smoking a cigarette
    swerve to the left
    swipe right chin cleft
    slightly unnerving
    finding someone
    in this modern day
    when you’re driving
    on the freeway
    the only connection i make
    is like bumper cars

    By matt m. on 03.28.2016

  5. There’s nothing like taking a Sunday morning drive along the coast. With you by my side, everything is perfect. I remember that one time when we had to swerve into the other lane because a deer was on the road.

    By K.L. on 03.28.2016

  6. jtrjtrjdjr

    By a on 03.29.2016

  7. He swerved to avoid him but couldn’t tell if he’d reacted in time. He’d seen him too late as he popped up in the corner of his eye and moved, as if in slow motion, across the road. What would his life be like if he hadn’t missed? What would happen to his family? Who had he just become?

    By Sam URL on 03.29.2016

  8. You swerve to miss the pedestrian, but it was a trap; that wasn’t a pedestrian, it was a dinosaur. And not like “an old car” or something, but an actual, literal dinosaur.

    You stop and try to get out of your car to see what’s wrong, but you can’t; you’re not driving a car, you’re riding a dinosaur.

    You look in the mirror. You are a dinosaur.

    By CapricAura on 03.29.2016

  9. A common phrase at John Marshall Middle School. Its meaning was to get out of one’s way, to “stay in your own lane”. I was never very good at that, truth be told.

    By Alyssya on 03.29.2016

  10. The road was wet; the night long and black. Like two glaring eyes the car high beams lit up the darkness with electricity. Wet asphalt and tires squeal, the metal automobile swerves to avoid a dead racoon.

    By Cate Write on 03.29.2016

  11. Swerve.
    Melt –
    into you
    Like I never wanted to.
    Melt away from it all.

    By Sara on 03.29.2016

  12. I had to swerve to move out of the way of the negativity that bombarded my life continuously, but once you learn how to do just that, it got easier and easier.

    By trkstr67 on 03.29.2016

  13. i’m done doing things for others
    it’s time to live my life for me
    i will serve all you mothers
    and finally feel like i am free

    By molly on 03.29.2016